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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Boko Haram Masscre In Baga Nigeria - Thousands Feared Killed

Boko Haram Masscre In Baga Nigeria - Thousands Feared Killed

January 14, 2015

January 11, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org Over the last 5 days, Boko Haram has carried out what is believed to be the worst massacre in its bloody history. The carnage took place in the town of Baga [former population 20,000] located in Northern Borno State, Nigeria.

Borno is the geographical power base of the rebel army and though Baga was nominally under the protection of a "multinational" military base, the town was razed to the ground and many of its residents murdered as soldiers fled the onrushing terrorists.

Desertion in the face of Boko Haram attacks has become the norm throughout the country as the central government of Goodluck Jonathan has proved unwilling to resist the group militarily. There have been rampant complaints by Nigerian security forces that they lack even the most basic supplies with which to engage the enemy. Reports abound of units being sent into battle without rifles and/or ammunition, which has caused protests by the soldier's wives who refuse to allow their men to be fed into the meat grinder with no means of defense.

Though the country supposedly has some main battle tanks [many of which are older than the average soldier] APCs and field artillery there is little evidence that this hardware has been widely employed when confronting a better armed, far more highly motivated enemy.

Accurate accounts of this incident are largely unavailable. Those generated by the government have no basis in fact and those leaking out through media sources often rely on anecdotal information by observers who themselves are fleeing the onrushing mayhem and hence have no overall understanding of exactly what is happening.

Dispatches coming from the Jonathan government have zero credibility because it's been caught lying far too often. Unbelievably, it's claimed on at least three different occasions to have killed terror leader Abubakar Shekau only for him to subsequently appear in mocking videos seeming none the worse for wear. Shekau has also used these videos to directly threaten the United States.

Because of this, casualty reports coming from Baga refugees are only estimates, yet entirely too many of these accounts are similarly horrendous, referring to "miles of territory littered with rotting corpses," so the high-end estimate of 2,000 killed may indeed be entirely accurate. Regardless it's clear from the obvious devastation that this was the most deadly attack yet by the ferocious Muslim army.

The stakes in this conflict are very high for the West. Nigeria is a major exporter of oil and arguably the richest country in Africa. If it falls to Boko Haram the consequences would be severe as it would probably take its neighbors [Chad and Mali especially] along with it and thus put nearly all of Central and Northern Africa in the hands of the Islamic jihad, a perfect storm for the creation of a caliphate.

If this happens it's difficult to imagine the West having the resources or the will to defeat an enemy which will then be thoroughly dug in and dispersed over a land mass larger than that of Europe [11M sq. miles vs. 4M].

At some point the U.S. will be forced to deal with this growing threat, but as Islamic jihad explodes across the globe with greater and greater vigor, America is rapidly approaching a point where it will be impossible to stop barring a full, World War II style mobilization.

We find it difficult to imagine this generation rising to such a challenge. Pathetically self-centered, physically out of shape and mentally unprepared for the reality of dying for a cause many no longer believe in, if faced with such an eventuality the idea "Johnny" marching home victorious from such an enormous undertaking verges on being delusional.

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