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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > U.S. Admits Iranian Military Air Presence In Iraq

U.S. Admits Iranian Military Air Presence In Iraq

December 4, 2014

December 2, 2014 San Francisco, CA PipeLineNews.org U.S. officials have finally confirmed that Iran is engaging ISIS in Iraq, with at least one sortie involving an Iranian F-4 attacking ground positions being flown on Sunday. It's believed that the aircraft was providing support for Iraqi forces attacking ISIS positions in or around the town of Sa'adiya. [source, Janes]

Though DOD and State have danced all around the issue, it's been clear that Iran has been providing aid to the Iraqi government and that Iranian aircraft have been spotted since June of this year. That this process is quickly turning Iraq into another Iranian client state seems to be of little concern to the president.

Though Team O denies it, the linkage between this administration's hysterical efforts to hammer out an alarmingly one-sided deal with the Ayatollocracy and the wink-wink, nod-not, cooperation between the two countries is obvious. If only on the basis that it would be in Iran and Obama's interest [though causing further damage to U.S. national security] to cooperate at some level to make sure that there is no contact between the countries' military forces.

What we believe this new partnership indicates is that there is substantially more diplomacy going on in private than this administration is willing to admit. The process into which Mr. Obama has become enmeshed is the classic zero sum game, with Iran holding all the cards, including the possibility of Khamenei, outing the administration's perfidy at any time it deems beneficial to its long term hegemonic agenda.

Again we find this president getting played to the detriment of the United States so he can have some manner of paper victory if and when the two countries agree on a nuclear protocol favorable to the Islamic theocracy.


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