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Deplaned Imam Mohamed Zaghloul Runs MSA Affiliated Mosque has Degree from Al Azhar in Dawah

May 8, 2011

"Masudur Rahman, a professor of Arabic at the University of Memphis, and Mohamed Zaghloul, Imam at the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis, were asked to deplane Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight 5452 from Memphis to Charlotte...The two men were headed to a North American Imams conference where they were scheduled to lead prayers. This year's conference is discussing Islamophobia or fears of Islam and discrimination against American Muslims"http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/07/us-muslims-plane-idUSTRE74626T20110507

"A lawyer for the two men said he was looking into a possible lawsuit - but his clients really just wanted additional sensitivity training for the pilot."http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/05/07/2011-05-07_two_imams_removed_from_flight_to_north_carolina_after_pilot_refused_to_fly_with_.html

MIM: "Sensitivity training" is a code word for Dawah - efforts to get non Muslims to convert to Islam.

Update: Four Muslims will be suing the airlines.

"The story goes that the pilot on the flight from Memphis made the call to kick Masudur Rahman and Mohamed Zaghoul off the plane. That was an Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight, an affiliate of Delta.

The men were re-booked on a later flight.

In New York, it's unclear who made the decision to not allow 61-year-old Al Amin Abdul Latif and his son, 35-year-old Abur Bakar Abdul Latif to fly Friday.

"Both were cleared by security, by TSA," says their attorney, Mo Idilbi..."Is it now unacceptable to fly while Muslim?" wonders Idlibi. He represents all four men and says they will sue the airlines. "We are seeking accountability at this point and that will include compensation," he says.

MIM: For more information on the radical North American Imam's Federation and their attempts to undermine airline security see: "Imams returning from media manipulation conference attempt cultural jihad on U.S. Airways flight as 'field exercise" from 2006. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2578

"In our opinion, by their actions these imams were waging psychological terrorism - cultural jihad - on America and therefore this event has to be considered a political act designed to degrade airport security by linking reasonable precautions with anti-Muslim bigotry.The question remains as to whether U.S. Airways will hold their ground and refuse to succumb to this radical Muslim pressure...We further suggest that the Department of Justice investigate this incident as a conspiracy intended to destroy reasonable and prudent airport security measures, thus enabling future airline based terrorist activities."

MIM: The North American Imams Federation (NAIF) is chaired by Ashrafuzzaman Khan, an accused death squad leader from Bangladesh.

"In 1971, as many as three million citizens of Bangladesh were systematically slaughtered at the hands of the Pakistani army in collaboration with Islamist groups linked to the international Muslim Brotherhood. The perpetrators included the paramilitary wing of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), al-Badr...However, there are those beyond the arrestees that have been implicated in the same crimes. One of them currently resides in Queens, New York. His name: Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Khan, a.k.a. Ashrafuz Zaman Khan, a.k.a. Ashraf-uz-Zaman Khan.

Khan is the President of the North American Imams Federation (NAIF), a group based in Arizona whose membership consists of the most radical Muslim religious leaders located throughout the United States. The alumni of the group include: Wagdi Ghoneim, a former representative of a Hamas charity who was arrested and deported from the U.S. in November 2004, and Mazen Mokhtar, an al-Qaeda web designer who has made clear statements in support of suicide bombings and Hamas." http://frontpagemag.com/2010/11/12/accused-death-squad-leader-rears-ugly-face/

MIM: Mohamed Zaghloul is the Imam of the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis aka Masjid Al- Noor. He has a degree in Dawah (Islamic proseltysing) from Al Azhar University in Cairo. Dawah is used to wage cultural jihad. Al Azhar is the alma mater of Abdullah Azzam ,godfather of Hamas and Al Qaeda. It is also the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The IAGM was established "under the auspices of the MSA National" ( Muslim Student Association), a Saudi funded Muslim Brotherhood group.

According to the article "Islamism's Campus Club":

"In the United States, two leading Saudi-backed organizations were the MSA and the Islamic Society of North America (the MSA's adult counterpart), both of which received major funding, direction, and influence from Riyadh.

Personnel, money, and institutional linkages bound these organizations together from their inception, and all roads led eventually to Riyadh. Ahmad Totonji, an MSA co-founder, later served as vice-president for the notorious Saudi SAAR Foundation (a network of charities named after Saudi benefactor Sulayman 'Abd al-'Aziz ar-Rajhi), which closed down in 2001 after federal agents discovered links to terrorist groups.[7] Another MSA co-founder, Ahmad Sakr, served on a number of Saudi-affiliated organizations, such as the World Council of Mosques. The MSA is very much a result of Saudi "petro-Islam" diplomacy. http://www.meforum.org/603/islamisms-campus-club-the-muslim-students


About US

The establishment of Masjid Al-Noor, under the auspices of MSA National (via MSA of Memphis), has witnessed the tremendous growth and prosperity of the Muslim community of Memphis. Along with this growth, the needs and priorities of the community have also matured beyond all expectations. To accommodate the ever increasing needs of the Muslim community of the Greater Memphis area, the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis (IAGM) was established.

A great compulsion has been felt by the Muslim community of Memphis to structure, direct, and expand the community's interests and aspirations and to promote and protect the religious, social, economic, educational, civic, cultural, and ethnic interests of the Muslims residing in the Greater Memphis area. The IAGM aims to be a catalyst in this regard, while effectively integrating its resources with the MSA to ensure the representation of Muslim students.

The purpose of IAGM is to establish and carry forth the message of the Qur'an and Sunnah, as was understood by the first three generations of the Rightly Guided Muslims. It is our obligation to take the light of Islam and illuminate its beauty to all those around us in our community while integrating into society and without compromising our identity as Muslims.

For this purpose, the IAGM seeks:

  1. To promote, coordinate, and conduct activities and programs that will advance the religious, social, economic, educational, civic, cultural, and ethnic ambitions of the Muslims in the Greater Memphis area,

  1. To promote and protect the civil rights of the Muslims in Memphis,

  1. To educate the society at large about authentic Islamic teachings and principles,

  1. To promote amiable relations between Muslims and everyone in society,

  1. To serve the society in which we live through all Islamically approved means,

  1. And to provide guidance, assistance, aid the socioeconomic well being of the Muslim community and at large.

    Shaikh Mohamed Zaghloul
    "Shaikh Mohamed Zaghloul is the Imam of Masjid Al-Noor and the religious leader of the Association. He has been serving as an Imam in Memphis since 1995. He is a graduate of the prestigious Al-Azhar (Islamic) University in Egypt where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Da'wah. He is also Hafiz Al-Qur'an (has memorized the entire Qur'an) and has many years experience as an Imam and khateeb both in the U.S. and Egypt."


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