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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > John Fund Speaks At Philadelphia Freedom Center Event

John Fund Speaks At Philadelphia Freedom Center Event

November 30, 2012

On Monday November 19 writer and political pundit John Fund spoke at an event at the Union League hosted by the Philadelphia Freedom Center.

Fund was introduced by Freedom Center chairman Craig Snider.

Their new executive director , Andrew C. McCarthy, the attorney who is known for his prosecution of the Blind Sheik and is the author of several books on the threat of radical Islam also made some opening remarks.

Mr. McCarthy said he had just returned "energized" from the David Horowitz Freedom Center's ‘Restoration Weekend' and emphasized that conservatives need to continue to ask questions about Benghazi.

Fund, whose latest book is entitled "Whose Counting? How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put your Vote at Risk" ,spoke about the election results and said that "we could not generate enough energy" to elect Romney and questioned how we could be "more effective" in communicating their message. He added that conservatives "need to do some soul searching". He also said that he had some "cautious optimism" and that one of the things that went wrong was a failure to reach out to the grassroots.

Fund stated that "Romney deserves our thanks" and that we should look at the deficiencies of the campaign and not the candidate. He acknowledge that demographics als played a role and spoke at some length on the failure of the ‘Project Orca' cyber offensive which had been intended to be a massive ‘get out the vote' initiative and had totally malfunctioned.

During the Q and A Fund was asked if Allen West had a chance in his legal battle to be declared a winner of the congressional race in Florida which he lost by a small amount of votes.

Fund said "that there was fraud" in this election but that it was "not enough" to make a difference.

He concluded by saying that conservatives "need to be more aggressive in our messaging" and that each and every one of us needs to become a "media outlet" to publicise the facts that matter.

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