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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > New York Times Doubling Down On Jew Hatred

New York Times Doubling Down On Jew Hatred

August 19, 2014


August 18, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In a piece recently appearing on these pages [William Mayer, New York Times' Coded Jew Hatred: Running Body Count During Gaza Operation ] this author noted that while the legacy media had discontinued daily, front page body counts showing casualties in America's ongoing Middle East conflicts as a service to President Obama, the practice once again surfaced during the war in Gaza.

The media's over-the-top bias in favor of the HAMAS terrorists is unremarkable.

The press will always cover the war on terror from the perspective that the West is at fault. What is different is that now that a running tally of U.S. military casualties is off limits because the current resident of the Oval Office is Black, it's the Israeli Jews who are now taking the brunt of leftist rage and hatred.

As we concluded in the above referenced piece:

"…In the Gaza operation, hatred of America is undoubtedly, one of the motivating factors in the media's pro-"Palestinian" tilt because until very recently, it was one of America's few bedrock allies and is thus a natural target for the left.

But there is a darker component at work here, Jew hatred.

But how can this be when the New York Times, America's "paper of record," has been run by the descendants of Adolph Ochs' [son of immigrant German Jews] extended family [it was Ochs' daughter who married Arthur Hays Sulzberger] since he bought the paper in 1896?

Our working theory?

Easy…the people who now run the New York Times are post-Zionists. Can you expect these highly educated, sophisticated people to actually believe the fable that God gave Israel to the Jews? Of course not, it clashes with nearly every fiber of their being. To them the very concept of a "chosen people" screams racism…"

Now we find the Times once again attacking Jews whose only sin is to defend themselves.

The matter revolves around a NYT piece published on August 15 in which it told the story of one Henk Zanoli who, though he distinguished himself during World War II by saving Jews from the Shoah, has returned a medal awarded to him for his bravery. The reason is that Zanoli has turned vitriolic critic of Israel's war against HAMAS on the grounds that the IDF bombed a home in Gaza which killed some very distant relatives of the former hero. Zanoli claimed that the home was not a military target and that none of its occupants were terrorists.

But as Israel National News reports, information was publicly available which proved that not only was one of the killed a terrorist, he was a high ranking member of HAMAS' Qassam Brigades:

"However, research by blogger Elder of Ziyon suggests that the newspaper could have, it if wished to, found out that in fact, one of the people killed in the attack was a full-fledged Hamas terrorist – a valid military target by all accounts.

In its review of the July 20th strike, B'tselem reported that one of the victims - Muhammad Mahmoud al-Maqadma, 30 - was none other than a "military branch operative." In fact, he was a member of the Al Qassam Brigades of Hamas…" [source, Hillel Fendel, New York Times Misleads over 'Righteous Gentile' Gaza Anger]

Given Mr. Zanoli's advanced age [he is over 90 years old now] he might be given benefit of the doubt in this matter, but the Times' in once again slandering Israeli Jews, has no such defense. If a blogger could have so easily accessed the truth in this matter, one would hope that with the huge investigative resources available to the NYT it could have done the same and killed the piece.

Looking at the Times' sorry record on such matters we conclude that the folks at the Old Gray Lady didn't want the truth to impinge on its ongoing narrative, that Israel is indistinguishable from HAMAS.

While our readers can judge the fairness of this charge, we have no doubt; this is clearly another example of Jewish self-hatred being played out on the pages of America's "Newspaper of Record."

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