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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Nadim Siddiqui: From Obama Pic To Mug Shot - Muslim Entrepreneur Turns To Terrorizing Jewish Businesses

Nadim Siddiqui: From Obama Pic To Mug Shot - Muslim Entrepreneur Turns To Terrorizing Jewish Businesses

Menaced Jewish Establishments In Aventura - Arrested For Arson In Chicago - Remains Jailed After Failing To Post Bond
December 28, 2018


Nadim Siddiqui goes from privileged entrepreneur to penniless Jew-hater.

December 26, 2018 Joe Kaufman

Nadim Siddiqui's life has gone through a dramatic shift, from ambitious entrepreneur with political connections and an attractive girlfriend to a poverty-stricken and raving anti-Semite with repeated arrests and no one to turn to. What happened to Siddiqui that he would experience such a major downfall? This article examines the possible causes.

The scene was a Miami-Dade courtroom. Nadim Benjamin Siddiqui stood dressed in a red prison shirt, as he listened to Judge Renatha Francis sentence him to house arrest in addition to a $25,000 bond. His crime: threatening Jewish establishments. When the judge stated that Siddiqui was alleged to have "targeted Jews," a quick and menacing smile came over Siddiqui's face. [As of this writing, Siddique has not posted bond and remains in prison.]

Within a very short period of time, Siddiqui has been arrested on at least three separate occasions.

On October 14th, Siddiqui walked into Kosher Kingdom, an Aventura, Florida grocery store that caters to the Jewish community, grabbed a bottle of wine, and smashed it on the floor. There is clear surveillance video of the incident. The police issued him a trespass warning. When he showed up again, on October 28th, he was arrested and charged with criminal mischief for the previous incident and trespassing.

Then, on October 30th, Siddiqui walked into Kosher Kingdom, took a carton of eggs, threw one egg at the store's window, and dumped the rest of the carton at the store's front entrance. Once more, he was arrested and charged, this time, with criminal mischief, trespassing and littering. According to the store's manager, Siddiqui, as well, yelled anti-Semitic slurs outside the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, which is just up the street from the store.

And on December 4th, as stated by the Miami-Dade Police Department, Siddiqui "deliberately knocked down and damaged a menorah in the lobby of a building." An arrest warrant was obtained for what the police described as "the enhanced charges related to Nadim Siddiqui's prejudice motivated crimes." Siddiqui was taken into custody at his Hollywood home.

Siddiqui's trouble with the law didn't just start in South Florida. It was actually a continuation of what was taking place with him in his previous home of Chicago, Illinois. He twice was arrested in January 2016, once for arson and once for trespassing. And he was again arrested in July 2017 for trespassing.

But Siddiqui's Chicago experience wasn't all bad. Indeed, his life prior to these arrests was the exact opposite of what it is today. He certainly didn't have the "indigent" status he has been given for his most recent criminal cases.

In April 2013, he posted on his Facebook page formal photos of himself, his father and his uncle each with then-President Barack Obama, at the Hilton Chicago Grand Ballroom. [He later made his photo with President Obama his Facebook ‘Profile Picture.'] Two days earlier, he posted a photo of himself dressed in a suit and shaking hands with then-Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Siddiqui donated (an aggregate total of) $434.70 to the ‘Hillary for America' Hillary Clinton Presidential victory fund. [Ironic that one of the donations was reported to have come in January 2016, after Siddiqui's arson arrest.]

Siddiqui described himself on Facebook as "Entrepreneur/Business Owner." He was the Regional Manager of a property management company. He posted about investing in stocks. In August 2013, he wrote, "Filing corporate taxes is so much fun!" In September 2013, he wrote, "$10M before 40. Everything else takes a backseat." He was still young at 30, he had an attractive girlfriend, and he was beaming with confidence.

So what happened to cause such a downward spiral? Was it about Siddiqui's family?

Siddiqui's participation in politics came through his family's involvement. His father (or uncle) Tariq (Mohammad Tariq Siddiqui) was a big fundraiser for President Obama. In 2008, when then-United States Senator Obama was running for President, Tariq served as a money ‘bundler' for Obama's campaign raising over $50,000.

Tariq, as well, in 2004, was instrumental in providing Obama with office space for his campaign. The office space was at Sunrise Equities, a real estate development firm where Tariq was a partner. In 2008, Salman Ibrahim, chief executive officer of Sunrise, and Mohammad Akbar Zahid, senior vice president of investor relations, fled the US with $80 million of investors' money and bank loans – the culmination of a ‘Shariah Compliant' Ponzi scheme run out of Sunrise and targeting the Pakistani and Indian Muslim communities.

Tariq has also allegedly been involved in mortgage fraud, foreclosure equity stripping and theft. When it came to scandals, Nadim Siddiqui had who to learn from.

Or were Siddiqui's problems about his religion?

Prior to his private war with Jews, Siddiqui did not give off the appearance of being overtly religious. But there were clues.

Siddiqui began to grow a thin beard. When he talked about growing a "stash," his cousin (or sister), Naila, who like him was originally from Munich, Germany and currently lives in South Florida, jokingly told Siddiqui's girlfriend, Emily, who is now married with a child, to "shave it while he's sleeping."

Siddiqui zealously expressed his feelings against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In August 2013, he wrote, "Hang al-assad by the balls and let him fall into a ditch. Then all the refugee children should piss on his grave. Peice of shit maggot. Fuckin' coward."

One of Siddiqui's 19 Facebook friends, a Muslim fundamentalist named Hasham Faridi, in October 2013, had communicated with him. The two attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, at the same time.

In May 2013, Faridi complained, "We have foresaken the Islamic culture and accepted Western culture." He later proclaimed, "Islam will dominate the world." In July 2013, he wrote, "ask ALLAH to remove those kuffaar from our lands, ask ALLAH to let their blood run in the streets of Faloojah, ask ALLAH to let their blood run in the mountains of Afghanistan, let the Mujahideen kill & destroy them one after the other."

Faridi has called on Muslim males to "follow Sunnah correctly" and grow out their beards. This past November, he posted that "ONE OF THE SIGN THAT YOU LOVE PROPHET MUHAMAD IS YOUR BEARD." And while, like Siddiqui, Faridi has cursed Bashar Assad, he has praised Ibn al-Khattab, the al-Qaeda-related Chechen terror leader, as "Lion of Islam!!!" and he has promoted the banned Hizb-ut-Tahrir that calls Jews "evil" and wants gays dead. Faridi too has targeted Jews and homosexuals with extreme hate.

So was it Siddiqui's corrupt family or Siddiqui's radical friends who were the catalysts for his downward spiral from a well-to-do entrepreneur to a fanatical bigot hell bent on terrorizing Jews.

Regardless of the reason, Nadim Siddiqui is a danger to the community, and it is this author's prayer – a Jewish prayer – that he stays behind bars for a very long time.


Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.


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