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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > U Penn's Hillel and MSA's Spring Break Interfaith Jihad Adventure

U Penn's Hillel and MSA's Spring Break Interfaith Jihad Adventure

March 27, 2008

U Penn's Hillel And MSA's Excellent Spring Break Jihad Adventure

By Beila Rabinowitz and William Mayer

March 27, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - As these authors noted in a November 2007 piece University Of Pennsylvania Hillel Conducts Interfaith Hoax With Radical Muslim Students Association warning that a then planned trip to New Orleans by the Muslim Students Association and Hillel was ill advised:

"Since the Muslim Students Association is an integral part of the Saudi-funded Wahhabist power structure, this interfaith trip can't be anything but a da'wa exercise by the group, a call to convert the Jewish students."

That trip has now taken place, with the aforementioned predicted results, as a report on the U Penn website gushed:

"The trip was a collaboration between Hillel and the Muslim Students Association with the dual purpose of serving the community and strengthening the relationship between the two faiths, explained College senior Naveed Rashid, [Social Development Chair of the MSA] a participant . It was sponsored by a $17,000 grant from the Fox Leadership program which aims, "to enrich the 21st century Penn undergraduate educational experience in ways that excite and equip students for present and future leadership roles in whatever realms of human excellence and endeavor may call them" [source,http://www.sas.upenn.edu/foxleadership/reg/index.php]

The group was made up of 11 students from Hillel, 11 students from MSA, Rabbi Michael Uram, Interim University Chaplain Charles Howard, and Religious Studies graduate student Ludmila Zamah.

The students also worked with the controversial "community service" group ACORN, [regarding ACORN's reputation, please note PipeLineNews.org article ACORN - The Indictment Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree]

With the trip now a fait accompli the extent of the da'wa opportunity was revealed by non other than Samir Malik the head of U Penn's Muslim Students Association who stated, "but the excursion was more than just a community-service trip. The students also took part in a variety of interfaith dialogues."

Moral relativism was in full display as "troubling passages from the Koran and the Old Testament" were examined along with the influence of mass media on religion.

Press accounts underlined the feeling that all involved agreed that the trip was a "huge success," a fact which no doubt greatly pleased the stealth jihadists from the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization which created the MSA.

The Muslim Brotherhood, MSA, the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] and other Islamist groups are fellow travellers in this enterprise:

"...as early as the 1980s, operatives from the Muslim Brotherhood, parent group for al Qaeda and Hamas, formulated a blueprint for a "jihadist process" that would ultimately sabotage the "miserable house" of the United States. These Muslim Brotherhood operatives saw that the work of undermining the U.S. could be best accomplished by the use of front groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Students Association. But while CAIR was designed to work in the legal-cultural realm, posturing as another of the minority rights groups functioning in the public square, the MSA's role was to be restricted to college campuses, where it would advance the cause of radical Islam and lead the effort to stigmatize Israel. [source, http://frontpagemagazine.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=4066F0B8-C173-4A7C-B43C-99988EC9F154]

Betraying its radical roots, the U Penn Muslim Students Association's website contains several links to al-Qaeda friendly websites. One of them is Islamic Awakening.com which contains an essay by Bin Laden's mentor Abdullah Azzam about jihad in which he states:

"Al-Jihad legally in Shar'iah:The four Fuqaha' have agreed that al-Jihaad is al-Qitaal (fighting) and to help there in (i.e. in Qitaal)...Al-Baajawari said, "al-Jihaad means: al-Qitaal (fighting) in the way of Allah", al-Baajawari / Ibnul-Qaasim 2/261. Ibn Hajr said in al-Fath 6/2, "?and legally (it means) sacrificial striving in fighting the Kuffar"...Indeed whenever the word "Jihaad" is spoken then verily it means al-Qitaal (fighting), and the phrase "Fee Sabeelillah" (in the way of Allah) is spoken then surely it means al-Jihaad." [source, http://www.upennmsa.org/links.html]

Other sites linked to by the U Penn MSA are Troid.org which contains fatwas regarding the conditions for suicide terrorism, Islamway.com the webmaster of which promoted flying planes into buildings, and bilalphilips.com, the website of an Imam who lauds the Saudi practice of beheading and maiming of convicted criminals as a way of maintaining law and order.

What this trip proves, more than anything else is that the U Penn Hillel has proven itself intellectually lazy, subverting its own interests. It has allowed itself to be lured into this harmful multicultural exercise - a sham dialogue - with a group that is a total creation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rather than being a "great success" such exercises strengthen Islamic radicalism and serve to embolden the enemy.



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