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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Canadian Muslim Cleric States That Amputations And Stonings Are More Economical Than Jail

Canadian Muslim Cleric States That Amputations And Stonings Are More Economical Than Jail

September 3, 2013

Canadian Islamic Cleric: Amputation Cheaper Than Jail

Canadian Islamic doctor sparks controversy by suggesting the application of extreme punishments dictated by Muslim law. AAFont Size By Kochava Rozenbaum First Publish: 9/3/2013, 9:59 PM

A Shiite Muslim Cleric, Dr. Khalil Tabatabai, stated that in the war against crime, amputation of a thief's hand, as dictated by Muslim law, is more economic and more effective than imprisonment.

Shalom Toronto reported Tuesday that Dr. Tabatabai, who teaches courses in Islamic law at Shiite Islamic Institutions in Montreal, argued in one of his lectures about the justification of Islamic penal code.

There is a significant economic advantage to the application of Muslim law in regards to the amputation of a thief's hand, as well as the stoning of adulterers, the doctor said.

Tabatabai pointed out that it would save the government and taxpayers a lot of money if the judicial system went according to Muslim law.

According Tabatabai, the death penalty is imposed on someone who steals money or property located in a secure spot by use of weaponry.

This contrasts to someone who steals in broad daylight, and is punished by having his hands or legs amputated. Tabatabai said that this serves as a deterrent for future crimes in the society.

The doctor also gave arguments in favor of the death penalty in cases of adultery, and lashes in the case of imbibing alcohol or spreading libel. Stoning and crucifixion are other prescribed punishments in Islamic law.

Although, some may find these comments controversial, public figures like Justin Trudeau, a contender for Prime Minister of Canada, ignore warning signs about radical views or actions attributed to some Islamic organizations, arguing that the Muslim community cherishes the very same values that all Canadians appreciate.


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