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Glenn Beck At Philadelphia Freedom Center Event

June 5, 2012


June 5, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On Thursday May 31st the Philadelphia chapter of David Horowitz' Freedom Center presented television and radio personality Glenn Beck with the prestigious Patrick Henry Award [see, http://www.phillyfreedom.org/about/our-mission/].

The opening remarks were made by Craig Snider, the head of the Freedom Center's local chapter and David Horowitz, director and founder of the Center which is headquartered in California. Mr. Horowitz had flown in specifically to be present at the event [see, http://www.horowitzfreedomcenter.org/about].

Mr. Beck also received the Union League Bowl which is given out by the Union League of Philadelphia where the luncheon was held.

Proceeds from the event were donated to the Bereaved Military Families of America, a charity founded by Deborah Tarnish, whose son was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

Beck began his remarks by praising David Horowitz saying that he had taken "the hard road" and that he was "proud to be his compatriot." He also lauded Abraham Lincoln, whose portrait was hanging behind the podium.

Becoming emotional, Beck related a story about how he had taken his children to see Ground Zero on Memorial Day saying that he had not allowed them to watch the news during the time following the attacks.

He urged those in the audience to "find common ground [with like minded individuals] because freedom is bigger than all of us...that is what is at stake. We are at a point where no country has ever been that has turned around [instead of] committing suicide" he stated, adding that he believed that the United States could still be saved. He then declared, "I contend that our leaders are not representative of us anymore," a statement which elicited applause from the over 200 attendees.

Contrasting the French Revolution to the American Revolution, Beck explained that "Our revolution worked because it didn't involve revenge or killing the rich." He cited several examples of how American values were regarded as worthy of emulation in various countries.

Beck then read a poem by Rudyard Kipling entitled "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" a work which he explained, mocked the bankruptcy of progressivism trumping common sense.

He concluded by saying that "We must stand together on the things that we have in common and not go over a cliff with the rest of humanity" and fittingly ended with Patrick Henry's iconic declaration of freedom, "Give me liberty or give me death."

During the Q and A Beck was asked, "What do you think Romney must do to defeat Obama?" to which he answered "Be real…don't give standard answers."

When asked if he thought Jewish voters would continue to vote for Obama he responded by saying "The Jews aren't leaving the Democratic party, the Democratic party left them."

Regarding the question of how much damage Obama had done to the United States, Beck opined, "I think that Obama has undermined every institution…Damage has been done to such a staggering degree that I can testify that if America wakes up she survives but if we do not wake up it is the Titanic and we are going down."

Beck's exhortations to "wake up" and not be complacent in the face of the dire circumstances which America now finds herself, were inspiring and galvanizing and his message received a standing ovation from all those present.

©2012. Beila Rabinowitz. All rights reserved.


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