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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Foreign Technicians Trapped In Apparent Fordow Nuclear Plant Explosion?

Foreign Technicians Trapped In Apparent Fordow Nuclear Plant Explosion?

January 31, 2013

January 31 2013 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Former CIA double-agent Reza Kahlili is reporting that Iran's fortress nuclear establishment located deep within Fordow mountain has experienced a catastrophic explosion.

"...Sixteen North Koreans, including 14 technicians and two top military officers, are among those trapped after a Jan. 21 explosion destroyed much of Iran's Fordow nuclear site, a source reveals. The source who provided the initial information on the explosion at one of Iran's most important nuclear sites has now provided details about the degree of the destruction..." [source, Reza Kahlili, New Details Surface on Iran Nuclear Explosion, World Net Daily]

The WH is expressing public doubts as to whether this event actually took place, as attested to by Obama flack Jay Carney at yesterday's presser. Similarly the UN's lapdog IAEA first denied that any damage had occurred at Fordow but upon further inquiry by WND, refused to disclose the basis for the IAEA falling into line with the Iranian disinformation machine, that IAEA had indeed visited the site in question after the alleged explosions and found no damage.

The Fordow installation is believed to be at the center of Iran's not-so-clandestine nuclear weapons program. It was thought to be nearly invulnerable to any conventional means of attack, though in previous pieces we suggested several methods whereby the facility could be seriously compromised...one of which was simply to attack Fordow's HVAC system - essential to an underground operation - which would have to vent somewhere into the atmosphere leaving it quite vulnerable.

Foreign nationals - all nuke technicians, engineers and/or scientists - are widely seen as the critical component in the renegade Islamist state's nuke program as it seeks to assemble the "Shia A Bomb." Chinese, Russians, Pakistanis and N. Koreans are believed to now be providing the bulk elemental expertise [not to mention hardware and fissionable material] to hasten the Mullocracy's grand plan to incinerate Israel and intimidate the West.

We held this story for a few days seeking confirmation or denial and now believe that Fordow has indeed been damaged, the extent of which is still undetermined as we go to press.

We found [and continue to] find it telling that Iranian state media has not reported either way on the alleged damage to the facility - when brisk denials are usually the order of the day when attempting to cover-up negative developments.

Actually this is far more than simply negative news, a setback for the Iranian program. If true, it is of strategic importance.

It shows that Iranian security is actually a sieve, penetrated at will by well-trained special operators - a hint of Israel's boldness and contempt for the crudity of the Middle East's ability to defend itself from a well-planned airstrike - was provided a few days ago when Israeli aircraft penetrated and then operated within Syrian air-security for at least 16 hours. As most of our readers know, Syria's [now obviously porous] air defense system was proved by Iran.

It is a poorly kept secret in DC that DOD types are operating under severe restrictions put in place by Team Obama not to employ any ground forces to take Fordow out.

Then of course there is Mr. Obama's general disdain for the Jewish state...

As a result, U.S. national security planners have been thrashing about to find a way of destroying the plant using only conventional weapons - a daunting technical challenge.

No U.S. casualties...repeat...NO...casualties, no body count.

These people knew from the get-go that even a super size bunker buster HE explosive device would be of limited value in an attack, though the entire mountain could have easily been taken out by a fair sized nuke - something not in the cards for Mr. Obama and his clown posse of advisors.

So we surmise that if Fordow was indeed severely damaged, that it was done by some country other than the United States, most likely carried out by a small strike team.

Picture a Hebrew speaking Delta, SEAL or similar SPECOPS type force...

We must emphasize much of the above is speculation, informed speculation, but speculation nonetheless, but is seems that Iran might just have learned a very tough lesson over the last 10 or so days - that its rabid, religiously extremist breast beating, is just that...100% bluster and that those in the West who care about security matters now know it too.

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