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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Islamsterdamned : Dhimmitude in Amsterdam - Dutch becoming outnumbered by Muslims in Amsterdam

Islamsterdamned : Dhimmitude in Amsterdam - Dutch becoming outnumbered by Muslims in Amsterdam

Dutch report reveals that parts of Amsterdam are populated by 80% non Western foreigners - concludes "failure of intergration"
March 13, 2005

Killing Jokes by Gregorious Nekschot http://www.gregoriusnekschot.nl/cartoons_english.html


Excerpts from 'Our Mayor' by Theo van Gogh

"It is also a pity for Cohen that it just happens to be Morrocan youths which intimidated a Dutch couple who fled the neighborhood. It is happening all over Amsterdam but since it was written about in the Volkskrant the issue has become political.

"The Amsterdam police has no interest in coming to the defense of the native Dutch who are being attacked by an increasingly aggressive minority. And Cohen (the mayor of Amsterdam) couldn't care less."

I suspect that our mayor is an incorrigible cynic and a mercenary opportunist to boot, and ask myself for how long native Dutch will be welcome in Amsterdam."

MIM:Theo van Gogh wrote the above 10 days before being shot and nearly decapitated by a Dutch born Moroccan Muslim on an Amsterdam street his murder answered the question of how long the outnumbered native Dutch would be welcome in Amsterdam.


Dhimmitude in Amsterdam

Author unknown

Something struck me today. I was walking across a market in West Amsterdam, and I was hit in the face by the realization that the average Amsterdammer there is already resigned to living under Muslim domination.

A little background info. I work for a large IT company, and am presently outsourced to a government agency located in a neighbourhood in old-Western part of Amsterdam. This part of town has arguably the largest percentage of Turks and Moroccans of all Amsterdam. And that means as much as 70% or more. Walking across that market gives you the very real and distinct feeling you are abroad, visiting a souk in Istanbul or Casablanca. Except the weather's too cold right now.
But the language, the way people dress, the market stalls and their wares, it is all fitting. Just about all women are veiled, certainly all non-Dutch women are, many are dressed in an Afghan style-like Burkha. Most men too are dressed in traditional Muslim garb.

A little more background info. The Dutch are probably the meekest, weakest people on earth. Worse even than the French. The French at least will fight if they need to and think they can win. The Dutch won't fight even then. The fiercest form of Dutch resistance to occupation (as in WW2) is distributing newspapers that didn't carry the official seal of approval of the Germans. There wasn't anything exciting, let alone illegal in them, they were just, well, not officially approved.

The Dutch still talk about their WW2 'resistance' with a capital "R".

And for every person that took part in the 'resistance', there were two betraying him to the Germans.

The Dutch are about as spineless as they come. I should know, I am one (albeit an a-typical one).

So. In this part of town, the native Dutch are for all intents and purposes dhimmi's already.Their attitude (eyes cast down, don't look a Muslim in the face, you don't know what he might do), their behaviour (get out of the way when a Muslim approaches, or be overly friendly).

Fear rules these people. And both parties know it. Young Arabs and Turks flaunt their domination. And the Dutch remain silent. To be sure not all of Amsterdam is as bad as this part (and I mean bad). But we're getting there in a hurry. This link will take you to a Dutch "Telegraaf" newspaper article that goes into some detail on just this subject. Some quotes:

Amsterdam has more and more area's where 70 to 80 percent of inhabitants are made up of non-Western foreigners. The highest percentages are found in Amsterdam-Southeast, Zeeburg and parts of new-West.

Even I hadn't realized it had gone this far.

Researches have also found that not only higher income [native Dutch - Ed] families are leaving the city. Families with minimal wages too are leaving Amsterdam behind. On January 1st 2004 the capital was made up of 738.760 inhabitants, slightly more than half of which are native Dutch.

It will be no great change when Muslims are the official majority, and (starting at the municipal level) decide what's good for Holland's capital.
I don't see how it will take another 35 years for all of the Netherlands to change to where most of Amsterdam is today. It will be much quicker than that.
I also don't see anything that could change the course of events. I don't plan to be here by the time things become unbearable, but then, many native Dutch feel the same way, and their exodus will only speed up the Islamic conquest.

So what do we do to stop it? Nothing. The Dutch do nothing. It's too confrontational. Too real. Can't somebody please help us? The Bushitler perhaps? The AmeriKKKans? We hate them for it, but they saved us at least twice before...


MIM :Translation of the report linked to the article above:

Gap increasing between different nationalities in Amsterdam

Translated by Beila Rabinowitz director MIM

Amsterdam - The gap between nationalities has been increasing over the past years. Moroccans, Turks, and Dutch are increasingly living among their own, according to the Diversity and Integration Monitoring 2004 report which was presented by the Amsterdam municipality on Friday.

In Amsterdam there are areas where 70 to 80% of the residents are non Western foreigners. The highest percentages can be found in Southeast- Amsterdam,Zeeburg, and parts of New West. The only concentration of non Western native born which was found within the 'canal circuit' (note the area in Amsterdam which is ringed by canals), totally disappeared in 2003. The center and parts of the city to the South are mostly populated by Dutch and Western foreigners.

In this respect Amsterdam is beginning to look like many of the big cities.In the past the concentration of population groups in Amsterdam was reasonable compared to their similiar cities. According to the report this shows a failed integration.For example, the places where the most ethnic minorities live is the least attractive on the housing market.Problems such as unemployment, welfare dependency, and school dropout rates are prevalent and contact with native born Dutch is minimal.

Concentrations of Surinamers,Moroccans,and Turkish, are consistent with the spread of subsidised housing in the city. Dutch and other Western foreigners often have their own home then other ethnic groups. Of all ethnic groups the Moroccans are the least likely to buy a house, and they have the lowest rate of people who are renting from private landlords.(Note: In place of renting a muncipal subsidised apartment). Moroccans and Turkish have the most language problems,and research showed that their ties to their land of origin are very strong .

Schools are primarily white or black. Both native born and foreigners are dissatisfied that there are so few mixed schools.Researchers have also concluded that it is not only higher income families who are leaving the city, also those with minimum incomes are leaving Amsterdam behind .In 2004 the capital counted 738.760 residents, a bit more then half were foreigners.

The council of mayors and lawmakers wants to emphasize that the mixing of ethnic groups was never the starting point of any policy.Intergration of the different population groups will be reached by a better social economic position, according to the standpoint of the muncipality.



"In Amsterdam there are areas where 70 to 80% of the residents are non Western foreigners." ...The situation in Amsterdam is looking the same as it does in many other major cities..." "According to the report this points to a failure of integration...""Schools are either white or black..""The researchers have concluded that is not only those with high incomes who are leaving the cities.." The capitol counts 786.760 residents, a bit more then half are foreigners..."

MIM: Shortly before he was murdered by a Moroccan Muslim terrorist who was born and raised in Amsterdam,Theo van Gogh asked,and his death answered the question "for how long native Dutch will be welcome in Amsterdam." http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/309


Our Mayor

By Theo Van Gogh

translated by Beila Rabinowitz

I just read in The Telegraaf that Mr.Abou Jah Jah is thinking of leaving Belgium. Despite the fact that he thinks it will take 5 years for him to groom his successor as leader of the Arab European League. Abou is bitter. He only received 1400 votes in the last election and considers the Flemish people to be beneath his dignity.

Abou Jah Jah: "God was not generous in Flanders when he passed out intelligence. They have always been a racist people."

I found that well put, just as it was very instructive to read that Abou Jah Jah regards every dead American soldier as "a victory". A pimp of the prophet one can't set one's sights high enough .

You could say that an Islamo facist who wants to implement Shari'a law with all the consequences for non believers, Jews ,homos, and misfits isn't someone with whom you want to engage in discussion.

I remember very well how Abou Jah Jah said that the "apostate" Ayaan Hirsi Ali needed to be locked up.

It was not clear if this shoe polisher of Allah meant that she should be locked in an asylum or a jail. I doubt that she would be around long if the holy writ of the Shari'a was implemented.

Someone who thinks that Abou Jah Jah has our best interests at heart is the mayor of Amsterdam, who publicly engaged him in discussion and rewarded him at the end by saying; "finally a politician who understands me!"

A wonderful comment which Cohen is surely proud of .As a schemer with ambition he'll do anything to, I quote, "keep things together ."

It is also a pity for Cohen that it just happens to be Morrocan youths which intimidated a Dutch couple who fled their old neighborhood. It is happening all over Amsterdam but since it was written about in the Volkskrant the issue has become political.

The Amsterdam police has no interest in coming to the defense of the native Dutch who are being attacked by an increasingly aggressive minority. And Cohen couldn't care less.

When the fellow believers of Abou Jah Jah slaughtered 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center attacks, the first stop for Mayor Cohen was a mosque. In schools,in mosques, and everywhere in Amsterdam parties were held to celebrate the victory over "The Great Satan". Cohen groveled in front of the believers and proclaimed; "You are one of us!" Instead of asking "What are you doing here?"

Cohen is acting like a mayor in wartime and I do not mean that as a compliment. His presence is demoralizing the city and is pitting one group against the other. According to the great thinker Frits Abrams of the NRC Handelsblad, Cohen is democrat in heart and soul.

I suspect that our mayor is an incorrigible cynic and a mercenary opportunist to boot, and ask myself for how long native Dutch will be welcome in Amsterdam.


Killer Van Gogh is a hero


Teachers of the Mozaiek elementary school are very concerned about the radicalization of their pupils. Mohammed B. [Bouyeri :The killer of Van Gogh] is revered as a hero, when Hirsi Ali is shown on school TV they mimic ‘shooting' movements. When they visited the Anne Frank House pupils said "they deserved it" and "They should have killed more Jews".

The radical behavior is not new. The teachers of the Christian elementary school say they ask for years now attention to this problem. Teacher Marlene van den Berg: "After the September 11 attacks, they made a St. Nicolas [children feast where presents are packet in self made creative wrappings] surprise of the WTC towers, complete with flames and falling people. We started the dialog: What do you mean, why do you do this? Then you get a ruthless answer: They deserved it, they had to do it a long time ago",

The radicalism dates according to Berg from before September 11. "It varies each year. Ten years ago we hearth in group 7 and 8 [age around 10-11 years old] pupil's say: "We Moroccans take over the Netherlands". Now we see pupil's in-group 3 [age around 5 years old] - who can barely write – already write phonetically ‘Fuck you Netherlands' on small papers. Pupils in-group 8 have a photo of Mohammed B. [Killer of Theo van Gogh] in their schoolbag, they seem him as their hero.

The worries of the teachers are also shared by education alderman Lieke Thesingh of the city department Oud-Zuid [old-south]. She warned burgomaster Cohen about it. "He turned pale" says Thesingh on a special neighborhood evening in the Diamand neighborhood [where Moroccans youth drove a Dutch family out of their home, but Cohen denied that their was a problem, to suggest later that the Dutch family was racist] where the teachers of the Mozaiek school told their story again.

The municipality administration knows about the problems, confirm sources on city hall. The problems are also on two other schools, which are not named. Recently safety civil servants of burgomaster Cohen have investigated the reports of the teachers. That showed who influenced the youth. They call the signs alarming.

Remember, this is not big news in The Netherlands…


MIM: Mayor Cohen, whose abject dhimmitude was lampooned by Theo van Gogh, gave a tepid response to the report about radicalism at The Mosaic school . A spokesman for the mayor disingenuously "emphasized that it is not clear if the incident at Mosaic was an isolated event or a sign of wider problems"..

Last year a Dutch principal of the Terra Cotta School in The Hague was shot in the head by a Turkish Muslim student in the cafeteria.Outside the school Muslims students held up signs outside saying "We love you Murad" and vowed to carry picture of the killer at the memorial service. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/420

The killer received a 3 year prison sentence and the murder was not considered to have been racially motivated.

Ironically the school where the teacher was murdered was called Terra Cotta and the school which is now being investigated is called The Mosaic.Another clear sign, if any are needed, that Holland has cut their own wrists on the shards of diversity.


Cohen orders anti-Semitism study

17 March 2005 Expatica News

AMSTERDAM Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen has ordered a limited investigation into claims some primary school children are being taught to hate Jews.
He was reacting to reports of anti-Semitism at Het Mozaiek primary school in the Pijp district of the city, newspaper De Telegraaf said on Thursday.
Some students were said to have celebrated Mohammed B, the 26-year-old accused of murdering filmmaker Theo van Gogh, and of approving of the Holocaust.
"We are sticking the thermometer into a number of schools to see if these sorts of attitudes are at play there as well," a spokesperson for the mayor told the newspaper.
She emphasised that it was unclear if the incident

at Het Mozaiek was an isolated event or a sign of wider problems.
The research will be carried out in schools in several regions of the city.
The Anne Frank House indicated that while it had received reports of anti-Semitic attitudes in secondary schools, it was not aware of any signs of anti-Jewish feelings in primary schools.


MIM: Note that the Anne Frank House is a leftwing liberal insititution which exploits the death of Anne Frank to oppose any type of anti immigation policies and has a museum which has equated IDF assaults on Arabs with the Holocaust.

Original Telegraaf article translated above

Grotere afstand bevolkingsgroepen in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM - De afstand tussen bevolkingsgroepen in Amsterdam is de laatste jaren toegenomen. Vooral Marokkanen, Turken en Nederlanders wonen in toenemende mate bij elkaar, blijkt uit de Diversiteits- en Integratiemonitor 2004 die de gemeente Amsterdam vrijdag presenteerde.

Er zijn in Amsterdam steeds meer gebieden waar 70 tot 80 procent bestaat uit niet-Westerse allochtonen. De hoogste percentages zijn te vinden in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Zeeburg en delen van Nieuw-West. De enkele concentratie van niet-Westerse allochtonen die in 2000 nog in de grachtengordel bestond, is in 2003 geheel verdwenen. Het centrum en de stadsdelen ten zuiden daarvan worden vooral bevolkt door Nederlanders en Westerse allochtonen.

Daarmee lijkt de situatie in Amsterdam steeds meer op die in andere grotere steden. In het verleden viel de concentratie van bevolkingsgroepen in de hoofdstad vergeleken met collegasteden nog mee. Volgens het rapport duidt dit op een niet-geslaagde integratie. De gebieden waar bijvoorbeeld veel etnische minderheden wonen, zijn vaak de minst aantrekkelijke plekken van de woningmarkt. Problemen als werkloosheid, bijstandsafhankelijkheid en schoolverzuim komen op die plaatsen veel voor en contact met autochtonen is sumier.

Concentraties van Surinamers, Marokkanen en Turken komen in sterke mate overeen met de spreiding van corporatiewoningen in de stad. Nederlanders en mensen uit geïndustrialiseerde landen hebben juist vaker een koopwoning dan andere etnische groepen. Marokkanen kopen van alle etnische groepen het minst vaak een woning en onder hen is bovendien het kleinste aandeel mensen met een particuliere huurwoning. Marokkanen en Turken hebben nog veelal taalproblemen en ook is hun band met hun land van herkomst erg sterk, laat het onderzoek zien.

Scholen zijn vooral wit of zwart. Zowel autochtonen als allochtonen zijn ontevreden dat er zo weinig gemengde scholen zijn. Ook hebben de onderzoekers geconstateerd dat niet alleen gezinnen met een hoger inkomen uit de stad vertrekken. Ook gezinnen met een minimuminkomen laten Amsterdam achter zich. Op 1 januari 2004 telde de hoofdstad 738.760 inwoners, iets meer dan de helft betreft autochtone Nederlanders.

Het college van burgemeester en wethouders wil benadrukken dat menging van etnische groepen in Amsterdamse wijken nooit uitgangspunt van beleid is geweest. Integratie van de verschillende bevolkingsgroepen wordt bereikt door een verbetering van de sociaal-economische positie, is de stelling van de gemeente.


MIM: Original text of 'Mohammed B is the hero ' translated above


Update: ik moet hierbij vermelden dat ik zelf geen Amsterdams Stadsblad lees, dit is een scan die iemand mij heeft opgestuurd en die ik in goed vertrouwen hier heb geplaatst. Als dit krantebericht een valse poging blijkt te zijn om dit weblog in diskrediet te brengen dan biedt ik daar nu alvast m'n excuses voor aan.

MIM:This disclaimer was posted by the webmaster of the Dutch disease blog and states that they themselves do not read the Amsterdam City paper from which this article came and it was sent to them via scanning and they are apologising in advance if this turns out to be a false news report intended to discredit the weblog. As director of MIM I have read similiar reports in the Dutch News and believe that this report is entirely credible.


Radicalisation begins in elementary school

The muncipality of Amsterdam in investigating if students in elementary school are become radicalised.This comes as a result of urgent concerns voiced by the the teaching staff.

"Mohammed B. is the hero" and " they had to kill more Jews " are remarks that teachers in The Mozaiek school inThe Pijp regularly hear from their students. Students from group 8 walk around with photos of Mohammed B. in their bag (the killer of Theo van Gogh) the Amsterdam City Paper reported yesterday .(Note a free paper). Yesterday the school did not react but J.van Amerongen the PvdA city council member of the district in Oud Zuid confirmed the story."At a residents meeting last week in the Diamant neighborhood (Note: A Dutch couple was intimidated into fleeing their home by Moroccan youths in this district) I heard the same story from other teaching staff. I am happy that The Mosaiek is filling the pioneers role .I think that other schools also have this problem"....According to the staff at the school their concerns are not new. After 9/11 the students made a Santa Claus 'surprise' (Note :Santa Claus is a holiday on Dec.5th in Holland which precedes Christmas) was a replica of the World Trade Center in flames ....

'Al radicalisering
op basisschool, .
Van onze redactie onderwijs

De gemeente Amsterdam on-
derzoekt of leerlingen van
basisscholen radicaliséren.
Dit naar aanleiding van ver-
ontrustende signalen van

'Mohammed B. is de held' en 'Ze
hadden nog veel meer joden moeten
doden' zijn volgens leerkrachten
van basisschool Het Mozaïek in de
Amsterdamse Pijp uitspraken die zij
regelmatig van leerlingen horen.
Leerlingen uit groep 8 lopen op
deze school met foto's van Moham-
med B. (de verdachte van de moord
op Theo van Gogh) in hun tas, meld-
de het Amsterdams Stadsblad gisteren.
De school wilde gisteren niet meer
reageren, maar J. van Amerongen,
PvdA-raadslid van het stadsdeel Oud-
Zuid, bevestigt het verhaal.
,,Op een bewonersavond over de
Diamantbuurt-hoorde ik vorige
week van leerkrachten precies de-
zelfde geluiden. Ik ben blij dat de
Mozaïekschool deze pioniersrol ver-
vult. Ik denk dat hetzelfde probleem
ook op andere scholen speelt."
Het gemeentebestuur onderzoekt
nu op een aantal basisscholen in Am-
sterdam of daar ook van radicalise-
ring sprake is. De resultaten zijn
over enkele weken klaar.
Volgens de leerkrachten van de Mo-
zaïekschool dateren hun zorgen niet
van gisteren. Na de aanslag van 11
september 2001 zouden leerlingen
al een sinterklaassurprise van de
brandende WrC-torens hebben ge-
maakt. Leerlingen uit groep 3, die
net leren schrijven, zouden al fone-
tisch 'flick you Nederland' op een
briefje schrijven. ,,Zulke kinderen
verzinnen dit niet zelf', reageert
deelraadslid Marco Kreuger (VVD).
,,We moeten dit uitzoeken en ook de
ouders erbij betrekken."
Ook Kreuger prijst de Mozaïek-
school voor haar lef 'om aan de bel te
Gemeente Amsterdam
onderzoekt scholen
trekken'. ,,Ik denk dat meer scholen
hiermee worstelen, maar dit niet
hardop durven zeggen."
De Mozaïekschool heeft haar zor-
gen niet gemeld bij de onderwijsin-
spectie. De inspectie neemt nu zelf
contact op met de school. Volgens
een woordvoerder zijn er bij het
meldpunt dat de inspectie onlangs
heeft ingesteld, nog geen soortgelij-
ke meldingen gedaan. Binnenkort
beginnen 'rondetafelgesprekken'
over radicalisering waarin scholen
met elkaar over hun problemen en
over oplossingen kunnen praten.

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