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Asylum Seekers Planned Terrorist Attacks Right In The Heart Of Berlin

February 22, 2016


Asylum seekers with links to the notorious and extremely dangerous terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IS or ISIS) planned terrorist attacks on popular tourist spots right in the heart of Berlin, the capital of Germany. This is what the usually well informed German newspaper "Bild" revealed in its national edition of February 5, 2016. They wanted to carry out suicide bombings on two of Berlin's famous tourist hotspots, namely the Alexanderplatz and "Checkpoint Charlie," the latter being a museum near the former Berlin Wall. Bild writes that a terrorist cell had been dismantled which had received its directions from ISIS in Syria and which planned to inflict mass civilian casualties. The leader of this terrorist cell was, Bild claims, a 35-year old Algerian asylum seeker who together with his Algerian wife and two children used the so-called Balkan route and arrived in the south German town of Munich at the end of 2015. Using forged identity papers, they claimed to be Syrian refugees and applied for asylum. They were later transfered to a sports hall in the small town of Attendorn in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). There, the Algerian couple were arrested on February 4, 2016. The alleged terrorist cell leader and his wife are also wanted by the Algerian authorities, as they are accused of ties to terrorism in that North African country as well.

Three of his accomplices who were arrested were also Algerians who claimed to be Syrian aslyum seekers. One of them was a 31-year-old man in the crowded migrant center of Berlin-Tempelhof, another fake refugee was 26-year-old "Abbas A." who was arrested in Hannover. Bild quoted police sources who say that Abbas A. maintained close contacts with the terror hotspot of Brussels-Molenbeek and visited Molenbeek in January 2016. But German authories later denied that there was a connection between Abbas A. and Molenbeek. But how credible are such denials? It was from Brussels- Molenbeek and from Syria that young Belgian-Moroccans planned the recent terror attacks in Paris. Moreover, the equally well informed German newspaper "Die Welt", in its issue of February 5, 2016, quoted security sources who claim that the 26-year-old asylum seeker from Hannover visited Molenbeek "a few weeks ago." Die Welt also writes about the arrest of another Algerian asylum seeker in Berlin-Tempelhof. This man was 41-years-old. Die Welt's security sources claim that photos were found showing how he was having a meal with the perpetrators of the Paris attacks – an ISIS-operation.

The German Security Service had been tipped off by "a foreign intelligence service," Bild writes. The popular German daily does not reveal which foreign intelligence service was meant here, but it could have been the CIA or the French or Algerian intelligence services. Bild writes that German police monitored five Algerian terror suspects who were believed to be IS-operators planning terrorist attacks. Bild quotes one of the German investigators who says: "These men are highly professional and technically superbly well equipped. Therefore, it was just impossible to monitor them all the time."

Georg Maassen, the president of the "German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution" (BfV), or the German Domestic Security Service, recently warned that "militants from the Islamic State group (ISIS) have entered Europe disguised as refugees." "We have repeatedly seen that terrorists have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees. This is a fact that the security agencies are facing." "German citizens have also sent more than 100 tip-offs."

The online edition of the German magazine "Der Spiegel" reported on February 8, 2016, that the police arrested Bassam, a Syrian asylum seeker in the idyllic village of Sankt Johann near the city of Mainz. Der Spiegel claims that 32-year-old man Bassam was a high ranking ISIS fighter, a commander even, in Syria. Bassam denies the allegations, but there are videos showing his activities in Syria.

ISIS terrorists slipping into Europe among the refugees from Syria

The Wall Street Journal reported on February 4, 2016, that France was shaken by a new terror revelation. "The presumed leader of the Islamic State operatives who attacked Paris in November boasted that he slipped into Europe among refugees from Syria as part of a team of dozens of militants, according to a key witness. If true, the testimony adds urgency to a continent wide effort by security services to track down people with links to the extremist group. Authorities fear that Islamic State smuggled many of its fighters into Europe among the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have fled from Syria in recent years, officials say." "At least two people involved in the Paris attacks had registered as refugees on a Greek island in the months before they surfaced in Paris." "The latest testimony, which was was reported by French media Thursday, came from a woman who provided information that lead French police to Adbelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian who is believed to have orchestrated the Nov. 13 killing spree that left 130 dead and hundreds injured." This woman – "Sonia," a pseudonym – also knew Abaaoud's cousin, Hasna Aït Boulahcen. "She ("Sonia") said Mr. Abaaoud told them that he had arrived in Europe without documents, among the refugees, along with 90 other operatives, including French, British, German, Iraqi and Syrian citizens, an official familiar with her testimony said. The woman testified that Mr. Abaaoud said his network had operatives in the Paris region and elsewhere in Europe, the official said.About 50 to 60 of the operatives in Mr. Abaaoud's network entered the European Union by sea or land through Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, according to a Western counterterrorism official. The operatives traveled fromSyria through Turkey to reach the EU borders and then spread to various countries including France, Germany, Spain and the U.K., the official said."

Another route for ISIS operatives who enter Europe posing as refugees is the North Afican route. From Libya, Tunesia, Morocco or Algeria they cross the Mediterranean Sea and enter Italy or Spain. The ever growing presence of ISIS in chaotic Libya poses a direct threat to Europe. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Director at American Center for Democracy & Economic Welfare Institute, recently quoted intelligence sources who "reported that ‘ISIS earns millions of dollars from taking part in the networks that smuggle migrants to Europe." But she then adds: "It is unknown the ISIS operatives arrived in Europe via Libya as refugees." However, I do not doubt at all that a number of well trained ISIS terrorists did leave Libya already and arrived in Italy while posing as refugees. More than once did ISIS announce that they they would do so and we are well advised to take such announcements seriously. Omar Al-Shishani, one of the most dangerous and ruthless ISIS leaders, recently decided to move to Libya. His presence there will enhance ISIS operations and involvement in migrant trafficking networks.

Muslim asylum seekers attack Christian asylum seekers and women

Too many asylum seekers from North Africa, Somalia, Eritrea, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan cause very serious problems in Europe and North America. The International Society for Human Rights (IGFM), a respected human rights organization in the German city of Frankfurt, specializes in the persecution of Christians. According to their latest newsletter a lot of Muslim asylum seekers are harassing Christian asylum seekers and Muslim converts to Christianity. Asylum seekers and converts to Christianity who visit Christian churches in Berlin-Zehlendorf and Berlin-Steglitz, for example, were intimidated by Islamic fellow asylum seekers in Asylum Seekers Centers. Some of these Christian refugees were so frequently attacked or received so many death threats that they had to move to another refugee center.

There is also an Asylum Seekers Center in Bestensee, a usually tranquil village near Berlin. A Christian asylum seeker who visits a protestant church in Berlin, told the TV station "RTL" that Muslim asylum seekers threatened him while he was in the center's kitchen. They showed him beheading videos and told him he would soon be the next victim. Christian asylum seekers have also received death threats in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I am not a gay myself, but lots of asylum seekers who were gays also received of death threats from radical Muslims.

There are numerous cases of Muslim asylum seekers and illegal immigrants who raped or harrassed women. There were gang assaults on German women in Cologne on New Year's Eve, numerous other local women have been robbed or raped that very night. More than one thousand (!) terrified women reported these crimes to the police. The Cologne police reported on January 8, 2016, that many of the perpetrators were North African asylum seekers and North African illegal immigrants, referred to as "NAFRIS." By that time the Cologne police had identified only nineteen perpetrators: eight asylum seekers from North Africa, five illegal immigrants from North Africa, one illegal immigrant whose identity was not known, one asylum seeker from Iran, one from Syria, one from Somalia, one Albanian immigrant and one Turkish immigrant. The full report has been published in a new and shocking Dutch book on what happened in Cologne, "Keulen: Kalifaat Light," edited by Dutch historian Dr. Perry Pierik who also wrote excellent books on Syria and ISIS.

The confidential Cologne police report further points out that it is virtually impossible to expel North African asylum seekers and illegal immigrants from Morocco, Algeria or Tunesia because their home countries usually refuse to take them back. Bild reported on February 4, 2016, that these countries "want our money," yet they are not willing to accept that Germany sends 6,400 problematic illegal immigrants from North Africa back to their home countries. It is a scandal, Bild writes. Last year, some 26,000 illegal immigrants from North Africa arrived in Germany alone. All of them are economic migrants who are not entitled to asylum. Yet, their North African home countries receive hundreds of millions of Euros as so-called "development aid." How silly can some of Europe's governments really be!

In a Swedish asylum seekers center in Mölndal, near Gothenburg, a Muslim asylum seeker stabbed 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher, a young and idealistic Swedish employee of the center, to death. This fatal incident occurred on January 25, 2016. The perpetrator was a 15-year-old asylum seeker from Lebanon. And quite recently, Afghan asylum seekers in the Belgian asylum seekers center of Leopoldsburg demanded from a female asylum seeker from Syria that she wear the Islamic headscarf. When she refused to comply, asubsequent fight broke out between one hundred (!) Afghan and Syrian and Iraqi asylum seekers. The Syrians and Iraqis sided with that young woman from Syria, the more conservative minded Afghans wanted to enforce their will on a young defenseless Muslim woman who was not as conservative as they were.

Migrant trafficking poses an extremely serious threat to European security.Indeed, the Turkish and North African migrant trafficking mafias are more powerful than most governments of European Union. (No wonder Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slowakia and Austria belatedly took measures to curb the flow of unwelcome illegal immigrants.) By allowing too many asylum seekers from the Muslim world, we in Europe are importing the conflicts and primitive ethical standards such as "honor crimes" and "child marriages"from their home countries. There are over 250 "child brides" in Holland alone. Muslim immigrants who go back to their countries in the Middle East or to Somalia where they marry twelve- or thirteen-year-old girls and then take these girls to Holland. The Dutch government belatedly outlawed this primitive practice. Mind you, Somali, Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan "refugees" emphaticall yclaim that it is far too dangerous for them in their home countries, yet they go back to those very countries with a view to marrying poor girls who are not yet sixteen years old!

Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands.

Website www.emersonvermaat.com.


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