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Ukraine: All You Need To Know

March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 San Francisco, CA PipeLineNews.org Europe receives over 25% of its natural gas supply from Russia, of which about half is piped through the Ukraine.

Estimates are that the gas sales generate about $100M a day in revenues for Russia.

As a result what happens in Ukraine matters a great deal to the West.

Twice previously [starting in 2008] the Putin government has used the flow of gas to Ukraine as a weapon of submission, sending the unmistakable message that the country is dependent on its hostile neighbor which can pull the plug anytime it wishes.

Until recently this threat, along with the country's relative isolation from what could be its European allies [allies of course in this day and age not being what they used to be] has kept the country's nationalism in check to a degree, that was until Ukraine's pro-Russian [read Soviet] government was toppled a week ago largely due to these internal forces.

Acting swiftly and decisively, not to mention militarily, the Putin regime has moved upwards of 15,000 troops into Ukraine's Southern most province, Crimea, on the pretext that its population had to be protected from Ukrainian predation. Russian naval vessels are stationed off Crimea's coast to seal it and have issued a demand for Ukraine's navy to surrender or face further escalation [see by way of reference, the Kyiv Post].

President Obama is of course unwilling to respond, aside from his now laughably drawn "lines in the sand," in any meaningful fashion. A few spurious warnings, more nincompoopery from Kerry and...

Well you get the picture, Team Obama is the most inept CIC in at least a century; he surrounds himself with buffoons, poseurs, assclowns and clueless Harvard lawyers, none of whom have any intention [let alone the ability] of taking forceful action.

Putin knows this, so does Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

No one respects this guy, no one fears him, and all hold him in some degree of contempt. To them Barack Obama is the poster-boy Omega male, a weak, helpless whiner given to delusional threats which only serve to reinforce that impression.

Understandably, global leaders have sized him up as the consummate empty suit, one of the reasons why the international political scene is aflame.

Perhaps this is all as it should be, maybe Obama, upon surrendering Ukraine, can extract a concession from Vlad Putin not to suppress Ukraine's homosexual population in too brutal a manner, at least until after the 2014 mid-term elections.

As we are told by this administration and its press lackeys on a daily basis, that is really the most important issue facing mankind at the present moment.

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