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Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Tied To Muslim Brotherhood And MSA Target Of Criminal Probe

August 17, 2015

Chief Clinton Aide Huma Abedin, Target Of Criminal Investigation

August 13, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Senator Chuck Grassley [R-IA] is pushing Team Obama for clarification regarding a criminal probe involving Hillary Clinton's top aide while she was Secretary of State.

Quoting from the text of the Senator's communication with FBI Director Comey and Secretary of State Kerry, the Senator has requested a copy of Abedin's SF-312 nondisclosure agreement:

"Grassley is seeking…the classified information nondisclosure agreements signed by Clinton, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills…" [source, Charles Grassley Senate website]

Ms. Abedin has apparently been the subject of a criminal probe for nearly two years, reflecting the attitude of defiance with which the Obama administration has met the myriad ongoing investigations targeting it.

"Grassley's staff has learned the State Department Office of Inspector General transmitted communication to the FBI in October 2013, placing it on notice that the inspector general's investigation was no longer a preliminary matter but a full-fledged criminal investigation into Abedin."

Directly mentioning SF-312:

"…please produce all records relating to the instructions the State Department provided to Mr. Kendall regarding his obligation to secure the thumb drive and all classified emails in his possession. In addition, the Committee requests a copy of the SF-312 (Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement) signed by Secretary Clinton, Ms. Huma Abedin, and Ms. Cheryl Mills."

Ms. Abedin faces many areas of inquiry:

"The Judiciary Committee has learned that the Office of Inspector General for the Department of State (State OIG) opened an investigation involving potential criminal conduct by Ms. Huma Abedin…the investigation examined the circumstances of Ms. Abedin's work arrangements, leave status, and conversion from a full-time Department of State employee to a Special Government Employee (SGE) and Senior Advisor to former Secretary Clinton."

A piece published today at National Review [see, Brendon Bordelon, Will Huma Abedin Survive Clinton Scandal Vortex?] raises the issue of Abedin's deep involvement, a central role actually, in the multiple unfolding controversies involving the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate.

"Between June 2012 and February 2013, Abedin was granted "special government employee" status, enabling her to function both as Clinton's right-hand woman at State and as a consultant to Teneo. Concerned that Abedin may have leveraged her high-level government position to benefit Teneo's clients, in August 2013 Grassley requested that the State Department turn over all official communications between Abedin and Band. That request remains unfulfilled, despite the Judiciary Committee chairman's numerous inquiries over the past two years. Last week, the senator said the department wouldn't even return his staff's phone calls."

While the internal investigations of Abedin are more than problematic, perhaps of more importance are the former Clinton aide's ties, both familial and personal to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian terrorist organization.

We have written about this topic numerous times on these pages, perhaps most comprehensively over a year ago in, The Huma Abedin Question Must Be Revisited As Part Of Benghazi Investigation .

In that piece we quoted the concerns about Abedin's background expressed by Frank Gaffney, who is President of the Center for Security Policy, a DC based, national security think tank.

"Curiously absent from this reexamination of Mrs. Clinton's record, however, is any mention of the role played in it by Huma Abedin. She's the longtime advisor to Hillary with family and personal ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. That's the preeminent jihadist organization sworn to our destruction, a cause advanced by each of these strategic errors." [source, Frank Gaffney, What About Huma?, Center for Security Policy]

Further along in the above referenced piece we noted, aside from Abedin's numerous familial ties to elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, that she while in college served on the Executive Board of the Muslim Students Association, a known Muslim Brotherhood front group.

For example:

David Horowitz' Discover the Networks , confirms this: " From 1997 until sometime before early 1999, Abedin, while still interning at the White House, was an executive board member of George Washington University's (GWU) Muslim Students Association (MSA), heading the organization's "Social Committee."

Wikipedia , certainly no friend of the right, states that the MSA was created by the Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan's Muslim extremist group, Jamaat-e-Islami.

"The first MSA National chapter was formed in 1963 at the campus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) by international students. The initial leadership came from Arabic-speaking and Urdu-speaking members with guidance from students of the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan-based Jamaati Islami movements." [Wiki, The Muslim Students' Association]

According to former Federal Prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, who successfully prosecuted the "Blind Sheikh," aka Omar Abdel Rahman:

"Established in the early sixties, the MSA is the original foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood's American infrastructure. It now has hundreds of chapters grooming Islamists across the United States and Canada. Patrick Poole has recounted the numerous MSA leaders who have graduated to violent jihadism. They include — and this is just to name a few of many - Wael Jalaidan, a founder of al-Qaeda; Abdurahman Alamoudi, a leading financier of al-Qaeda who was eventually convicted in a murder plot; and Anwar al-Awlaki, the al-Qaeda leader who counseled the 9/11 hijackers and, before finally being killed in Yemen last year, was implicated in sundry jihadist plots, including the Fort Hood massacre and the attempt to bomb a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009." [source, Andrew C. McCarthy, Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood, National Review]

That the legacy media is actively engaged in ignoring and/or suppressing any of this information is standard operating procedure. That said, the case of Huma Abedin should should provide more than ample notice as to the extraordinary national security threat a Clinton presidency would represent.

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