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Terrorist Murderers To Be Released By Israel In 'Goodwill Gesture' To PA "Animals Not Humans"

August 12, 2013

'These are Animals, not Humans'

Yaakov and Miriam Tubul, whose son Lior was stabbed to death, don't understand how Israel can set murderer free. A

By Arutz Sheva First Publish: 8/12/2013, 3:37 PM

Yaakov and Miriam Tubul, whose son Lior was stabbed to death by terrorists 23 years ago, are enraged with the government's decision to set free 104 terrorist murderers, as a "gesture" to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The pained and grief-stricken parents say they cannot understand the government's decision.

"How can you release a murderer who stabbed an innocent Jewish youth 17 times, in the heart of Jerusalem? These are animals, not human beings," cried Miriam.

Miriam was not allowed to speak at the Jerusalem court hearing Sunday that discussed a motion to stop the release from taking place. Nonetheless, she called out to the judges: "These people murdered my son and his friend. Murdered by stabbing, with unbelievable cruelty. We trusted the court, that these murderers would rot in jail, and here you are, allowing their release and not even agreeing to hear us."

On August 4, 1990, Lior left his home at Kiryat Yovel with his friend, Ronen Levi Karamani. The two were supposed to meet a friend at Givat Ze'ev, in northern Jerusalem. Another friend took them in his car to the bridge at the neighborhood of Ramot. When they failed to show up at the meeting, the friend phoned the Tubuls and the search for the two began.

It turned out that a car with three terrorists inside it took the two from the bridge. The terrorists threatened the two, tied them up and then stabbed them in numerous parts of their body. Their bodies were found in a wadi between Beit Hanina and Ramot, two days later. They were given a joint funeral and buried side by side.

The Almagor terror victims' group says that one of the three terrorists who murdered the two boys, Abd-el Jawad Shamasna, is on the list of terrorists whom the government intends to release in the "gestures" for the "peace talks" with the PA. However, he does not appear to be in the first batch of terrorists, who are to be released this week.



Terrorists Who Murdered Seniors with Axes to be Released

17 terrorists who were convicted of murdering Israelis are among the 26 that Israel will set. Arutz Sheva brings a partial list. By Elad Benari First Publish: 8/12/2013, 2:13 AM

17 terrorists who were convicted of murdering Israelis, including three who murdered senior citizens using axes, are among the 26 terrorists that Israel will set free this week. The full list was made public on the Israel Prisons Service website on Sunday night.

Among the terrorists to be released is Salah Ibrahim Ahmad Mughdad, the murderer of Holocaust-survivor Israel Tenenbaum who was found dead on June 14, 1993, at the hotel in Netanya where he had been working as a night watchman. Mughdad had murdered him on the job.

Also being released is Barbakh Faiz Rajab Madhat, who murdered 61-year-old Moshe Beker at his orchard. Beker was murdered on January 21 1994, when he arrived at his orchard and was ambushed by three terrorists, who had slept on site and waited for him. They attacked him, stabbed him to death with a knife and a pair of pruning shears, and fled.

Al Haj Othman Amar Mustafa, who murdered Steven Rosenfeld on June 7, 1989, will be released as well. Rosenfeld went on a hike in the hills near Ariel, where he lived, when he encountered a group of shepherds who stole a knife that he had in his possession, stabbed him to death, and hid his body.

Another terrorist to be released is Abdel Aal Sa'id Ouda Yusef, who murdered Ian Sean Feinberg on April 18, 1983. Feinberg, who served for several years as an officer and lawyer in Gaza, had worked with commercial companies from Gaza and was murdered during a business meeting in Gaza City. Terrorists burst into the room and announced that they had come to kill the Jew. They then proceeded to murder Feinberg using a gun and an axe.

Ramahi Salah Abdallah Faraj, who murdered 84-year-old Avraham Kinstler in July of 1992, will be released as well. Kinstler was ambushed and murdered with an axe by a terrorist as he arrived to work at his orchard.

On Sunday evening, the ministerial committee headed by Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon approved the release of 26 terrorists as part of a gesture to the Palestinian Authority, in order to get it to resume peace talks with Israel.

14 of the terrorists to be released will be exiled to Gaza, and the remaining 12 will be transferred to PA-assigned areas of Judea and Samaria. Eight of the terrorists on the list were to be released over the next three years, two of them in the coming six months.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's office said that the terrorists will be released about 48 hours after the publication of the list. It was emphasized that if one of the terrorists resumes hostile activity against the State of Israel after his release, he will be returned to prison to continue serving his sentence.

Earlier on Sunday, families of victims of terrorism marched through Jerusalem in a protest against the government's plan to approve the release of 26 terrorists.


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