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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Did Obama Grab Drone Program from Military for Purely Political Reasons?

Did Obama Grab Drone Program from Military for Purely Political Reasons?

May 25, 2012

Will "General" Brennan Kill Key Military Technology?

May 23, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - John Brennan, the WH counter terror chief has, acting upon the request of Mr. Obama, seized command of the strategically essential military drone program. It's now fully under the control of the WH. From now until further notice, Mr. Brennan and his CIC will literally be calling the shots.

We see this not only as a dangerous development, further consolidating power within an administration that clearly has either little regard for allowing military actions to be dictated by on the ground field commanders or, far worse, is attempting to hamper this already proven technology with an eye towards winning the November election.

Through his various statements Mr. Brennan has proven himself utterly unfit for his new expanded role.

For example [there are dozens] Mr. Brennan in a 2010 speech he legitimized jihad, and suggested that Islamic terrorists are reasonably motivated:

"The president's top counterterrorism adviser on Wednesday called jihad a 'legitimate tenet of Islam," arguing that the term "jihadists" should not be used to describe America's enemies.

During a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Brennan described violent extremists as victims of "political, economic and social forces," but said that those plotting attacks on the United States should not be described in 'religious terms.'" [source, Fox News, Counterterror Adviser Defends Jihad as 'Legitimate Tenet of Islam'

We also perceive a troubling parallel in that this is precisely the same failed methodology which was adopted by the Lyndon Johnson administration during the Vietnam conflict. During which, Mr. Johnson along with his Sec. Def. Robert McNamara would, early every morning select the bombing missions and targets for the next day. Thus these two ran the war, as co-armchair commanders. Neither of these men had the necessary military experience to even contemplate such actions.

Mr. Johnson was, previous to his ascension to the presidency upon the wings of JFK's tragic assassination, a U.S. Senator who showed little interest in national security matters. McNamara came to his position as a former automotive executive.

The adoption of the Johnson/McNamara plan destroyed all chances of victory in the conflict, needlessly wasting 50,000 American servicemen, destroying an untold number of military families and hundreds of thousands of friendlies, who with tragic consequences, believed our many promises, but were tossed aside when it became expedient.

Hopefully this inexplicable move isn't simply being done for strictly political reasons, so Mr. Obama can claim personal credit for the next high level terror kill. That would be indefensible as well as being a sure sign that his campaign is in deep trouble. It would also make more clear major character and personality flaws which haunt this man and demand close scrutiny by the public. The president is sworn to protect and uphold the U.S. Constitution, not to game the system in a manner that directly increases the threat to the American public.

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