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March 6, 2006

MIM: Naseer Khader : Liberal Socialist pushes leftist agenda which aids and abets Islamists enjoys cult status as Denmark's "poster boy for moderate Islam".

A look at Khader's CV in Danish and English shows a glaring omission. On the Danish CV he lists his taking correspondence from the radical Islamist Al Azhar University - and that he attended their summer course. Which begs the question as to how the 'Viking' of Muslim assimiliation, and self proclaimed 'non practising Muslim' was able to be admitted to and attend a 'school for shari'a' which is a bastion of the Muslim Brotherhood and the alma mater of Bin Laden's mentor Abdullah Azzam.

Hent Naser Khaders biografi som PDF
Hent Naser Khaders engelske biografi som PDF

Khader, Naser
Det Radikale Venstre
Østre Storkreds fra 20. nov. 2001
Folketinget, Christiansborg, 1240 København K
E-mail naser.khader@ft.dk
Hjemmeside www.khader.dk

Naser Khader, født 1. juli 1963 i Damaskus, søn af ufaglært Ahmed Abu Khader og ufaglært Sada Abu Khader.

Parlamentarisk karriere
Det Radikale Venstres kandidat i Brønshøjkredsen fra 2000 og i Vestre Storkreds 1994-1999.

Uddannelse og erhverv
Fjernstudier i islam, bl.a. et sommerophold på AL-Azhar Universitet, Cairo 1997. Supplerende uddannelse i retorik og formidling, Aarhus Universitet 1994-1995. Mellemøststudier, Odense Universitet 1991-1993. Cand.polit, Københavns Universitet 1986-1993. Rysensteen Gymnasium 1980-1983. Oehlenschlægersgades Skole 1975-1980.

Konsulent i boligselskabet, DAB 1996-1997. Oversætter/konsulent, DR 1989-1997. Arabisk tolk og oversætter 1983-1998.

Medlem af Det Radikale Venstre fra 1984. Borgerrepræsentant 1997-2000 og medlem af hovedbestyrelsen fra 1996. Medlem af Det Etiske Råd 1998-2001. Medlem af repræsentantskabet i Boligfonden for Enlige Mødre fra 1998. Medlem af bestyrelsen af Lokale- og Anlægsfonden 1999-2000 og af Nyt Europas bestyrelse og talsmandsgruppe fra 1998. Medlem af Indenrigsministeriets tænketank om integration 2000-2001. Ambassadør for UNICEF fra 2000.

Publikationer og andet
Har skrevet: »Ære og Skam«, 1996, »khader.dk« sammen med Jakob Kvist, 2000, og »Nasers Brevkasse. Interview ved Elisabeth Svane«, Gyldendal Uddannelse, 2001.

Har modtaget Forfatterforeningens pris for Fred og Mellemfolkelig Forståelse, 1998, HK's Kulturpris, 1998, AFS-Interkulturs »Interkulturprisen 1999«, Modermål-Selskabets »Modersmålprisen 2000«, Junior Chambers pris som »The Outstanding Young Person 2001« samt Heiberg-prisen 2002. Optræder desuden som en af de mest betydningsfulde personer i Danmark i det 20. århundrede i bogen »Det 20. Århundrede«, 1999.

Hent foto i stort format




Khader, Naser, MA (Political Science)
The Social Liberal Party
Eastern Copenhagen, large constituency from November 20th 2001.

E-mail naser.khader@ft.dk
Website www.khader.dk

Naser Khader, born July 1st 1963 in Damascus, son of Ahmed Abu Khader, unskilled worker, and Sada Abu Khader, unskilled worker.

Parliamentary career
The Social Liberal Party's candidate in Eastern Copenhagen nomination district from 2000, and in Western Copenhagen large constituency, 1994-1999.


  • Supplementary courses in rhetoric and communication, Aarhus University, 1994-1995.
  • Middle East studies, Odense University, 1991-1993.
  • MA (Political Science) University of Copenhagen, 1986-1993.
  • Rysensteen Upper Secondary School, 1980-1983.
  • Oehlenschlægersgades School, 1975-1980.


  • Consultant for DAB housing society, 1996-1997.
  • Translator and consultant, Radio Denmark (DR), 1989-1997.
  • Arabic interpreter and translator, 1983-1998.


  • Member of the Social Liberal Party from 1984.
  • City councillor, 1997-2000, and member of the central board from 1996.
  • Member of the Danish Council of Ethics, 1998-2001.
  • Member of the council of representatives of 'Boligfonden for Enlige Mødre' (the Housing Foundation for Single Mothers) from 1998.
  • Member of the management committee of the Building and Works Foundation, 1999-2000
  • Member of the management committee and spokesman's group of New Europe from 1998.
  • Member of the think-tank on integration under the Ministry of the Interior, 2000-2001.
  • Ambassador for UNICEF from 2000 - .


  • "Ære og Skam" (Honour and Shame), 1996
  • "khader.dk" with Jakob Kvist, 2000
  • "Nasers Brevkasse: Interview ved Elisabeth Svane" (Naser's Letters Page: Interview with Elisabeth Svane), Gyldendal Uddannelse, 2001.
  • "Modsætninger Mødes" (Opposites unite). Conversations between Naser Khader and former Rabbi of the Mosaic Community in Copenhagen, Bent Melchior, edited by Hanne Barslund, 2003
  • "Naser Khader og Folkestyret" (Naser Khader and democracy) 2005.
  • "Tro mod Tro" (Belief against Beleif) with Theologian Kathrine Lillør 2005.


  • Received the Danish Authors' Association award for Peace and International Understanding, 1998
  • The Cultural Award from the Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees in Denmark (HK), 1998.
  • The 'AFS-Interkultur' "Intercultural Award 1999"
  • 'Modermål-Selskabets' (the Native Language Association) "Native Language Award 2000"
  • The Junior Chamber's award as "The Outstanding Young Person of 2001"
  • The Heiberg Award 2002.
  • Also an entry in the book "Det 20. Århundrede" (The 20th Century) as one of the most important people in Denmark in the 20th century, 1999.
  • ---------------
  • http://www.khader.dk/flx/in_english/declaration_by_the_newly_founded_moderate_moslem_network/

    Declaration by the newly founded "Moderate Moslem"-Network

    Declaration by the newly founded "Democratic Moslem"-Network, passed on saturday 4. february 2006, during an assembly held at the Danish parliament, as a response to the drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

    We declare, today, that now is the time for dialogue, rather than digging trenches. We call on the Moslem countries, the Danish imams and the government to enter into dialogue, to settle this conflict, so that we may again meet on a friendly footing, and ensure that exchange of views and experiences across cultural, religious and geographic boundaries can continue.

    As Moslems, we are the proof that Islam and democracy are not incompatible.

    It is our hope that our example here in Denmark will make Moslems around the world react and follow our lead. Only by uniting, can we change the fundamentalistic picture of Islam that the many extremists have drawn with violence.

  • ------------------------------------------


The ten commandments of Democracy

  1. We must all separate politics and religion, and we must never place religion above the laws of democracy.
  2. We must all respect that all people have equal rights regardless of sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.
  3. No person must ever incite to hatred, and we must never allow hatred to enter our hearts.
  4. No person must ever use or encourage violence – no matter how frustrated or wronged we feel, or how just our cause.
  5. We must all make use of dialogue - always.
  6. We must all show respect for the freedom of expression, also of those with whom we disagree the most.
  7. No person can claim for themselves or assign to others a place apart, neither as superior persons, as inferior persons or as eternal victims.
  8. We must all treat other people's national and religious symbols as we wish them to treat ours – flag-burning and graffiti on churches, mosques and synagogues are insults that hinder dialogue and increase the repression of the other party.
  9. We must all mind our manners in public. Public space is not a stage on which to vent one's aggressions or to spread fear and hate, but should be a forum for visions and arguments, where the best must win support.
  10. We must all stand up for our opponent if he or she is subjected to spiteful treatment.

The commandments were first voiced in a speech by Naser Khader in 2002.


MIM: Leftwing moderate Muslims never eschew capititalism when it comes to support for their cause. The West is prepared to bankroll anyone Muslim who pays says the magic words "democratic" and "alternative".



"...I have been overwhelmed by the many positive responses I have received recently, also from non-Muslim Danes. I am heartened and very pleased that there is so much support for the alternative network!

At Saturday's meeting (February 4) there was positive support for establishing "The Danish Support Network for Democratic Muslims". Regardless of religious conviction you are invited to support the initiative by joining the mailing list below.

As many will have seen on Politiken's homepage on February 8, Democratic Muslims intend to spread its views through advertisement in Arabic media. If you want to support this and the network's other activities with a donation you can make a contribution to bank account: 9510-10141931. If you wish to donate from a broad, then use IBAN: DK913000001014931.

On behalf of myself and the network a big thank you for the many encouraging messages that keep streaming in. I can't respond to all at this time but will try to do so in due course.

With kind regards
Naser Khader

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