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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Poll Shows That 27 % Of UK Muslims Have Sympathy For Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

Poll Shows That 27 % Of UK Muslims Have Sympathy For Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

February 25, 2015

Over a quarter of British Muslims have sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists. That is far too many

Just because you wouldn't personally go out and murder people, it doesn't make you moderate. We cannot turn a blind eye to the fair-weather supporters of terrorism

This morning the BBC published details of a major poll of the attitudes of Britain's Muslims. The headline on the front of the BBC website linking to the research states: "Muslims ‘oppose cartoon reprisals'". This of course relates to attitudes within the Muslim community towards the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks.

It's a reassuring headline. It's also wrong. Many Muslims - a majority - do indeed utterly oppose the murderous killings in Paris. But a very, very large number of Muslims don't. Presented with the statement "I have some sympathy for the motives behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris", 27 seven percent agreed with the statement. A further 2 per cent refused to answer the question. And an additional eight percent said they were unsure whether they had some sympathy or not.

That is a shocking figure. And an utterly shaming one for Britain's Muslim community. If this poll is accurate, over a quarter of British Muslims overtly sympathise with the motives of those responsible for the cold blooded murder of 16 journalists, police officers and Jews...


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