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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > One Year Old Kfir Bibas, His Brother Ariel 4, Mother Shiri & Father Yarden Still Being Held Hostage By Muslim Savages

One Year Old Kfir Bibas, His Brother Ariel 4, Mother Shiri & Father Yarden Still Being Held Hostage By Muslim Savages

Bibas Family Press Conference: The Family Was 'Traded' - Mother's Parents's Burned To Death- What Was Their Fault?
February 20, 2024

Shiri Bibas and her sons Ariel, 4, and baby Kfir (then 9 months old), are abducted from Kibbutz Nir Oz by Hamas terrorists on October 7, 2023. (Screenshot)


Bibas family members: I believe in humanity, but there's nothing humane about that video

Ofri Bibas-Levy, sister of Yarden Bibas, says she does not know if her sister and their family will ever get to see her unborn child after video of family in Gaza found.

Feb 20, 2024, 3:22 PM (GMT+2)

At a press conference today (Tuesday), members of the Bibas family spoke about the disturbing video that surfaced showing Shiri, Ariel, and Kfir being taken against their will on October 7. They addressed their decision to make the footage public.

At today's press conference, attended by dozens of media outlets worldwide, the relatives of the Bibas family voiced their anguish and frustration.

Yifat Zailer, a cousin of Shiri Bibas, said: "This video reminds us and the world it's important to remember they were taken from their bed. You can see my youngest cousin, she's like a sister to me, barefoot in this video, surrounded by men. It's been really hard hearing that it's justified. It cannot be justified what happened. My aunt and uncle, Shiri's parents, were murdered on that day, burned alive in their homes. We have every right to be angry but I choose to believe in humanity. Every child matters."

"I believe in humanity and watching that video, there's nothing humane about it. We had to celebrate Kfir's first birthday without him. We never received any sign of life. If they received their medicine. This entire family, father and a mother and two young children that were taken hostages later to be traded - how is this right? What was their fault?"

Ofri Bibas-Levy, sister of Yarden Bibas, said: "Kidnapping children is a crime against humanity and a war crime, Ariel and Kfir are victims of monstrous evil."

"We know that Yarden, my brother, was willing to give his own life to save his family, when he went outside the saferoom to fight with the terrorists. They took Shiri and the kids regardless, a mother facing evil on her own, trying to protect her 4-year-old and 9-month-old babies. Yarden has been separated from them ever since. A whole family in the hand of murderers. This cannot be acceptable in any way. We ask to prioritize the return of these children first and foremost in any agreement, bring this family back home. These children are the only children to remain hostage in Gaza. We agreed to publish this video so the world could not forget, can not look away."

Aylon Keshet, cousin of Yarden Bibas, said: "We naively were sure the world was not going to let this happen. So many innocents, the elderly, a baby, kidnapped from their homes by bloodthirsty terrorists. We thought it was a matter of a few weeks but we find ourselves here more than 130 days later. Kfir is more than 1 year old now, he was kidnapped at 8 months old.

"We still can't believe this is what they have to go through - kept in dark conditions, as we know from accounts of those released. People get chemical burns on their skin due to lack of hygiene.

"We've been taught that there are international organizations that address a problem like this. We've been handled with disrespect and accusations - when we are just trying to get a baby, his brother and his parents back. There is no justification for this kind of behavior - how could it be that people rip posters of baby Kfir who was kidnapped because of the Middle East conflict? It has nothing to do with it. We are just trying, and every human being with a conscience should condemn Hamas' bloodthirsty actions against humanity and demand the immediate release of our family and the other hostages.

The grandparents were murdered brutally and now there are parents and children. We don't want to bury 3 generations of family."

Ofri Bibas-Levy ended the press conference on a sobering note, revealing personal news and appealing to the Muslim world.

"I'm six months pregnant, Yarden and Shiri don't know this, and I don't know if my unborn child is ever going to meet them.

"Next month, the Muslim community will begin Ramadan - a time of reflection, remorse and new beginnings. What happened on October 7th does not represent Islam. What Hamas is doing does not represent Islam. I'm asking Arab communities, Arab leaders, all people who believe in humanity's goodness to use this Ramadan period to apply pressure where it's needed - on Hamas. Kidnapping babies is not Islam. Kidnapping and raping women is not Islam."


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