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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Rabbi Killed Walking To Schul In North Miami Beach - 2 Black Males Being Sought - Attack Preceded By Anti Semitic Vandalism

Rabbi Killed Walking To Schul In North Miami Beach - 2 Black Males Being Sought - Attack Preceded By Anti Semitic Vandalism

August 10, 2014

MIM: This vicious murder was preceded by several incidents of anti semitic vandalism in the Jewish community of North Miami Beach. One in which a swastika and the word Hamas was scrawled on the entrance to a synagouge and another in which two cars which belonged to Jewish families were smeared with eggs and cream cheese with the word "Jew" and "Hamas" written on them.

Declaring that this murder is not a hate crime and attributing it to a robbery is patently absurd. Orthodox Jews do not carry anything on Shabbat which would ipso facto invalidate the latter theory.


Hundreds mourn Brooklyn rabbi after shooting death on North Miami-Dade street

"...As the hearse pulled away Sunday afternoon, heading toward Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for the return of the rabbi's body to Brooklyn, hundreds of people walked behind the black car as it inched its way along Northeast 10th Avenue.
Raksin's death has shaken a tight-knit Orthodox community in Northeast-Dade, leaving many people with more questions than answers. On edge after an incident that happened last month when swastikas and the word Hamas were found painted on a nearby temple, many feared Raksin's death could be linked.
"I don't feel safe," said Northeast Miami-Dade resident and mother of four Shulamis Tyberg at a peaceful rally Sunday afternoon outside of the Intracoastal Miami-Dade police station, a few miles from the neighborhood. "If this is in fact a hate crime, we want police to treat it that way."
Police did not release new information Sunday, but were planning a briefing on Monday morning. On Saturday, Miami-Dade police spokeswoman Elena Hernandez said there was "no indication of this being a hate crime."
Police indicated they were searching for two young male suspects, one of whom may have fled on a bicycle. The other may have run from the area.
A witness, who would not give his name, said Sunday that he was on his way to temple when he heard a gunshot and then a scream and then saw a man lying on the ground.
"They were just walking away nonchalantly," he said of the two men. "When I saw they were coming in my direction, I went inside. I feared for my life."..

"...When word of the killing spread in the community, many started fearing for their own lives.
"I am scared to walk to shul by myself," said 13-year-old Hada Balgley. "I can't believe this happened here."
The close community, in an area of unincorporated Northeast Miami-Dade near North Miami Beach, has more than 10 synagogues along a mile-stretch. On the Jewish Sabbath, hundreds of faithful walk to temple. People in the area say that most people know observant Jews do not carry anything, including money and phones, on the Sabbath.
The community is offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest..."

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/08/10/4282432/hundreds-mourn-brooklyn-rabbi.html#storylink=cpy


Also see this article about another anti semitic attack in North Miami Beach on Shabbat a week before the Rabbi's murder.

Miami Beach Cars Vandalized With Anti-Semitic Messages

"On a Jewish holy day of rest, there was unrest in one South Florida community.

A Miami Beach home was the target of hate. One car egged in multiple places and another damaged by cream cheese, with the words "Jew" and "Hamas" smeared on two different areas..."

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.



See: Anti-Semitic messages pop up on synagogue and cars in Miami-Dade

By Carli Teproff The Miami Herald "Swastikas were spray-painted on the front pillars of a Northeast Miami-Dade synagogue Monday morning, leaving the surrounding community on edge especially after two cars in Miami Beach were defaced over the weekend.

"We have been violated," said Rabbi Yerucham Benzinger of Torah V'Emunah, an Orthodox synagogue at 1000 NE 174th St. "It is something very painful to realize."..."


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