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DHS' Radical Muslim Advisor - Mohamed Elibiary

October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Seyyid Qutb, an Egyptian author and educator was, most importantly, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood's seminal theoretician. Born in 1906, he wrote profusely on matters concerning the "purification" of Islam, often from behind prison bars. He was hanged in1966 for his role in the Muslim Brotherhood's attempted assassination of Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt's second president.

Qutb's most influential work is a brief but powerful argument for world-wide Islamic dominion entitled "Milestones." The book has served as the ideological font from which modern Islamic terrorism has sprung. Qutb's writings have influenced generations of jihadists including the now deceased al-Qaeda leader Osama bin-Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri; bin-Laden's second in command, who now heads the terror group. Zawahiri was actually one of Qutb's students after which he went on to lead the terrorist group Egyptian Islamic Jihad [aka al-Jihad] which is believed by many to be responsible for the assassination of president Anwar Sadat in 1981.

In Milestones Qutb communicates his brand of revolutionary Islam in a very clear and concise manner, perhaps partially as a result of the years he spent in the United States, a nation he grew to hate because of its alleged decadence, especially the openness with which the sexes mixed, for example during college dances, which he found to be "scandalous."

No one can blame Qutb for his lack of forthrightness in justifying his rationale for imposing Islam on the non-Muslim world through jihad.

"…Islam came into this world to establish God's rule on God's earth, to invite all people toward the worship of God, and to make a concrete reality of its message in the form of a Muslim community in which individuals are free from servitude to men and have gathered together under servitude to God and follow only the Shariah of God. This Islam has a right to remove all those obstacles which are in its path so that it may address human reason and intuition with no interference and opposition from political systems…" [source, Seyyid Qutb, Milestones, p. 74, emphasis in original]

Why is this important?

It's important to understand Qutb's Islamic fundamentalist extremism because a current advisor to the United States Department of Homeland Security, Mohamed Elibiary, ardently admires his writings to the extent that he was motivated to write a 2006 letter to the Dallas Morning News, extolling Qutb's Islamic radicalism, suggesting that it would be useful in "improving America."

"…I'd recommend everyone read Qutb, but read him with an eye to improving America not just to be jealous with malice in our hearts." [" Sayyid Qutb's Purpose-Driven Life," DallasNews, August 28, 2006, as cited in, Ryan Mauro, A Window On The Muslim Brotherhood In America, An Annotated Interview with DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary, The Clarion Project, as published by the Center for Security Policy]

Given that DHS is tasked as the primary Cabinet level Department responsible for the maintenance of American national security, the idea of the organization retaining the services of Mohamed Elibiary as a high level advisor is troubling.

In 2007 the U.S. Department of Justice brought suit against the Holy Land Foundation - U.S. Dist. Court Document U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation For Relief and Development - [HLF] a Texas based, fraudulent Islamic charity. The action resulted in the conviction of all 8 defendant on a combined 108 charges, proving they had entered into a conspiracy to channel over $12 million to the Palestinian terrorist group HAMAS through HLF.

One of the eight convicted defendants was Shukri Abu-Baker who served as president of the terrorist money laundering operation. Despite the gravity of the charges and the DOJ's overwhelming evidence DHS advisor Mohamed Elibiary maintains that Baker is not guilty, despite the fact that he is a proven HAMAS fundraiser.

"…I found the Shukri Abu-Baker in whom I placed my trust 15 years ago to be an open book and not what has been fed to the media and the jury by our government. I found, much like the jury decided when presented with all the evidence, absolutely nothing ‘criminal' and a case largely built on associations to convict First-Amendment-protected rights, whether we share those views or not…" [source, Ryan Mauro, A Window On The Muslim Brotherhood In America, An Annotated Interview with DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary, The Clarion Project, as published by the Center for Security Policy p. 7]

These are just two of the numerous reasons why Mr. Elibiary is totally unfit to continue to serve in any role in the federal government, let alone in DHS where he is rubbing shoulders with classified information that would be of great use to the jihadists who seek to destroy America.

Elibiary should immediately be removed from his position at DHS. His continued presence there represents a serious national security threat.


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