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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Muslim Brotherhood Will Take To The Streets In Bold Attempt To Seize Power

Muslim Brotherhood Will Take To The Streets In Bold Attempt To Seize Power

April 18, 2012

April 11, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Outraged that their plan to hijack the process of writing Egypt's new constitution, was temporarily halted by an administrative court decision [see, Egyptian Court: Muslim Brotherhood/Salafist Drafted Constitution Put On Hold] the Muslim Brotherhood and dozens of hard-line Islamist groups1 have called for a massive street demonstration which they are calling a, "Friday of Confrontation and Revolution Revival" [source, http://www.ikhwanweb.com/article.php?id=29872]

Departing from the studiously diplomatic language it has recently employed in a charm offensive targeting the West, especially the Obama administration and American leftists, in a belligerent statement published today on its website, the Ikhwan makes clear that it will settle for nothing less than dictatorial power. Previously the MB played a coy game with Tahrir demonstrations, pretending that they were merely interested observers, this time around however all pretense of moderation has been jettisoned.

The main body of the Brotherhood's, apparently non-negotiable demands are as follows:

"First: Prevent former regime members from running for president; and impose popular and legal isolation for a period not less than ten years on all such elements of old corruption, especially Omar Suleiman and Ahmed Shafiq.

Second: Parliament is to re-elect the Constituent Assembly to draw up the constitution, in order for it to draft a constitution with participation of all the Egyptian people, with all hues and denominations, to put Egypt on the road to building a great State.

Third: Parliament is to amend Article 28 of the Constitutional Declaration so as to allow challenges to decisions of the election commission that will supervise the presidential elections from the date of opening the window of candidacy and until the announcement of election results.

Fourth: Promptly and effectively prosecuting all symbols and associates of the former regime, perpetrators of the massacres committed against the revolutionaries, especially the massacre of Port Said.

Fifth: Restructure state media to reflect the will of the people not the ruling power and cleanse all mass media of corruption.

Sixth: Transfer the former president to Tora prison hospital, completely isolate him and the rest of the defendants from the outside world and keep them apart, take proactive action against all suspects and keep them detained until the end of the transitional phase..."

This is nothing less than setting the stage for a power grab including control of the Egyptian media and demonstrates that the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies is a government which is totalitarian, confrontational and Islamist. In that regard Egypt is well on the way to becoming another Iran, albeit with a Sunni face.

All of this is unsurprising and entirely in keeping with the ideology of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. It will tolerate nothing but total control now that its dream of a fully Islamized revolutionary Egypt is within sight.

Note to Team Obama and its stenographers in the MSM - we told you this would happen.

1. The sponsors of the upcoming Friday demonstrations are listed as follows. It is not reassuring:

"Popular Consensus - Coalition of Revolutionary Youth - Board of Trustees of the Revolution - the Muslim Brotherhood - the Popular Will Front - April 6 Movement - Independent Academics - Sound of the Revolution Coalition - the Jan 25 Youth Movement -Young Researchers -Coalition of University Students - the Jan 25 Revolution Youth coalition - National Independence Movement - Union of Revolution Youth - Union of Revolution Forces - the Free Islamic Coalition - General Coalition of the Revolution - the Mainstream - the Free Rebel - Revolutionary Front - Obour Salafist Outreach - Salafi Youth Coalition - Islamist youth of Egypt Coalition - the Sharia Authority of rights and reform - the Unity (Al-Wihda) Movement - the People Movement (Shaab) the Sunni and Jama'a Outreach - the Renaissance and Reform League - the Revolutionary Activists League - We All are Prisoners - Delta Forum -Consensus (Tawafoq) Foundation - the Freedom and Development Party - Safety and Development Party - Al-Nour (Light) Party - W'ad (Promise) Party - Alliance of Egyptian Revolutionaries - Free Egypt Coalition - the Independents Group."

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