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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Jihad in Holland - attacks on Islamic institutions as politicians condemn government minister Zalm for stating: "Holland is at war"

Jihad in Holland - attacks on Islamic institutions as politicians condemn government minister Zalm for stating: "Holland is at war"

Militant Islamist murder of Theo van Gogh has brought the war on terror to the streets of the Netherlands
November 6, 2004

MIM: The savage murder of Theo van Gogh by a Muslim terrorist, has catapulted Holland into the realisation that they are now engaged in a war with Militant Islam. The question remains as to what they can do about the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who are now living among them .

MIM: Update : It has been a week since Theo Van Gogh's murder and already we see politicians criticising the Dutch vice ministers declaration of war on militant Islam as being too harsh .There have been sporadic attacks on Islamic institutions which have been roundly condemned. Religious and community 'leaders' appear to be reverting to appeasement and dialouge in a desperate bid to preempt social unrest. For their part, Islamists have threatened Holland with "retaliation" for attacks on Muslim premises. It should not be ruled out that the 'attacks' might actually be perpetrated by Muslims themselves, in order to claim that their fears of a backlash are legitimate. It is worth noting that almost noone has been caught in connection with these incidents despite the fact that Muslim institutions in Holland are under 24 hour surveillance according to official reports.

MIM: 11/9/04 It appears that the Dutch have totally backed down from considering any tough approach to the problem of Muslim terrorism and the presence of militant Islamists in the country. Today ,the prime minister made this lame and politically correct statement. It was most likely intended to mollify politicians who were appalled at the statements of the vice mininster Zalm ,who was vilified yesterday by Dutch politicians for using "warlike language" when he said that "Holland must wage war on Muslim extremism".(see complete article translated below)

The atmosphere that has arisen must disappear," Balkenende said Monday. "It does not suit the Netherlands. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/movies/apmovies_story.asp?category=1402&slug=Netherlands%20Filmmaker

MIM: Indeed" the atmosphere that has arisen will dissappear "sooner then PM Balkenende can imagine. with the total Islamisation of Holland.

in an article entitled "Slain Dutch Film Maker Theo van Gogh Cremated" ,Balkende stated that :

"The Netherlands is a nation where people meet other". What politicians in Holland refuse to admit is that last week Monday morning Theo van Gogh became the first victim of the true meaning of the "meeting of cultures "when he was met and murdered by a Muslim Morroccan with Dutch nationality who ambushed him on a bicycle and shot him before attempting to decapitate him on an Amsterdam street. He was lying on his back with a knife sticking out of his chest in front of a cafe called "The Dutchman".

Click here for picture of the murder:


MIM has published the foto at the bottom of the page.


"The Netherlands is a nation where people ought to want to meet one another, where cultures meet each other," Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said on Dutch television Monday." http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/movies/apmovies_story.asp?category=1402&slug=Netherlands%20Filmmaker


Theo Van Gogh's coffin and bicycle with the straw basket which he was riding the day he was murdered.

Klik hier voor vergroting foto.

Click here for an account of the funeral service:


The bitter irony of Van Gogh's murder is can be seen in that fact that Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen, whom Theo van Gogh had lambasted for attempting to dialouge and appease Militant Islamists has now been forced to hire bodyguards and is living in fear for his life. Mayor Cohen's attempt to "hold things together" is also a contributing factor to the climate which emboldened Muslims to the point of perpetrating murder .

One of the last articles which Theo van Gogh wrote was entitled: "Our Mayor ".

"It is also a pity for Cohen that it just happens to be Morrocan youths which intimidated a Dutch couple who fled the neighborhood. It is happening all over Amsterdam but since it was written about in the Volkskrant the issue has become political.

The Amsterdam police has no interest in coming to the defense of the native Dutch who are being attacked by an increasingly aggressive minority. And Cohen couldn't care less.

When the fellow believers of Abou Jah Jah slaughtered 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center attacks the first stop for Mayor Cohen was a mosque.In schools,in mosques and everywhere in Amsterdam parties were held to celebrate the victory over "The Great Satan". Cohen groveled in frontof the believers and proclaimed "You are one of us!" Instead of asking "What are you doing here?"

I suspect that our mayor is an incorrigible cynic and a mercenary opportunist to boot, and ask myself for how long native Dutch will be welcome in Amsterdam." http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/309

Here is part of speach which Theo van Gogh delivered in his 'role' in the guise of Imam and Muslim convert :

" Mayor Cohen -peace be upon him- took the trouble after September 11th, you recall that time when we taught the Satan America a lesson, to come to our mosque .

He used the word Ďrespect', that innocuous term that we also use to give you the impression that we are a minority which is being discriminated against.

We demand respect which means that we are going to make you submit to our will.

Cohen- peace be upon him- is a sucker for dialogue , in his own words ," to hold things together ."

Blessed are the innocent in spirit .

Cohen won't get very far once we are in charge ." http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/167

MIM: In his book "Allah Weet Het Beter" - "Allah Knows Best" Theo wrote these prophetic words:

"Since September 11, as you well know , the knives have been sharpened and the Fifth Column of the goatfuckers has been marching relatively unhindered forwards.

I can't put it otherwise.

We live in a nightmare of good intentions and wrongly understood idealism.

I am too old to emigrate to America, that shining beacon in a steadily darkening world."



In one of the articles Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali an "ex Muslim" who wrote the screenplay for the film "Submission", which was made with Theo van Gogh and resulted in death threats to him, says that she "feels terribly guilty" for his death.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali "spends her life in the brace of a company of 6ft bodyguards" and there are people in Holland who feel that she exploited Theo van Gogh to further her own personal animosity towards Islam and should have insisted he take the threats seriously .



Dutch political leader cites 'arrival of jihad'

By Anthony Deutsch, Associated Press | November 6, 2004

THE HAGUE -- The government vowed tough measures yesterday against what a leading politician called "the arrival of jihad in the Netherlands" after a death threat against a Dutch lawmaker was found in a letter pinned with a knife to the body of a slain filmmaker.

The five-page letter, signed by a suspected terrorist group, was released Thursday by the justice minister, and forced political leaders to take on bodyguards. Dutch authorities arrested nine men in Tuesday's slaying of filmmaker Theo van Gogh, all of whom are tied to Islamic militant groups. Two suspects have been released.

Titled "An open Letter to [Aayan] Hirsi Ali," it referred to a Somali-born member of parliament who scripted Van Gogh's film, "Submission," which criticized women's treatment under Islam. Hirsi Ali, who says she is a former Muslim, is now in hiding.

"We are not going to tolerate this," Deputy Prime Minister Gerrit Zalm said. "We are going to ratchet up the fight against this sort of terrorism. The increase in radicalization is worse than we had thought."

Jozias van Aartsen, parliamentary speaker for the right-wing free market VVD party, said: "The jihad has come to the Netherlands and a small group of jihadist terrorists is attacking the principles of our country. I hope the Netherlands will now move beyond denial and do what is fitting in a democracy; take action.

"These people don't want to change our society, they want to destroy it," he said.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali : "I feel terribly guilty"


Ayaan Hirsi Ali has called the prophet Muhammad a "lecherous tyrant", Islam a "backward religion", and the Koran "in part a licence for oppression". Theo van Gogh dubbed Muslims "goat-fuckers", a radical Islamic leader "Allah's pimp", and Islam a "retrograde and aggressive" faith.

Van Gogh, the 47-year-old great-grandson of Vincent's brother and a talented if wildly provocative film-maker, columnist and TV interviewer, died on a street in eastern Amsterdam on Tuesday morning, slain by a suspect whom police on Wednesday described as an Islamic fundamentalist with terrorist ties.

"I feel terribly guilty," a shocked Hirsi Ali told Dutch media on Wednesday, adding that she was "very much afraid" that Submission, an 11-minute film about Islamic violence against women that she wrote and the film-maker produced, was the direct cause of his death. Unlike van Gogh, Hirsi Ali lives under 24-hour police protection.

The elegant 34-year-old MP for the free-market VVD party, a Somalian refugee who 12 years ago fled an arranged marriage and now calls herself an "ex-Muslim", has every reason to be distressed: the manner of Van Gogh's death was brutal - and, it emerged yesterday, depressingly familiar.

The film-maker was shot several times as he rode on his bicycle down the Linnaeusstraat to his office, but still managed to stagger some distance -- 30 or 40 metres, witnesses said -- before being caught in a second hail of gunfire by his attacker, a 26-year-old man with joint Dutch and Moroccan nationality. On his knees, the eyewitnesses said, Van Gogh twice begged for mercy. But the suspect, described as having a beard and wearing a long jellaba, fired again and then drew two butcher's knives, slitting his victim's throat before driving the blades into his chest. Police found a letter on the body, but have yet to reveal its contents.

The Dutch justice minister, Piet Hein Donner, said on Wednesday that the suspect, captured after a shootout with police and currently in a prison hospital with gunshot wounds, "acted out of radical Islamic fundamentalist convictions" and had contacts with a fundamentalist group that was under surveillance by the Dutch secret service. Dutch media also reported that the suspect was a close friend of Samir Azzouz, an 18-year-old Muslim of Moroccan origin who is awaiting trial on charges of planning terrorist attacks on targets including a nuclear reactor and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

The assassination has sparked a heartfelt national outcry in the traditionally tolerant Netherlands, sparking fears of a dangerous rise in racial tension in a country whose population of 16-million includes some one million Muslims, mainly of Turkish or North African origin. Fanning fears further, a recent government estimated that by 2010, several large Dutch cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, the Hague and Utrecht would have Muslim majorities.

Recent opinion polls show the Dutch to be increasingly hostile towards immigrants and fearful of Muslim extremism. Islam, immigration and integration have shot to the top of the political agenda since the rise of Pim Fortuyn, the populist anti-immigrant politician who was himself shot dead by an animal-rights activist in May 2002, and whose party finished second in general elections just days later. The centre-right Dutch government has only succeeded in fanning the flames by calling for greater integration of immigrants through language tests and citizenship classes, and recently fuelled even more controversy with plans to repatriate up to 26 000 failed asylum seekers.

In the midst of this tinderbox, insisting on their right to speak freely and with the support of many Dutch people, Hirsi Ali and Van Gogh scattered their sparks -- a blistering critique of Islam -- with magnificent disregard for the feelings they might be offending.

The slender, couture-clad Hirsi Ali has had several fatwas issued against her and spends her life in the company of a brace of six-foot bodyguards; Van Gogh also received death threats but refused protection, saying the bullets would surely never come for him. "No one can seriously want to shoot the village idiot," he said recently.

Their film was broadcast on Dutch national television in August. It depicts, among other scenes, a beautiful young Muslim girl addressing Allah in a mosque. She wears a veil that covers her face, but her naked body is clearly visible through a transparent gown.

"All praise to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds," says the text that scrolls across the actress's throat and down her breasts: the fatiha, or opening of the Koran. Other scenes portray a Muslim woman who is forced into an arranged marriage, abused by her husband, raped by her uncle and then brutally punished for adultery.

In a third, a woman's bruised and beaten shoulders are covered with lines from verse 34, chapter 4 of the Koran. "Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made them excel ... " it reads. "The good women are therefore obedient. Those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places, and beat them."

The film was a potent, if undeniably provocative, interpretation of Hirsi Ali's thesis. Brought up as a Muslim in Somalia, she suffered female circumcision at the age of five and, sent to Germany to meet her intended Somali partner in an arranged marriage, fled across the border to the Netherlands in 1992. Penniless, speaking no Dutch, she worked as a cleaner, in a biscuit factory and as a translator before studying political science at Leiden University.

In 2001, after graduating, she wrote a report on "honour killings" of Muslim women that also served as a savage indictment of Holland's 30-year experiment with multiculturalism, describing it as a "disastrous error" born of "misplaced guilt". The report embarrassed the Dutch Labour party, which comissioned it, but the VVD -- which has a tough "boat is full" stance on immigration -- welcomed her with open arms, first as a researcher, then as a candidate. She has sat in The Hague as an MP since January 2003.

On TV talk shows and in newspaper columns, Hirsi Ali has denounced the "cruelty and abuse" meted out to many Muslim women living in western societies.

Damning Islam as a "backward, 12th- century religion", a "medieval, misogynist cult incapable of self-criticism and blind to modern science", Hirsi Ali says orthodox Muslim men routinely indulge in domestic violence against women, as well as incest and child abuse. To make matters worse, she argues, their behaviour is invariably hushed up.

"The Netherlands is a country that worships consensus and peace, but here you have newcomers who are not integrated into this system," she said last year. "They exploit an open, liberal society to reach illiberal ends. Everyone knows the position of women in Islamic countries is horrendous, but the Dutch like to think it doesn't happen here. They don't want to believe Muslim women in the Netherlands are beaten and locked up in their homes, or that girls are murdered for holding hands with a non-Muslim boy."

The solution, Hirsi Ali argues, is for fundamentalist Islamic books to be banned, Mullahs to be banished and for western societies "not to bend over backwards to accommodate a culture that advocates the degradation of women ... but to ensure that the Muslim men who perpetrate such barbarity are brought to justice".

The "lapsed Muslim" last year found an effective and articulate artistic partner in Van Gogh who, as well as having made a dozen feature films in his 25-year career, was also a much-loved, deliberately provocative and often obscene columnist and pamphleteer who published numerous indictments of an over-radical Islam in an over-tolerant Netherlands. Fired over the years by almost every Dutch newspaper and magazine for offending its readers, he wrote most recently for the daily freesheet Metro and ran his own highly popular website, De Gezonde Roker (The Healthy Smoker).

But in the no-longer-tolerant-Netherlands, he paid the price. Fraught Dutch commentators had no hesitation on Wednesday in saying that Holland had become a "front-line state" in a brutal collision between two cultures. "In France or Belgium, you don't have this same kind of very Dutch cabaret-like figure who rages about goat-fuckers," one commentator, Rene Cuperus, told De Volkskrant.

"They must know that they've landed up in the most liberal country in the world, the land of abortions and gays and all that -- but Muslims don't see it. There's just no way to bridge that gulf in a politically correct way." Sociologist, Herman Vuisje, described Van Gogh's murder as "not a turning point, but the after-effect of a historical failure". And an academic, Norbert Both, posed the question that, one imagines, is now troubling Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- as well as a great many less outspoken Dutch people.

"The great dilemma, in confronting intolerance, is that you cannot reply with tolerance," he said. "If you do ... you lose your own identity. Can we, despite the emotion, remain ourselves? That's the question." .



Netherlands Fears Jihad - lawmaker in hiding after death threat

by Anthony Deutsh AP

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS -- The government vowed tough measures Friday after a death threat to a Dutch lawmaker was found pinned with a knife to the body of a slain filmmaker by his radical Islamic attacker. The declaration came in response to what a leading politician called "the arrival of jihad in the Netherlands."

A five-page letter released Thursday night by the justice minister forced political leaders, including Job Cohen, Amsterdam's Jewish mayor, and members of parliament, to take on bodyguards.

The document, "An open Letter to [Aayan] Hirsi Ali," was stuck to the body of filmmaker Theo van Gogh. It referred to a Somali-born member of parliament. She wrote the script for van Gogh's latest film, "Submission," which criticized the treatment of women under Islam.

"Since your arrival in the political arena in the Netherlands, you have been constantly busy terrorizing Muslims with your statements," the letter read. "You are not the first and not the last who has joined the crusade against Islam."

Hirsi Ali, who calls herself a former Muslim, has gone into hiding.

"It is a fact that Dutch politics is dominated by many Jews," the letter said. "What do you think of the fact that there is a Jew in power in Amsterdam?"

Deputy Prime Minister Gerrit Zalm agreed with comments by other politicians who called van Gogh's murder a declaration of Islamic holy war. "We are not going to tolerate this. We are going to ratchet up the fight against this sort of terrorism," he said. "The increase in radicalization is worse than we had thought."

Among measures under consideration is an emergency law to enable authorities to revoke the Dutch nationality of dual citizens suspected of terrorist activity so they can be deported.

Zalm said the intelligence service, which has expanded since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, would receive more funding to help it monitor potential terrorist recruits.

Van Gogh, a distant relative of the 19th-century Dutch painter, was shot and stabbed to death Tuesday while cycling down an Amsterdam street.


MIM: Ex Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali's lament to the Dutch paper that she feels "terribly guilty" that their collaboration on a film which she wrote about Islam may have precipitated the murder of Van Gogh smacks of irony in light of the fact that she probably didn't even attend his funeral service since she was in hiding to protect her own life .

The fact that there are Muslims in Holland who publicly claimed they did not "support the act" of killing Theo van Gogh is will do nothing to halt the present menace and is being used as an attempt to exonerate the religion .In some ways the self proclaimed 'moderate Muslims' will make it even harder for judicial and law enforcement agencies to determine who should be deported from the country since claiming membership in some type of "interfaith" or "multicultural" group devoted to "building bridges between cultures' often serves as a smokescreen for Islamists.

One such person was Fatima Elatik, a Moroccan Muslim councilwoman who insulted Van Gogh's memory by saying that they were both "champions of free speach". In reality she had called for the banning of a play which she said insulted Muslims and had drawn Van Gogh's ire. MIM has been told that Elatik cried crocodile tears while laying flowers at the scene of the killing.

Another Dutch group, lead by a Dutch convert to Islam, called the murder "embarressing". MIM: Read the article "No Moderate Muslims -Theo van Gogh was slain - Moderates Put on Forced Show of Cooperation" http://www.michnews.com/artman/publish/article_5672.shtml


Fanatical Muslim group linked to film-maker's death



THE man charged with the murder of a controversial Dutch artist last week has been linked to a fanatical Islamic sect whose members are said to include the al-Qaeda second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Islamic experts believe that the style and content of a five-page letter that was found pinned to Theo van Gogh's body were close to those of al-Takfir wal Hijra, a radical group that has declared war on westerners.

Mr Van Gogh, who had angered many Muslims after releasing articles, books and films critical of Islam following the attacks of 11 September, was attacked near a park close to the centre of Amsterdam last Tuesday.

Police arrested a 26-year-old man with dual Dutch and Moroccan citizenship at the crime scene following an exchange of gunfire in which a police officer was wounded.

Dutch authorities have since detained a further seven suspects on charges of conspiring to murder Mr Van Gogh and threatening to kill several Dutch politicians.

Founded in Egypt in the 1970's, al-Takfir wal Hijra has been responsible for several acts of violence, including the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in 1981.

The sect's strict interpretation of Islam endorses the indiscriminate extermination of infidels and secular Muslims.

Both al-Zawahiri and al- Zarqawi, the man behind many of the spate of kidnappings and beheadings in Iraq, are thought to be members of the brutal sect.

The organisation - whose name translates as "excommunication and migration" - is active in most Arab nations and has carried out attacks on both Muslims and non-Muslims in Sudan, Morocco, Algeria and Lebanon.

But their views are known to be excessive even among Islamic extremists - four members even attempted to assassinate Osama bin Laden in 1995 while he was staying in Sudan. Its followers are so fanatical for a pure Islamic world that they have been known to undertake killing sprees in mosques to drive out "corrupt elements".

Most worrying for westerners is the fact that the sect apparently allows its members to appear non-radical, and even non-Islamic, if the mission requires it.

Shockwaves have been reverberating around the Netherlands for days following the killing of Mr Van Gogh.

Messages - later left at the pavement shrine where Mr Van Gogh's throat was slashed - were full of venom against radical Islam. "Enemies live among us," read one missive in a bed of flowers, votive candles and crosses.

"The Muslims say they're scared," said mourner Nicolette Toering. "No, we're scared."

Mr Van Gogh - a distant relative of the famous painter - often tested the boundaries of free expression by denouncing Muslims in the most graphic terms.

His last work, Submission, a joint project with a Somali-born lawmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali, attacked the treatment of women under Islam.

The film-maker's fans were as passionate as his detractors.

"He was trying to warn us about the dangers of radical Islam," said Geert Plas, a teacher, as he visited the site where Mr Van Gogh was ambushed. "Now maybe we'll listen. "To me this is not just a small event. It's part of the World Trade Centre and Madrid. We must see this." The letter pinned to the victim's body also threatened death to Hirsi Ali, who has gone into hiding, and predicted the downfall of the "infidel enemies of Islam" in Europe, America and the Netherlands.

"The jihad [holy war] has come to the Netherlands," the parliament speaker, Jozias van Aartsen, said.

The memorials that piled up on the pavement often crossed the line from sympathy to seething recrimination.

"This is the true face of Islam," said one message. A framed poem called Imam ends with a stanza: "If you want to improve the world, start with yourself and your faith."


Murder of Theo van Gogh and the Decline of the West

by Robert Spencer director of Jihad Watch


Theo van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam on Tuesday. His attacker was a Dutch Moroccan who wore traditional Islamic clothing. After shooting van Gogh, he stabbed him repeatedly, slit his throat with a butcher knife, and left a note containing verses from the Qur'an on the body. Said Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende: "Nothing is known about the motive" of the killer.

Really? Eight weeks ago, van Gogh's film Submission aired on Dutch TV. The brainchild of an ex-Muslim member of the Dutch Parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Submission decried the mistreatment of Muslim women by featuring images of battered women wearing see-through robes that exposed their breasts, with verses from the Qur'an written on their bodies.

Van Gogh was a well-known gadfly; he had attacked Jewish and Christians with enough vehemence to elicit formal complaints. But after Submission came death threats. Van Gogh, in the eyes of many Dutch Muslims, had blasphemed Islam -- an offense that brought the death penalty.

If the murder of van Gogh does indeed turn out to have been committed by a Muslim enraged at his "blasphemy," it has precedents. In 1947, Iranian lawyer Ahmad Kasravi was murdered by Islamic radicals after he had been accused of attacking Islam. Four years later, Iranian Prime Minister Haji-Ali Razmara was killed after Muslim clerics issued a fatwa calling for his death. In 1992, Egyptian writer Faraj Foda was murdered by Muslims enraged at his "apostasy" from Islam -- another offense for which traditional Islamic law prescribes the death penalty. Foda's countryman, Nobel Prizewinning novelist Naguib Mahfouz, was stabbed in 1994 after accusations of blasphemy. Under Pakistan's blasphemy laws, many non-Muslims have been arrested, tortured, and sentenced to die on the slimmest of evidence. And of course, there is the Ayatollah Khomeini's notorious death fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

But for such things to happen in Iran and Egypt, two countries where Islamic radicalism is widespread, is one thing; to have a "blasphemer" gunned down on the streets of Amsterdam in broad daylight is another. Europe has for thirty years encouraged massive immigration from Muslim nations; Muslims now comprise five percent of Holland's population, and that number is growing rapidly. Yet it is still largely taboo in Europe -- as in America -- to raise any questions about how ready that population is to accept the parameters of secularism. When Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn tried to raise some of those questions in 2002, he was vilified as a racist -- in line with the continuing tendency of the Western media to frame questions regarding Islam in racial terms, despite the fact that the totalitarian intransigence of the ideology of radical Islam is found among all races. And Fortuyn himself, of course, was himself ultimately murdered by a Dutch assailant who, according to The Guardian, "did it for Dutch Muslims."

The deaths of Fortuyn and van Gogh indicate that the costs of maintaining this taboo are growing. One prerequisite of the peaceful coexistence of ideologies in secular society is freedom of speech -- particularly the freedom to question, to dissent, even to ridicule. Multiculturalism and secularism are on a collision course: if one group is able to demand that its tenets remain above criticism, it no longer coexists with the others as an equal, but has embarked on the path to hegemony.

It is long past due for such considerations to become part of the public debate in Western countries. To what extent are Muslim immigrants in Western countries willing to set aside Islamic strictures on questioning, criticizing, and leaving Islam?

After van Gogh was killed, thousands of people took to the streets of Amsterdam to pay him homage. Among them was a Muslim woman who stated: "I didn't really agree with van Gogh but he was a person who used his freedom of expressionÖ. I decided that as a Muslim and a Moroccan I should take up my responsibility to show that we do not support this act."

But the traditional Muslim view that the penalty for blasphemy is death is alive and well. No one really knows how many Muslims in Europe and America hold the views of the Moroccan woman at the rally, and how many would side with van Gogh's killer.

If Western countries continue, out of ignorance, fear, or narrow self-interest, to refuse to find out, they will find themselves playing host to many more incidents like the bloody scene in Amsterdam. And the more likely it becomes that the killing of van Gogh will be the first of many.


MIM: Translation of excerpt from article "Jihad fighters educated right in front of our very eyes "

In general the reaction was cool in regard to the arrests of suspected terrorists. But the harsh reality is clear.The Jihad fighters are among us.

Only now that the first victim has fallen to Jihad is the Dutch public beginning to fathom the seriousness of the threat which Militant Islam poses to their society. In general the reaction was cool regarding the arrests of 9 suspected terrorists in July 9th terror alarm, The belief was that the situation in Holland would not descend into Jihad.

But Mohammed B is not alone.The Jihad fighters have been among us for a long time.They have been recruited and educated under our very eyes,.

It is not yet clear if Mohammed B. himself made the decision to murder the filmmaker Theo van Gogh or if he was carrying out a mission for a terrorist group. But with the message that he left behind on the body of Theo van Gogh , a declaration of war on America, Europe ,Holland , unbelievers ,and the ex Muslim critic of Islam Hirshi Ali , is inextricably linked to the international Jihad. The way in which the letter was formulated also attested to the fact that he had a very thorough religious ideological schooling, very likely in Holland.


Jihadstrijders onder ieders ogen opgeleid

Van onze verslaggeefster Janny Groen

AMSTERDAM - Onderkoeld was over het algemeen de reactie op de arrestatie van vermoedelijke terroristen. Maar een keiharde realiteit dient zich aan: de jihadstrijders zijn onder ons.

Pas nu het eerste slachtoffer van de jihad is gevallen, begint het besef door te dringen tot de publieke opinie dat de politieke islam een serieuze bedreiging is voor de Nederlandse samenleving. Over het algemeen werd onderkoeld gereageerd op arrestaties van vermoedelijke terroristen en het op 9 juli afgekondigde terreuralarm. De teneur was dat het in Nederland met de jihad zo'n vaart niet zou lopen.

Maar Mohammed B. is geen eenling. De jihadstrijders zijn al langer onder ons, ze worden onder onze ogen gerekruteerd en opgeleid. Mohammed B. is alleen de eerste die tot actie is overgegaan.

Nog niet duidelijk is of B. zelf het besluit heeft genomen de cineast Theo van Gogh te vermoorden, of dat hij handelde in opdracht van een terroristische groepering. Maar met de boodschap die hij op het lichaam achterliet, een oorlogsverklaring aan het adres van Amerika, Europa, Nederland, ongelovigen en in het bijzonder de afvallige Ayaan Hirsi Ali, sluit hij naadloos aan bij de internationale jihad. De formuleringen in de brief geven ook aan dat hij een gedegen religieus-ideologische scholing heeft gehad, vermoedelijk in Nederland.


MIM: Excerpts from "Ruthless measures are needed" 11/6/04

Interview with VVD member Jozias Van Aartsen who was mentioned in the letter written by the killer (Mohammed B.) which was stuck with a knife into the body of Theo van Gogh.


Van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim fundamentalist who probably was part of a broader network. Is Holland changed irrevocably?

"We have gone over the doorstep of death " What happened this week has been happening all over the world.Radical Islam accounts for more then 2,000 dead in the United States, almost 200 in Madrid, and 1 in Holland. I hope we are leaving the denial phase behind.Its like the doctor who tells a patient, "you have cancer" and the patient is shocked and replies, 'how is that possible?" even though cancer is something that happens in life.

For many in Holland a new phase has begun.I hope the cabinet understands that dialouge and speaches no longer suffice, and that action is needed. "We are dealing with a radical group that is convinced that we are the enemy".AThat we have to be destroyed. You just have to read the letter from B. (the killer) it is dripping with this .It is exactly the same theme as the attackers in Madrid. "You love life - we love death". In Holland we have to realize,recognize, and acknowledge that this is the case."If you are an enemy- then you have an enemy".

You labelled the cabinet "lax and naive" when it came to Muslim terror. Do you think a tougher policy would have prevented the murder of Van Gogh ?

"I was afraid of attacks, but you must imagine how Hirsi Ali feels. She was warning about this for two years! Her frusturation is why this didnt get through the heads of the politicians".


MIM: Which again begs the question of why Hirsi Ali, who was directly threatened with death by Islamists and knew how serious the threat was, did not insist that Theo Van Gogh have police protection even from a distance.



Van Gogh is vermoord door een moslimfundamentalist die vermoedelijk deel uitmaakt van een breder netwerk. Is Nederland definitief veranderd?

'We zijn de drempel van de dood overgegaan. Wat deze week hier is gebeurd, gebeurt al veel langer in de wereld om ons heen. Het radicaal islamisme heeft in New York meer dan 2000 doden gekost, in Madrid bijna 200, in Nederland 1. Ik hoop dat we nu de ontkennende fase achter ons laten. Het is als de arts die tegen een patiŽnt zegt: u heeft kanker. Dat geeft een schok: 'hoe kan dat nou?'. Terwijl iedereen weet dat zoiets tot het leven kan behoren.

Voor velen in Nederland is een nieuwe fase aangetreden. Ik hoop dat het kabinet beseft dat we niet kunnen volstaan met fraaie betogen over dialogen, maar dat er actie nodig is. We hebben te maken met een radicaal islamistische groepering die ervan overtuigd is dat wij hun vijand zijn. Dat wij vernietigd moeten worden. Je hoeft de brief van B. maar te lezen, het druipt er van af. Exact hetzelfde thema als van de aanslagplegers in Madrid: jullie houden van het leven, wij van de dood. In Nederland moeten we dat zien, erkennen en aanvaarden en daar ook daden op laten volgen. Als je de vijand bent, dan heb je een vijand.'

U betitelde dit voorjaar het kabinet als 'laks en naÔef' inzake moslimterreur. Had een harde aanpak de moord op Van Gogh kunnen voorkomen?

'Ik was bang voor aanslagen. Maar moet u zich eens voorstellen hoe Hirsi Ali zich voelt. Die waarschuwt hier al twee jaar voor! Haar frustratie is: waarom wil het maar niet tot die politieke koppen doordringen.



Islamist Group Warns Dutch Over Anti-Muslim Attacks
Mon Nov 8, 2004

DUBAI (Reuters) - A little-known Islamist group has threatened to carry out attacks in the Netherlands following a series of attacks on Muslim buildings there, according to an Internet statement posted on Tuesday.

"We ask you for the last time, and you still have a chance, to stop the attacks on our mosques, schools and the Muslim community in Holland ... before you pay a heavy price," Islamic Tawhid Brigades said in a statement dated Nov. 9 and posted on a Web site used by Islamists.

There have been several attacks against Dutch mosques since a film director critical of Islam, Theo van Gogh, was killed last Tuesday by a suspected Islamist militant. A bomb damaged an Islamic primary school in a southern Dutch town on Monday.

"We will not stand with our hands tied and we will make the Dutch government and people pay dearly," Islamic Tawhid said in the statement, whose authenticity could not be verified.

The group has claimed responsibility for last month's bombings on the Egyptian Sinai peninsula but has not been officially linked to them.


MIM: Politicians reget the statements of vice minister Zalm for saying :"Holland is at war".

MIM: Translation by Beila Rabinowitz

MIM Note: Theo van Gogh consistently critised Boris Dittrich (vice chairman of D'66) for his dhimmitude and said that his obsession with political correctness was tantamount to collaboration. In an article entitled "May I say this?" Theo wrote : http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/28

According to Boris Dittrich, the "holy unction oil of the liberals", Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is not allowed to call the Prophet Mohammed "a pedofile". But if I understood correctly what the experts have said Aisja was nine years old when she was taken out to the desert and forced to marry a dirty old man named Mohammed. Is the rapist of a young girl more admirable because he has the Koran on his mind ? Dittrich also appealed to the National Security services.There is no difference between the witchhunt that he is leading against Ayaan then the one which was directed against Pim Fortuyn.I wonder when Anne Frank will be brought into play. Too bad for him that Ayaan has bodyguards. But it will all work out."

In his article "This and That" Theo had this to say :

" Mr. Dittrich was one of the politicians who drank champagne after the Pim Fortuin problem was solved . It was certainly instructive to see how he licked Abu Jah's Jah's behind. Let's hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

MIM Note :Pim Fortuyn was a flamboyant Dutch politician who campaigned against the Islamisation of Europe and was assassinated by a Dutch 'animal rights activist' before the national election.

The tail wagging in front of the boot of the one who is going to kick him appears to be what Mr. Dittrich understands as dialouge. Dittrich is not interested in the fact that Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as democratically chosen representative, still has to be guarded 24 hours a day from types such as Aboe Jah Jah, who publicly declared that she should "shut her mouth", and needed to be "locked up". Dittrich's understanding for and need to kow tow to the pimps and fanatics of Hamas, and according to me they are a small minority , is partly responsible for the escalating climate of intimidation.

Hundreds of people who were present in the audience that evening expressed their support ,a few showed that with some friends one needs no enemies, others surprised me, and I heard time and time again, " Be careful !"

Dittrich's performance was a tasteless Judas kiss from a politician who has a lot of ambition but little talent.

It was very instructive to see the new National Socialists at work.

A stooge. A lackey . An enemy of democracy. Let us reward him with the tolerance befitting collaborators.




MIM: We have printed this article below and translated it to show how quickly the Dutch government has capitulated to the militant Islamist threat. One week after the murder of Theo Van Gogh, and declaration of Jihad on Holland, the Dutch government has stayed true to history and lambasted vice minister Zalm for stating that Holland was "at war with Muslim extremists". In a stunning statement former Dutch prime minister Van Agt of the conservative CDA (Christian Democrats) said; " I deeply regret that the goverment has appropriated Bush's terminology regarding the war on terror ".


"The world of politics takes issue with the(warlike) remarks of vice minister Zalm"

Cabinet and veteran politicians regret the declarations of vice minister Zalm (VVD) who said that Holland "has declared war" on Muslim extremists. "The government must be very sure of their choice of words",otherwise the climate between Muslims and non Muslims will deteriorate further" , according to D'66 party chairman Dittrich.

His colleague Rouvoet from the Christian Union finds the war like language of Zalm to be unwise."I can understand it, so soon after the death of Theo van Gogh .But in a war everything is permitted which is otherwise strictly forbidden. We cannot give people the impression that everything goes just to defeat the enemy."

SP leader Marijnissen (Socialist Party) proposed that he should never use the word "war". It suggests two peoples which are locked in a life and death struggle". "That will not bring the solution to the problem any closer"."If rationality is out of the picture,hate can proceed unhindered and nestle itself in the heads of extremists". "New atrocities will soon be spawned and justified by these people".

CDA -fraction chairman Verhagen himself wouldn't use such a loaded word but doesn't take issue with them . "Zalm is making clear that the cabinet is not leaning over backwards after this horrific attack on the rule of law.And that all possible measures will be taken to combat Muslim extremists".

Such a declaration, according to the PvdA , (the labor party) is giving the false impression that the war against terrorism can be won. "You just have to look at Israel to see that it is an illusion" according to PvdA cabinet member Van Heemst. He also rejects the suggest that ' everything is permitted' to win that war."Whatever methods we use to fight against the extremists is a question of consideration and measure."

On the TV program Buitenhof Sunday VVD leader Bolkenstein and former Prime Minister Van Agt showed their dismay over Zalm's war like language. "A foolish statement" according to Van Agt. I deeply regret that the government has appropriated Bush's terminology regarding the war on terror".

"Are the canons going to come out of the forts?"asked Marijnessen rhetorically.

Rouvelt said that the declaration of war raised questions about who the enemy is. "All Muslims, the extremists, the Moroccans?" It is terribly vague. All the more so because at the moment we are in need of a moral and reliable leadship. That will not be further helped with declarations of war ".



maandag 8 november 2004
Politiek valt over oorlogstaal Zalm
Van onze verslaggever Marc Peeperkorn

DEN HAAG - Tweede-Kamerleden en oud-politici betreuren de uitspraak van vice-premier Zalm (VVD) dat Nederland 'de oorlog heeft verklaard' aan moslimextremisten. 'De regering moet heel secuur in haar woordkeuze zijn. Anders raakt het klimaat tussen moslims en niet-moslims alleen maar verder verpest', zegt D66-fractievoorzitter Dittrich.

Zijn college Rouvoet van de ChristenUnie vindt het oorlogszuchtige taalgebruik van Zalm onverstandig. 'Ik begrijp het wel, zo vlak na de moord op Van Gogh. Maar in een oorlog is heel veel toegestaan wat anders strikt verboden is. We mogen mensen niet het idee geven dat alles nu maar kan om de vijand te verslaan.'

SP-leider Marijnissen stelt dat hij het woord 'oorlog' nooit zou gebruiken. 'Het suggereert twee volkeren die elkaar op leven en dood bestrijden. Dat brengt een oplossing van de problemen in Nederland niet dichterbij. Als de rationaliteit uit beeld raakt, kan de haat zijn vrije gang gaan en zich nestelen in de hoofden van extremisten. Nieuwe gruweldaden zijn dan snel geboren en gerechtvaardigd voor die lui.'

CDA-fractievoorzitter Verhagen zou het beladen woord evenmin uitspreken, maar valt er niet over. 'Zalm geeft aan dat het kabinet niet achterover leunt na deze afschuwelijke aanslag op onze rechtsorde. En dat alle mogelijke middelen zullen worden ingezet om moslimextremisten te bestrijden.'

Volgens de PvdA wekt Zalm met zijn verklaring ten onrechte de indruk dat de oorlog tegen terrorisme gewonnen kan worden. 'Je hoeft maar naar IsraŽl te kijken om te concluderen dat dat een illusie is', aldus PvdA-Kamerlid Van Heemst. Hij keert zich ook tegen de suggestie 'alsof alles nu is toegestaan' om de oorlog te winnen. 'Welke middelen we inzetten tegen extremisten blijft een kwestie van wikken en wegen.'

In het tv-programma Buitenhof zondag toonden voormalig VVD-leider Bolkestein en oud-premier Van Agt (CDA) zich eveneens ongelukkig met de oorlogstaal van Zalm. 'Een dwaze uitspraak', stelde Van Agt. 'Ik betreur het zeer dat de regering de terminologie van de Amerikaanse president Bush heeft overgenomen over de war on terror.

'Komen de kanonnen nu uit de kazernes?', vraagt Marijnissen (SP)zich af.

Rouvoet stelt dat de oorlogsverklaring vragen oproept over wie de vijand is. 'Alle moslims, de extremisten, alle Marokkanen? Het is rijkelijk vaag. Terwijl we juist behoefte hebben aan moreel en vertrouwenwekkend leiderschap. Dat wordt niet bevorderd door uitlatingen over oorlog.'


If this isn't war what is ? The body of Theo Van Gogh lies alone on an Amsterdam street - after his murder by a militant Islamist .


MIM:In a bid to appease Muslims and out of fear of Islamist attacks Dutch politicians fall over themselves to distance themselves and apologise for vice minister Zalm statement declaring that "Holland is at war with Muslim extremists".

At the same time Fifth Columnist , Morrocan lawmaker Aboutaleb agrees and says "Holland is not at war" and shows that he realises the Dutch will do nothing to stop the Islamisation of Holland by confidently declaring that :

"Tommorrow , the day after, and five and ten years from now we have to continue living with each other".



Translation by Beila Rabinowitz director MIM

"Holland is not at war"

"Holland is not at war" was Amsterdam councilman Aboutaleb's response to the minister to the declaration of vice minister Zalm that the cabinet "must declare war to fight against Muslim extremism and radicalism". With solidarity that he has received from all over the country, he began by saying that as a result of the death of Theo van Gogh many Dutch want to build bridges between the different communities.

"It is painful to deliver these statements to a nation in mourning ", said Aboutaleb in response to Zalm's remarks,with naming the vice minister .The councilman of Moroccan background was speaking during the national Iftar celebration which was organised by Islam and citizens which had been organised in the Amsterdam Town Hall.Iftar is the celebratory meal which is made to break the fast of Ramadan.Besides Muslims the Iftar also included representatives of other religions and social organisations who had been invited . Ambassador Sobel of the United States was also in attendence.

"The country deserves encouragement in these difficult times", according to Aboutaleb. Amsterdam is showing it's strength according to him because in spite of their sorrow the population remains "rational" and realises that ," we must continue on with each other, tommorrow, after tommorrow,and over five years and ten years from now".

The Moroccan community cannot be blamed for the death of Van Gogh, according to the lawmaker, but the people who were in contact with Mohammed B. do. "Does Mohammed B. really believe that he was sent by God to make the whole world Islamic?" Aboutaleb asks himself. "Where was he brainwashed, who knew and why did no one raise the alarm?". The people around him should have seen the signs that a time bomb was walking around in Amsterdam.

Since the murder Aboutaleb is also being guarded. "Can the person who has this on their conscience imagine what it is like for me not being able to see my daughter?".

Chairman M. Sini of Islam and Citzenship has called upon the Muslim community to eradicate the breeding grounds which contributes to the spread of radical Islam ."We have to be alert to signs of alienation and radicalism and report it to the authorities". According to him Imams in their preachings must bring the idea of a democratic society to the fore.That is also in the case of Muslim women who lag behind and "are the archilles heel which keeps them from taking part in the Dutch society". he said.


maandag 8 november 2004 uur.
'Nederland is niet in oorlog'

AMSTERDAM - 'Nederland is niet in oorlog', reageerde de Amsterdamse wethouder Aboutaleb maandag op de uitspraak van vice-premier Zalm dat het kabinet 'de oorlog aangaat om moslimextremisme en radicalisme te bestrijden'. Uit solidariteitsbetuigingen die hij uit het hele land ontvangt, leidt hij af dat ook na de moord op Theo van Gogh veel Nederlanders bruggen willen bouwen tussen de verschillende gemeenschappen.

'Het is pijnlijk om dit soort begrippen uit te storten over een natie die rouwt', zei Aboutaleb over Zalms opmerking, zonder de naam van de vice-premier te noemen. De wethouder van Marokkaanse afkomst sprak tijdens de nationale iftar die de stichting Islam en Burgerschap in het Amsterdamse stadhuis had georganiseerd. Een iftar is een feestelijke maaltijd waarmee moslims tijdens ramadan de vasten verbreken. Voor de iftar waren behalve moslims ook vertegenwoordigers van andere religies en van maatschappelijke organisaties uitgenodigd. Ook de Amerikaanse ambassadeur Sobel was aanwezig.

'De natie verdient het om bemoedigd te worden in deze moeilijke tijden', aldus Aboutaleb. Amsterdam toont volgens hem zijn kracht, doordat de bevolking ondanks het verdriet 'rationeel' blijft en zich realiseert 'we moeten morgen, overmorgen en over vijf en tien jaar met elkaar verder'.

De Marokkaanse gemeenschap valt volgens de wethouder geen verwijt te maken over de moord op Van Gogh, maar de mensen in de omgeving van de vermoedelijke dader Mohammed B. wel. 'Gelooft Mohammed B. nu werkelijk dat hij door God gezonden is om de hele wereld islamitisch te maken', vroeg Aboutaleb zich af. 'Waar is hij gehersenspoeld, wie wisten ervan en waarom heeft niemand aan de bel getrokken? Mensen in zijn omgeving hadden moeten zien aankomen dat er een tijdbom rondwandelde in Amsterdam.'

Ook Aboutaleb staat sinds de moord onder bewaking. 'Kan degene die dit op zijn geweten heeft, zich voorstellen wat het betekent dat ik mijn dochter niet kan zien', vroeg hij.

Voorzitter M. Sini van Islam en Burgerschap riep de moslimgemeenschap op elke 'voedingsbodem die radicalisme in de hand werkt', weg te nemen. 'We moeten alert zijn op tekenen van ontsporing en radicalisme en die aan de autoriteiten melden.' Imams moeten volgens hem in hun preken veel meer het leven in een democratische samenleving aan de orde stellen. Dat geldt ook voor de achterstelling van moslimvrouwen, 'de achilleshiel voor deelname aan de Nederlandse samenleving', zei hij.

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