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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Was Zawahri Attack In Santa Monica 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome?' Killer Recently "Shaved Head And Grew Beard"

Was Zawahri Attack In Santa Monica 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome?' Killer Recently "Shaved Head And Grew Beard"

June 9, 2013

MIM: John Zawahri's father Samir Zawahri is a Lebanese Arab and likely a Muslim. This would make John Zawahri and his brother both Muslims because Islam is patrilinial.His mother is also Lebanese and was on a month vacation in Lebanon visiting relatives when the attack happened. According to a neighbor Zawahri "recently shaved his head and grew a beard". Why would police find it necessary to emphasize that they 'did not believe that Zawahri had any terrorist affiliations domestic and international' if this wasn't a possibility?

Zawahri's murder of his father and brother who were both Muslims also fits a pattern and doesnt discount the possibility that the attack was an act of jihad. Mohamed Merah the jihadi who killed a Rabbi and three Jewish children in Toulouse also murdered 3 Muslim soldiers who were serving in the French army. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2118052/Toulouse-shooting-Mohammad-Merah-dead-jumping-flat-window-guns-blazing.html

The latest news is that police are still "trying to determine the gunman's motive".


"Four plus Zawahri are dead after the former Santa Monica College student killed his father and brother, set fire to their home, and hijacked a car from which he fired multiple rounds

One victim ID'd as Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, and Franco's daughter Marcela, 25, on life support in 'grim condition'

Footage clearly shows a large rifle in the hand of John Zawahri's as he enters the school's library

Zawahri, who would have turned 24 today, was hospitalized in recent years after saying he may harm others

'Heavily armed and ready for battle': Zawahri was armed with an AR-15, a handgun, and was dressed in tactical vest and carried a bag that held 1,300 rounds when he was shot dead by police

Zawahri carjacked a driver, forcing her to drive to the college as he sprayed bullets from the window, but police deny it was a school shooting...

...Zawahri, armed with an AR-15, a handgun, and 1,300 rounds of ammunition began the deadly spree by killing his father and brother and setting fire to their Southern California home.

Dressed all in black and carrying a semi-automatic rifle, Zawahri walked through the Santa Monica College campus--where he was enrolled as a student 'as recently as 2010,' according to police--after killing his father, brother and another person, authorities said.

When he entered the library, students were able to run to a 'safe room,' where they stacked items against the door and 'hunkered down' to avoid the shots that Zawahri fired at them through a wall..

He would kill a woman outside the library moments later, before dying from police gunfire.

A neighbor described the victim as unemployed, 22, man who lived in the Mar Vista area with his mother...

...Meadows added that the suspect had recently shaved his head and grown a beard.

...Officials do not believe Zawahri had any terrorist affiliations, domestic or international.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2338250/Pictured-Santa-Monica-college-gunman-John-Zawahri-23-went-shooting-rampage-killing-angry-parents-divorce.html#ixzz2VsHtUGJY

"...What she remembered most about the man who fired at her were his eyes. Hard, cold and intense.

There was "no hesitation, no flick of a muscle, nothing. Just absolutely staring and going onto the next step," recalled Debra Fine about the gunman behind the shooting rampage that killed five people here. "I just simply got in his way. And he needed to kill me. That was it."

...In a shootout with three police officers, Zawahri was struck multiple times. His body was taken outside, where he was pronounced dead.

...The elder Zawahri brought his family to the neighborhood of small homes and apartment buildings tucked up against Interstate 10 in the mid-1990s, according to property records.

Not long after arriving on Yorkshire Avenue, Zawahri and his wife Randa Abdou, 54, went through a difficult divorce and split custody of their two boys, said Thomas O'Rourke, a neighbor. When the sons got older, one went to live with his mother while the other stayed with the father.

Public records show Abdou, who lives in an apartment a couple miles away, was the ex-wife of Samir Zawahri and former co-owner of the house where the first shooting took place...


Another neighbor, Beverly Meadows, described Abdou as a slight woman who moved into the second-floor apartment next door about five years ago. Abdou, she said, was on a one-month vacation in Lebanon and due back in Los Angeles sometime next week.


College Reopens After Calif. Rampage


SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) Santa Monica College has reopened under extra security in the wake of a gunman's deadly rampage.

Students returning Monday to the Southern California campus will be able to retrieve backpacks, cars and other property they left behind when they fled on Friday.

The college also will have grief counselors available.

All buildings are reopening except for the campus library. That's where police shot and killed John Zawahri after he killed his father, older brother and three other people in a rampage that began in the neighborhood and moved onto the campus.

A vigil is planned in front of the library Monday evening.

Investigators are still trying to determine the gunman's motive.


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