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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Two Muslims Arrested For Plot To Blow Up NY Synagouges

Two Muslims Arrested For Plot To Blow Up NY Synagouges

May 12, 2011

According to AFP:

NEW YORK New York undercover police have arrested two men who bought weapons in an alleged plot to unleash a bloodbath in Manhattan synagogues, city officials said Thursday.

The suspects, Ahmed Ferhani, 26, and Mohamed Mamdouh, 20, both of North African descent, were also alleged to have said they would attack the Empire State Building.

Police "arrested two men who said they wanted to destroy a major synagogue in Manhattan and then purchased several weapons and a grenade from an undercover officer," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a news conference.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the men -- one a US citizen and the other a legal resident -- were arrested Wednesday immediately after purchasing weapons from an undercover agent.

They bought two Browning semi-automatic pistols, a Smith and Wesson handgun, ammunition and a hand grenade during the sting operation, Kelly said.

According to the Manhattan prosecutor's office, the undercover investigation lasted seven months, during which time Ferhani and Mamdouh were recorded making plans for horrific attacks against the city's large Jewish population.

They "planned visits to Manhattan's largest synagogues, intending to disguise themselves as Jewish worshippers, attend services at a synagogue and, while pretending to pray, leave a bomb in the synagogue," the Manhattan District Attorney's office said...


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