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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > 'Puppet Show' On PA Website Telling Children To Become Martyrs Shut Down By Palestinian Media Watch

'Puppet Show' On PA Website Telling Children To Become Martyrs Shut Down By Palestinian Media Watch

June 14, 2012

PMW's 'Puppet Show' Report Shuts Down PA Website

A PMW report on a PA puppet show encouraging children to replace cigarettes with guns led to one PA website shutdown and a probe of an NGO.

By Chana Ya'ar First Publish: 6/14/2012, 4:09 PM

One non-governmental organization website has been shut down, and a second NGO is under investigation by funding agency "Save the Children UK" following an article published by Arutz Sheva quoting a report by media watchdog agency the Palestinian Media Watch.

Earlier this week, the PMW had reported on two Palestinian Authority NGOs that were spreading hate speech and promoting violence against Jews and Israel.

The watchdog agency reported that the United Nations-funded Burj Luq-Luq Social Center had performed a puppet show for children with the educational message, "Hold machine guns, not cigarettes," because "youth are being killed by the Jews."

A video of the puppet show was posted on the organization's website next to the names of its current and past funders, which included UNICEF, UNESCO, UNFPA, the French Consulate, the Swiss Development Agency, the Italian institutions Union, and others. The PMW reported the Swiss Development Agency has not funded the NGO for a number of years, but had no information about the other funders.

The website currently shows a "Coming Soon!" message instead.

The PMW also documented glorification of terrorists by PYALARA, an organization funded by the European Union through the European Commission Humanitarian Aid office, Save the Children UK and Cordaid. On their weekly PA TV program, the PYALARA hosts referred to terrorists including suicide bombers as "more honored than all of us... They are the greatest role models for us."

The organization also glorified terrorists serving time in Israeli prisons, visiting and interviewing their families on the program.

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