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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > The Muslim Response To The Holy Land Foundation Guilty Verdict

The Muslim Response To The Holy Land Foundation Guilty Verdict

November 28, 2008

The Muslim Response To The Holy Land Foundation Guilty Verdict


November 28, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - So far, merely days after the historic Holy Land Foundation guilty verdict the response by the Muslim world has publicly been muted.

For example the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] has had nothing to say on the matter at all. This is especially curious since they are typically Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to commenting on matters Islamic, especially if they can be spun to support their contention of rampant Islamophobia.

Of course CAIR in particular has a lot to lose because of this decision.

The organization, a thuggish, lawsuit driven, Saudi funded Hamas mouthpiece, was named [along with the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA], the North American Islamic Trust [NAIT] and dozens of other American Islamist groups] as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case. This means that the Feds believe that there is great synergy between CAIR and the HLF as well as with the Muslim Brotherhood, the entity which created Hamas and spawned people like Omar Abdel Rahman, the "Blind Sheikh," spiritual father of the first WTC [1993] bombing and currently serving a life sentence, convicted in a similar role, plotting to bomb numerous New York landmarks and sites including military targets.

Those conversant with CAIR's history are aware of that. Perhaps the single, most unambiguous piece of information underlying such a conclusion is the fact the CAIR was launched in 1994 with a $5,000.00 contribution by the now proven Hamas funders at HLF.

Maybe from CAIR's perspective the less said the better, why call attention to the obvious?

MPAC, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, another Islamist outfit, has made a statement regarding the disposition of the case indicative of their understanding that this verdict might well be the kiss of death for many heretofore protected radical Islamist groups.

"MPAC today also cautioned against allowing the case's outcome to undermine the partnership Muslim American organizations have built with government agencies to promote Muslim American political participation, improve global U.S.-Muslim world relations, and enhance our national security."

What MPAC is referring to in code, are the myriad of tainted relationships that various government agencies such as DHS, the FBI and the Dept. of Justice, have allowed to be forged with these now radioactive groups.

Additionally, the MPAC statement suggesting that the seized funding from HLF be given to other Muslim "charities" is identical to sentiments expressed by itself and other Islamist groups when Benevolence International and other terror funders were busted.

In a 2006 letter to Treasury Secty. Paulson, MPAC stated its support in this manner.

"The undersigned charitable organizations, advisors and legal experts are writing to urge the Department of Treasury to release frozen funds of charitable organizations designated as supporters of terrorism to trustworthy aid agencies that can ensure the funds are used for their intended charitable purposes..." [source, OMB Watch, http://www.ombwatch.org/npadv/Paulson_letter.pdf"]

The thought of HLF's blood money being allowed to continue on its intended journey to suicide bombers and other perpetrators of Islamic terrorism should incense any rational mind. At base level it is indicative of the brazen nature of MPAC and similarly oriented groups.

Whether sane heads these matters will now prevail, especially under the influence of Obama's hyper-multiculturalism is problematic.

One can gain a certain amount of perspective - a slice-of-life look as it were - at what less guarded Muslim Internet posters think about the HLF decision and that glimpse might prove shocking to some.

On a discussion thread featuring the skewed coverage of the HLF case by Al Jazeera, the following are typical:

"my family gave money to this charity and this trial was crap. Even if they gave money to Hamas, they gave it to SOCIAL WELFARE PROGRAMS i.e. building schools and hospitals. I guess Israel can't handle that? "

"Help the needy and get punished, bomb them like Israel does and get rewarded with 10 million dollars a day by the U.S. Such perverse moral values! "

"In this case every US taxpayer is guilty for supporting the terrorist state of Israel."

"When it comes to Palestine, or any zone in which people are being exterminated, what kind of unbiased point of view are you going to take? Are you going to take the position of the dead children or the dead journalists, shot by the IDF?"

"Guilty for being muslim, I hope u.s economy collapse for closing muslim charities. "

"This would be a good candidate for a quick Obama pardon on January 20th, if he's got the balls. Interestingly they talk about an anonymous Israeli witness, how typical. I'm sure this whole farce was orchestrated by them"

"Unconstitutional. Hamas has no plans or goal of taking over the United States. Plus, Israel is a fascist state, completely opposite of US policy of freedom of religion and liberty and justice for all. There is no side to choose with out compromising the US Constitution. There was no holocaust in the US and the US owes the jews nothing. Not letting refugees in is a myth."

"Another anti-arab convictions.12 jurors found them not gulity in the first trail. try try again. they find them guilty the 2nd time. the govt wud hav tried them till they found them guity. total bullshit.indians blacks japanese germans blacks again arabs...whos next? i think its to time all the bullshit is turned on the Whitey of america and see how they feel. Im sorry my tax dollars paid for the govts actions. fucking rip off!!!! Bush mindset over america convicted these people. it bias verdict."

"many fat lazy nasty fucks in the U.S. don't even know what the word Muslim means much less ANYTHING about their way of life and religion. WHAT A TOILET THE DISGUSTING U.S. IS!"

"I wanna know who that one anonymous Israeli witness was???? why the fuck is he anonymous? this is why jews cannot be trusted. they always hiding things because they dont want people to know the truth. they spread lies. hence, jews are liars. it is the jews who are the creators of terrorism, who blame it on innocent people. if only they were honest and peaceful people. jews = terrorists. i feel sorry for jews. nobody likes them. even jews dont like jews."

What these types of statements lack in sophistication are made up by non-disguised emotion of a type that most likely make the smooth talking stealth artists at MPAC and CAIR cringe in recognition of their baser selves. http://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=hlfid=11.28.08%2Ehtm

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