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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Boston Bombers Worshipped At Terror Tied Islamic Society Of Boston - Mosque Closed "Until Further Notice"

Boston Bombers Worshipped At Terror Tied Islamic Society Of Boston - Mosque Closed "Until Further Notice"

April 19, 2013

MIM:The logo of the ISBCC includes that of MAS, The Muslim American Society which aims to turn America into a Muslim American society and shows the world encompassed by the Islamic crescent which symbolises Islam.


MIM: In earlier postings on MIM we commented on the ISB requesting police protection for non existent threats. Could it be that they knew that there could be a connection made between them and the Tsarnaev brothers? If so, why didnt they alert authorities instead of just asking for law enforcement to guard them? Could this be another Islamist ploy meant to divert attention from a possible connection? It is also worth noting that radical Imam Suhaib Webb was disinvited from speaking at the Memorial Service for victims on Thursday and was replaced by another Imam. The Islamic Society of Boston has a history of terrorist ties and works with MAS (The Muslim American Society) an Al Qaeda linked group.Even before the identity of the bombers was known Webb and other Muslim leaders were "strategising" as to how to spin any Muslim involvement and exercise damage control.

See: Terror Linked Islamic Society Of Boston Imam Suhaib Webb Disinvited From Interfaith Prayer Service


Terror Tied Islamic Society of Boston To Participate In Interfaith Memorial Service With Obama


Terror Tied Islamic Society Of Boston And Islamist Imam Suhaib Webb Play Victims And Ask Police For Protection



U.S. Muslim leaders fear a backlash after the Boston bombing suspects were identified as Muslim.

The largest Islamic worship center in New England, the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, announced on its website Friday that it was closed until further notice after a reportin The Boston Globe said one of the Boston Marathon bombers had worshiped at an affiliated Cambridge mosque.

The FBI identified Muslim brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as the bombing suspects. After they killed an MIT campus police officer around midnight Thursday, Tamerlan died in a blazing shootout with police and Dzhokhar eluded capture, triggering a massive manhunt that paralyzed the Boston area Friday.




Assalam Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After the terrible and sad events of last night, the criminal of the bombings on the loose, and the strong recommendations of our Governor, the ISBCC will be closed until further notice.

Additionally, after consulting Imam Suhaib, Jumu'a is also cancelled at the ISBCC. The Imam recommends that all living in the affected areas and in mosques in the affected areas pray Duhr at home in light of the current situation.

Please be safe and pray for our city and state.

Yusufi Vali


Executive Director

MIM: For an extensive expose on the ISB's terror ties see:


Big surprise here -- this is going to knock back a lot of Christian leaders who are engaged in wonderfully fruitful "dialogue" with these slick deceivers. Or maybe they won't be knocked back, because they're impervious to facts. "Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties," by Oren Dorell for USA Today, April 23 (thanks to Charles Jacobs):

BOSTON The mosque attended by the two brothers accused in the Boston Marathon bombing has been associated with other terrorist suspects, has invited radical speakers to a sister mosque in Boston and is affiliated with a Muslim group that critics say nurses grievances that can lead to extremism.

Several people who attended the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge, Mass., have been investigated for Islamic terrorism, including a conviction of the mosque's first president, Abdulrahman Alamoudi, in connection with an assassination plot against a Saudi prince.

And its sister mosque in Boston, known as the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, has invited guests who have defended terror suspects. A former trustee appears in a series of videos in which he advocates treating gays as criminals, says husbands should sometimes beat their wives and calls on Allah (God) to kill Zionists and Jews, according to Americans for Peace and Tolerance, an interfaith group that has investigated the mosques.

The head of the group is among critics who say the mosques teach a brand of Islamic thought that encourages grievances against the West, distrust of law enforcement and opposition to Western forms of government, dress and social values.

"We don't know where these boys were radicalized," says the head of the group, Charles Jacobs. "But this mosque has a curriculum that radicalizes people. Other people have been radicalized there."

Yusufi Vali, executive director at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, insists his mosque does not spread radical ideology and cannot be blamed for the acts of a few worshipers.

"If there were really any worry about us being extreme," Vali said, U.S. law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and Departments of Justice and Homeland Security would not partner with the Muslim American Society and the Boston mosque in conducting monthly meetings that have been ongoing for four years, he said, in an apparent reference to U.S. government outreach programs in the Muslim community.

The Cambridge and Boston mosques, separated by the Charles River, are owned by the same entity but managed individually. The imam of the Cambridge mosque, Sheik Basyouny Nehela, is on the board of directors of the Boston mosque.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, attended the Cambridge mosque for services and are accused of setting two bombs that killed three people and injured at least 264 others at the April 15 Boston Marathon.

The FBI has not indicated that either mosque was involved in any criminal activity. But mosque attendees and officials have been implicated in terrorist activity.

Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who signed the articles of incorporation as the Cambridge mosque's president, was sentenced to 23 years in federal court in Alexandria, Va., in 2004 for his role as a facilitator in what federal prosecutors called a Libyan assassination plot against then-Saudi crown prince Abdullah. Abdullah is now the Saudi king.

Aafia Siddiqui, who occasionally prayed at the Cambridge mosque, was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008 while in possession of cyanide canisters and plans for a chemical attack in New York City. She tried to grab a rifle while in detention and shot at military officers and FBI agents, for which she was convicted in New York in 2010 and is serving an 86-year sentence.

Tarek Mehanna, who worshiped at the Cambridge mosque, was sentenced in 2012 to 17 years in prison for conspiring to aid al-Qaeda. Mehanna had traveled to Yemen to seek terrorist training and plotted to use automatic weapons to shoot up a mall in the Boston suburbs, federal investigators in Boston alleged.

Ahmad Abousamra, the son of a former vice president of the Muslim American Society Boston Abdul-Badi Abousamra, was identified by the FBI as Mehanna's co-conspirator. He fled to Syria and is wanted by the FBI on charges of providing support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill Americans in a foreign country.

Jamal Badawi of Canada, a former trustee of the Islamic Society of Boston Trust, which owns both mosques, was named as a non-indicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial in Texas over the funneling of money to Hamas, which is the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

What both mosques have in common is an affiliation with the Muslim American Society, an organization founded in 1993 that describes itself as an American Islamic revival movement. It has also been described by federal prosecutors in court as the "overt arm" of the Muslim Brotherhood, which calls for Islamic law and is the parent organization of Hamas, a U.S.-designated terror group.

Critics say the Muslim American Society promotes a fraught relationship with the United States, expressed in part by the pattern discussed by Americans for Progress and Tolerance in which adherents are made to feel cut off from their home country and to identify with a global Islamist political community rather than with America....

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