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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > ISIS Terror Cell Thwarted By IDF In Hebron

ISIS Terror Cell Thwarted By IDF In Hebron

January 4, 2015

ISIS Terror Cell Members Arrested in Hevron

Islamic State-affiliated cell already carried out one failed attack; planned to kill soldier and use his weapon for future attack.

By Uzi Baruch First Publish: 1/4/2015, 3:29 PM

Israeli security forces broke up an ISIS-linked terror cell in Hevron, it was revealed Sunday.

The arrests were made in November 2014, after members of the cell had already carried out one failed attack against local IDF forces, hurling an explosive device at soldiers which caused no injuries.

Members of the cell, all of whom are residents of Hevron, had also planned a series of future attacks.

They have been named as Ahmed Wadah Salah Shehada (22); Mohammed Fiad Abd al-Kadher Zaro (21); and Qasai Ibrahim Dib Masawada.

Under Shabak (Israel Security Services) interrogation, Ahmed Shahadah confessed to planning to set up an ISIS terrorist cell to carry out attacks. He also admitted that he and his two accomplices constructed a number of bombs, one of which they hurled at IDF soldiers in Hevron.

Shahadah also admitted that the three terrorists planned to kill a soldier and use his weapons and uniform to carry out a larger attack. He said they had already attempted to carry out their plan once, but returned unsuccessful.

The other two suspects also confessed their involvement in the terror cell.

Masawada told his interrogators he had also planned to kill a Jewish resident of Hevron near the Ein Avraham spring, and steal his weapon.

News of the ISIS cell comes after it was revealed the IDF has created a special intelligence unit to track ISIS's attempts to recruit Palestinian Arabs.

"ISIS's people are knocking on our border," one IDF officer said. "Today there are strong in Sinai and therefore we have to prepare for it. In general all threats of terror within our border employ all of the IDF."

Several Israeli Arabs and Palestinians have gone to fight for ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but this is the first major ISIS terror plot broken up inside Israel.


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