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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Material Aid To The Enemy : Suicidal Nature Of U.S. - Iran Nuclear Agreement

Material Aid To The Enemy : Suicidal Nature Of U.S. - Iran Nuclear Agreement

July 23, 2015

July 20, 2015 San Francisco, CA PipeLineNews.org The text of the recently negotiated accord between the United States and Iran spans 159 pages, much of it laden with complex jargon dense enough to be impenetrable. One gets the feeling that is by design, not coincidence.

Though essentially unconfirmable, we are aware of persistent rumors that there is a secret codicil to the agreement, the terms of which contain goodness knows what. Given the duplicity of this administration and its known back-channel communication with Ayatollah Khamenei we find the speculation to be entirely believable.

Though we have on numerous occasions observed that the document represents a calculatedly unverifiable sham agreement, encouraging rather than impeding Iran's mad pursuit of nuclear weaponry and the platforms upon which they can be delivered, there is one section appearing near the end of the agreement which is so harmful as to be considered genuinely suicidal.

Contained in Annex III - Civil Nuclear Cooperation is the following language:

10. Nuclear Security

E3/EU+3 parties, and possibly other states, as appropriate, are prepared to cooperate with Iran on the implementation of nuclear security guidelines and best practices. Cooperation in the following areas can be envisaged:

10. Co-operation in the form of training courses and workshops to strengthen Iran's ability to prevent, protect and respond to nuclear security threats to nuclear facilities and systems as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems;

10. Co-operation through training and workshops to strengthen Iran's ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems." [source, http://justsecurity.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/271545626-Iran-Deal-Text.pdf , Annex, section 10, page 142]

If this section arguable the most harmful to ever have been negotiated in the history of United States diplomacy means what seems to be unambiguously clear, the Obama administration might as well simply transfer American nuclear weapons directly to Iran because the annex commits the entire weight of the United States military as well as its scientific infrastructure to protect and assist the rogue regime's nuclear warfare program against any effort to halt it.

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