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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Salman Rashid: ISIS Student In Florida Who Wanted To Kill College Deans Had ISIS Imam Fadi Kablawi As Spiritual Guide

Salman Rashid: ISIS Student In Florida Who Wanted To Kill College Deans Had ISIS Imam Fadi Kablawi As Spiritual Guide

Expelled For Stalking Female Student He Contacted ISIS To Plan Revenge Hit On Broward & Miami Dade College Deans
December 25, 2019

ISIS Student Plotting College Dean Attacks has ‘ISIS Imam' as Spiritual Guide

Was Salman Rashid working alone?

Joe Kaufman

Late last month, Salman Rashid, whose family hails from Dhaka, Bangladesh, was arrested for his involvement in a conspiracy to murder the heads of two South Florida colleges. According to the FBI, Rashid, beginning this past May, sought out an individual to contact ISIS in order to carry out a revenge attack in the US for its mistreatment of Muslims. But apart from his contact, was Rashid working alone?

In November, Rashid had decided that the targets of this attack should be the deans of both Broward College and Miami Dade College, two educational institutions that had previously taken disciplinary action against Rashid. Both cases dealt with harassment of women, including stalking.

Rashid's views about the things he has been reportedly reprimanded for are found on his Facebook page, where one can view very disturbing posts dealing with two main subjects: an intense hatred of women and a violent hatred of non-Muslims and the West.

Here are some of the more flagrant ones from this year:

February: "Americans will pay Inch by Inch For everything they have done to us and used to attempt to Force Their laws on us." Also in February: "Feminists are a Cancer On Earth. If I had Authority, I Would Strip their skin from Flesh and Hang their Bodies In the Sun to Rot." March: "Patience. Our time is coming. When it does, We will show Them No Mercy just as They Didn't. Rage of A Thousand Years will Burn."

April: "I am just waiting to see how far they can go. Let them run. When I have Allah's Signal, I will burn everything as I see suitable." Also in April: "I don't even know what to say anymore at this point. These pathetic Kuffars then cry about why ISIS threw one of "these" [transsexual] abominations down from a high building and say We Muslims need ‘Psychological Evaluation.'"

May: "Some Munafiqs among Muslims are acting arrogant, refusing to acknowledge the authority of those who lead this faith… They learn this kind of arrogant, disobedient, disrespectful manners from Those Kafir Americans. It is time to deal with this problem and break their bones if necessary."

September: "Americans Are Our Greatest Enemy After Israeli Yahuds. Any Muslim Who Denies This Fact Is A Munafiq Without Question… Whether Kafir or Munafiqs, I will make these Western Puppets Suffer." October: "New Rule Of Our Islamic Shari'ah. Any Woman who has a Boyfriend, Whether She Slept with that Bastard or Not is a Prostitute."

Where did Rashid get so much contempt for women, non-Muslims and America, where he resides? A big clue may come from the North Miami mosque he affiliates himself with, Masjid As Sunnah An Nabawiyyah. There, a fiery cleric named Fadi Kablawi provides sermons against non-Muslims and the West.

In January, Kablawi told the members of his congregation, "The Christian religion makes no sense… If you look at all the religions in the world, Christianity can compete for first place in stupidity." In March, he told them, "The West is wicked." In February, he told them, "Good news… Israel will not stay long."

However, what is of the most interest and the most concern is something else he told his congregation, in March. Kablawi informed them that the FBI is after him, because the agency considers him to be a member of ISIS. He implied that congregants in his audience were spying on him for the Feds. He called them "snitches" and "cowards."

Rashid's Facebook page is littered with videos of Kablawi's sermons. Rashid also regularly posts comments on Kablawi's own Facebook page, including threats.

This past February, when Kablawi wrote of his feelings towards the State of the Union address, saying, "I've never seen that many hypocrites and evil looking people in one place like I saw tonight," Rashid replied with a personal message to Kablawi, stating, "Same Sheikh. It is terrible to watch such a painful truth that the people of this country are being ruled by a bunch of fat headed liars and manipulative women with evil instincts. Alhamdulillah, We are free of their rules and regulations. If they try pushing them on us and force us to accept Kuffar laws, We will fight them with everything until They are brought to their knees."

This past March, on Kablawi's page Rashid wrote, "Americans and New Zealand government are working together to Stop the Spreading of the [New Zealand mosque] Shooting video… They don't want to show that the Muslims are the ones that are suffering as always. They want to show everything is so beautiful how happy we are living under their Democracy and so much Freedom we have under their enslavement and Oppression in their lands while making our lives miserable on a Daily basis…" When another commenter replied, "May Allah avenge us!!" Rashid replied back to him, "Not only Allah. I will avenge it myself."

Question: If the FBI is going to arrest and charge Salman Rashid with a crime, as they did, would it not be prudent to do the same to Rashid's fanatical spiritual guide, whom they already know to be part of ISIS, as revealed by Kablawi, himself?

As well, Rashid has cavorted with other radical Muslims. In a photo on his Facebook page that he posted in May 2015, Rashid is pictured partnering at an event with Abdul Rauf Khan, a Florida and national leader of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). ICNA is the American affiliate of South Asian Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami and has links to Kashmir-based terrorist groups. Khan, himself, has used social media to promote: Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood, anti-gay propaganda, and anti-Semitic material, including posting a link on his Facebook to a video labeling comedian talk show host Bill Maher, "Zionist Jew Bill Maher."

Was Salman Rashid working alone in his crimes or was he guided by others, like his extremist imam Fadi Kablawi, and being used as a terrorist puppet?

It is an important question to ask, as while Rashid was taken into custody, his potential handlers could be influencing others to commit similar acts.


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