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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Murder for the sake of Allah- Blasphemy vs.Jihad in Holland

Murder for the sake of Allah- Blasphemy vs.Jihad in Holland

Killer of Theo van Gogh and Takfir was Hirjah - "The Chameleon Among Islamists"
November 28, 2004

Murder For The Sake Of Allah – Blasphemy vs. Jihad

By Beila Rabinowitz


Miami, FL - PipeLineNews - Holland has halted the debate to repeal its little used but still powerful blasphemy statutes because, according to Socialist Party Minister Jan Martijnessen:

" In the aftermath of the killing of Theo van Gogh and the incidents of arson, a lot many people are having a problem understanding how the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion are related to each other.' The statute in question can be repealed. But to talk about that now will give the impression that everything is allowed in the realm of public debate." - Militant Islam Monitor

In other words, freedom of speech and worship must be limited to protect the delicate sensibilities of Muslim immigrants unwilling to fit in.

The blasphemy laws in Holland play into the hands of the militant Islamists who are trying to silence critics of the religion with threats of lawsuits, intimidation and now, acts of murder. The killing of Theo van Gogh, by a Dutch born Muslim – Mohammed Bouyeri - who claims to have taken umbrage at his criticism of Islam, came two years after the murder of prime ministerial candidate Pim Fortuyn. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/319

In 2001 Fortuyn was elected as leader of the party "Leefbaar Nederlands" - "Livable Holland." He brashly declared, "Make no mistake – I will be the next prime minister of this country." http://home.planet.nl/~soele032/Page_3x.html

In 2002 Fortuyn voiced his fears about the Islamisation of Holland and was dismissed as party leader. He proceeded to start his own party - Pim Fortuyn's List - which garnered 26 seats in an election, enough to have made him prime minister. http://www.lijst-pimfortuyn.nl/

Fortuyn's success stemmed from his ability to articulate the very real fear of Muslim perpetrated crime and violence. The rise in Islamist radicalism and criminality has added punctuation to the abysmal failures of the Dutch government's decade long attempt to promote integration and dialogue with the growing radical presence.

Dutch trepidation of becoming strangers in their own country were also voiced by Theo van Gogh, who wrote ten days before his death, "How long will it be before the Dutch are no longer welcome in Amsterdam?"

The irony of these words played themselves as he was shot and nearly decapitated by Bouyeri as he was traveling to screen footage of his film about the murder of Pim Fortuyn.

Fortuyn had predicted that his critic's demonization of him would lead to his murder. Even the so-called Dutch political establishment compared him to Hitler and World War II era Dutch Nazi leader Anton Mussert . Opponents threw feces and urine laced pies at him, called members of his party Nazis and labeled him with the Third Reich epithet reserved for Jews, "subhuman."

Fortuyn's killer, Volkert van der Graaf, was an adherent of the environmentalist Green Party. The party's leader, Paul Rosenmoller's personal attacks on Fortuyn were so fierce that it nearly reduced him to tears during a debate.

Rosenmoller called his opponent, "the incarnation of all evil," and warned that "if Pim Fortuyn gets into power we will be in a state of war."

This view was supported by Dutch politicians of nearly every political stripe.

Bookshops refused to carry his book, "The Rubble of the Eight Purple Years," a critique of the social and political failures of the "Purple Cabinet" which took office in 1994. They compared it to Adolph Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

Attitudes have evolved dramatically. On March 18, 2002 deputy prime minister Gerrit Zalm said:

"You can't solve every problem with a simple formula, and anyone who says that is fooling the people". As far as that goes, I find Fortuyn a dangerous man."

Two months later Fortuyn was murdered.

Zalm was vilified in 2004, however, for stating the obvious after van Gogh's murder:

"Holland was in a state of war."

The court ordered psychological evaluation of van der Graaf revealed that, "The motive to kill the victim were precipitated by the belief that he posed a great danger to society."

An article in De Telegraaf entitled "Deadly Words" revealed that at the murder trial it was stated that van der Graaf's knowledge of Fortuyn's political positions was derived solely from third party quotes, and that he was personally not conversant with Fortuyn's writings. The chief prosecutor concluded that van der Graaf had not on only punctured "the head, neck and chest of Fortuyn", but that he had "punctured a hole in democracy."

Van der Graaf told the court that he saw himself "as a savior of humanity."

Fortuyn was ambushed at close range – five shots fired with a precision which caused police to describe him as "a cold blooded skilled marksman."

Van der Graaf further claimed the murder was to stop Fortuyn from reintroducing the mink trade to Holland, later stating that he had done it "to protect Muslims."

In a bizarre twist, Dutch papers reported this week that a man brandishing a gun had threatened Pim Fortuyn's former chauffeur at his home.

Prophetically, just before his murder, Fortuyn stated:

"If something does happen to me I am happy that you gave me this opportunity to speak. If something does happen, they [the politicians] are partly responsible and cannot wash their hands of it claiming ‘It wasn't me who perpetrated the attack.' You have helped to create the climate in which such a thing could happen."

The killers of both men were emboldened by this climate.

Not surprisingly, left-wing liberal politicians staunchly defended the Muslim community. They fended off any attempt to discuss the danger of increasing Muslim violence comparing such suggestions with Nazism and even the persecution of Jews in Holland during World War II.

These so-called champions of free speech remain at the forefront of denouncing Israel's attempts at self-defense, referring to Arab terrorists as "freedom fighters against the occupation."

Van Gogh deliberately made outrageous remarks to expose the left's hypocrisy heaping abuse on their demonization of Israel and their mercenary use of the Holocaust to promote their pro-Muslim stance in Holland.The same 'champions of the oppressed' who called the chants of Muslim youth of "Hamas Hamas Jews to the Gas" ' free speach', would invoke the name of Anne Frank whenever politicians discussed the growing Islamist agression and intimidation against native Dutch by foreign born Muslims.

Even after his death, critics - such as Dutch writer and failed filmmaker Leon de Winter, in a WSJ opinion piece - falsely labeled him an anti-Semite, when he was in fact, a precious ally in the war on terror who tried to prevent the cynical use of the spectre of the Holocaust as an excuse to prevent examination of the ill-effects of the ongoing Islamization of Holland.

In March of 2004 an Islamist website - Imam.nl - started a petition which soon spread to other Muslim sites. The petition stated that, "the patience is ended…Theo Van Gogh Must stop his columns."

It urged the signatories to "take action…we cannot allow this man to continue to spread hate and aggression against Islam and go unpunished."

The initiators of the petition planned to present it to the General Intelligence and Security Services, Minister Remkes of Internal Affairs, and to the Dutch Lower House of Parliament, claiming van Gogh was a threat to them.

Their demand was simple, they wanted him prevented from writing.

It has not been adequately explained why the General Security Services, not only failed to perceive the gravity of the threat, requiring the Spanish police to tell them that Van Gogh's killer, Mohamed Bouyeri, had posted Jihad messages on the Moroccan Dutch website which prominently featured the anti-Van Gogh petition

In an insidious twist, a top secret dossier documenting the surveillance of Bouyeri and the so called Hofstad group to which he belonged was found in the killer's home, and that of two other suspects who were involved in a siege with police in The Hague.

The file had been leaked by a Moroccan Muslim translator who worked for the Internal Security Service who was identified only as Othman Ben A.

Subsequent newspaper reports wrote about a government investigation and concluded that the dossier might have enabled Van Gogh's killer to successfully move about undetected in the weeks before the murder.

Unbelievably, Mohamed Bouyeri had been in police custody for an unrelated violent incident and had his cell phone tapped by the security services until he stopped using it two weeks before the murder. Several members of the Hofstad group had been trailed and some questioned and released by police months before the Van Gogh killing.

When asked about the petition, van Gogh said:

"This shows that I am even more right about this then anything which I have ever written…The writing ban which they demand is a gift from Allah for me. I still have a lot of developmental aid work to do."

The petition-cum-fatwa was based on a litany of complaints against Van Gogh which I have translated:

"This man has been busy for years writing columns in which he rails against Islam and the Muslims and publicly humiliates them. His columns are published once in a while in the free paper from Metro. That is how he writes lies and stories about the Muslims which cannot be tolerated.

Muslims are in general tolerant and patient, but we cannot let this man continually spread hate and aggression against Muslims to go unpunished. Until now we Muslims have never publicly reacted thanks to our patience. But the patience has run OUT! We are fed up with this!

In the paper of Saturday (25/04/04) he called the Prophet Mohammed- Peace be Upon Him - a "dirty old man" and a "rapist." As Muslims we protest strongly against such remarks which can cause a lot of damage in our community. People cannot expect us to be silent about this. This is going too far! We are angry and it is our right to get angry! Sign the petition below in protest. As soon as we have enough signatures ,we will bring this to the Lower House , the AIVD and the Minister of Internal Affairs."

Ironically, the column in question was entitled "May I say this?" In it, van Gogh took issue with the fact that the General Intelligence and Security Services, the AIVD, was protecting the rights of his opponents who wanted to silence him. He was especially critical of Boris Dittrich, a liberal politician who sided with Islamists. Van Gogh labeled him a "collaborator."

"Because partly due to people like me this fifth column of goat-fuckers is going issue a desperate cry for "respect", and assault your and my children with poison gas, diseases, and atomic bombs. That's logical, isn't it ?

Theo van Gogh words were not only prophetic, the same people who vilified him in life are now doing it in death when he cannot defend himself.

The debate in Holland about the borders dividing blasphemy and free speech is obscuring the real issue, which is the obvious link between terrorism and militant Islam. As Theo van Gogh rightly observed, it is better to let the preachers of hate say what they think so one knows who one's enemies are.

The time is too late for subtlety, the Dutch must stop talking and start acting. They must start closing the Mosques and Islamic Centers where fund raising and incitement to Jihad takes place.

The al-Tawheed Mosque in Amsterdam, which nurtured the seeds of van Gogh's murder, should be the first of many.

The AIVD-General Intelligence and Security Services, must arrest and deport those who are recruiting for Jihad and close down Islamist websites like Imam.nl which started the persecution of Van Gogh, and Maghreb nl, which was used by Mohammed Bouyeri to boast of his terrorist intent.

In a display of logic all too familiar to observers of appeasement, a recent cabinet discussion about closing the Al Tawheed Mosque and prosecuting its leadership ended with the conclusion that it was impossible to take any form of legal action, since neither the Mosque nor its board of directors had been formally accused of any crime.

The website Imam.nl, which launched the petition of silence van Gogh carries this prophetic remark, "patience triumphs over everything best."

In his book "A Thousand Years for Revenge" Peter Lance prefaced his work with the Latin satirist Juvenal's words - "Quis custodiet ipso custodes? - who is guarding the guardians themselves? - and titled his book for the Baluchistani proverb "If it takes me a ten thousand years to kill my enemy I will wait a thousand years for revenge."

In the case of Theo van Gogh's killer, Dutch security missed the clues which, after the fact, still exist on the Islamist websites, mocking their feeble efforts.

That must no longer be allowed to happen.

The question the Dutch - and by extension all of Western society which is under siege by the Islamists - have to answer, was posed by van Gogh ten days before his death, "How long will it be before the Dutch are no longer welcome in Amsterdam?"

How long indeed?


What The Terrorist Murder Of Theo Van Gogh Means

By Beila Rabinowitz

On what was to be the last morning of his life, Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh left his home near Amsterdam and proceeded by bicycle to his office situated near a large park in the Eastern part of the city. He was in the process of completing a film about the Dutch politician Pim Fortuijn who was murdered for warning about the Islamization of Holland.

Van Gogh was riding what the Dutch refer to as an "old mans bicycle," with a straw basket from which a supermarket bag was sticking out .According to a young woman who was riding behind him, a man on a bicycle came next to Theo and opened fire. Theo Van Gogh shouted "don't do it, don't do it" and fell from his bicycle, but must have gotten up, since witnesses say he managed to stagger to the other side of the road There, a scene which was described as "savagery," played itself out on a morning which the Dutch now refer to as their 9/11 and the beginning of "Jihad in Holland."

According to witnesses, the gravely wounded Theo Van Gogh begged for mercy on his knees. The shooter, who was described as "a dark skinned man" wearing a knitted cap and a jabailaya, reloaded and shot him again. He then pulled out a knife which he held with both hands and proceeded to stab Van Gogh in a frenzy - "as if he was trying to cut a tire to shreds" - according to witnesses. It later became apparent that the killer had slashed Van Gogh's throat in an attempt to behead him.

Soon after the murder it was revealed that the killer was connected to the group of Islamists in Holland who were under surveillance by the police and linked to Ayman Al Zawahir and Al Zarqawi , and a Jihad network which was linked to attacks in Madrid and Casablanca. Investigators said that the letter found on Van Gogh's body indicated ties to Al Takfir Wal Hijra, a radical group which has declared war on Westerners.

Witnesses recounted that after stabbing and slashing Van Gogh, the killer then calmly pulled a second knife out of his bag, wrote a short note and then plunged the note and knife into Van Gogh's chest near his heart. He then kicked Van Gogh several times hard in the side, wiped his gun on a rag, and walked away - "As if it was the most normal thing in the world."

The note was later found contain verses from the Koran and a call for holy war.

By the time the many bystanders who passively witnessed the murder approached, Theo Van Gogh , the 47 year old grand nephew of the famous painter's brother, lay dead on an Amsterdam street a few blocks from his home.

Van Gogh had received death threats as a result of making a film about wife beating in Islam called "Submission" and was supposed to be under police protection, but he had shrugged it off saying:

"The bullet will not come for me. People think- ‘that is the village idiot, why would anyone shoot him?'"

Less then 10 days before his murder Theo Van Gogh had written one of many articles criticizing Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam for his appeasement policies towards militant Islamists. He ended it with the prophetic words :

"The Amsterdam police have no interest in coming to the defense of the native Dutch who are being attacked by an increasingly aggressive minority. And [mayor] Cohen couldn't care less. Suspect that our mayor is an incorrigible cynic and a mercenary opportunist to boot, and ask myself for how long native Dutch will be welcome in Amsterdam."

Theo Van Gogh was highly critical of Cohen's intentions to "keep things together" and maintain the status quo despite the increasing aggression of the Muslim minority in Holland towards the native Dutch population. Indeed the Dutch, like other Europeans - whose recent history reveals an abysmal track record of appeasement , surrender, and collaboration - appear to have no effective strategy to deal with the militant Islamic threat which is now undermining the foundation of their open society.

Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Zalm, who said that Holland was in a "war with Muslim extremists" was denounced by politicians of all parties

The chairman of the VVD party, Jozias Van Aartsen, who was also mentioned in the killers letter said:

"For many in Holland a new phase has begun. I hope the cabinet understands that dialogue and speeches no longer suffice, and that action is needed. We are dealing with a radical group that is convinced that we are the enemy, that we have to be destroyed. You just have to read the letter from B. (the killer) it is dripping with this .It is exactly the same theme as the attackers in Madrid - "You love life - we love death." In Holland we have to realize, recognize, and acknowledge that this is the case. If you are an enemy- then you have an enemy."

Tragically, it appears that while the majority of Dutch may nod in agreement with his assessment, they have neither the social and legal apparatus, nor the collective political and public will to declare war on the militant Islamists.

In a recent article which appeared in one of the leading Dutch liberal newspapers - The Volkskrant - sociologists weighed in on how to deal with a situation which is threatening their survival. The article, entitled "We have let it rot too long," stated that, "These events show what kind of climate we have allowed to develop.

Of great concern is the fact that the killer, who has only been identified as "Mohammed B," was just one of potentially thousands of Muslims in Holland who seem poised to turn on their adopted countrymen. In an article entitled "Jihad Fighters educated right under our noses," states that :

"…Mohammed B is not alone. The Jihad fighters have been among us for a long time .They have been recruited and educated under our very eyes."

"It is not yet clear if Mohammed B. himself made the decision to murder Van Gogh or if he was directed to do so by a terrorist group. But the message that he left behind on the body of Theo Van Gogh - a declaration of war on America, Europe, Holland, unbelievers, and the ex-Muslim critic of Islam Hirshi Ali – shows the actions to be inextricably linked to the international Jihad. The way in which the letter was formulated also attested to the fact that he had a very thorough religious ideological schooling, very likely in Holland…."

"These events show what kind of climate we have allowed to develop. With the people we have let in and by allowing them to do whatever they want" says sociologist Herman Vuisje. He continued, "At most not more then 5% of Muslims are radicals. That makes around 50,000. But it just takes one to grab a pistol and a knife to plunge Holland into a deep crisis, as we saw yesterday…I don't think the murder of Van Gogh is the turning point, it is the burning embers of a historic mistake."

Rene Cuperus of the Wiardi Beckman Foundation believes that Holland has become "a frontline state" in the clash of cultures. "In France and Belgium you don't have the cabaret type of character who is shouting about goat-fuckers. They have to know that they have come into the freest land in the world. The land of abortion and homosexuality. This new conflict cannot be solved with political correctness."

One can expect that the call for stronger state controls is going to gather momentum, says Piet de Rooij a professor of Dutch history. He ended his newly published book "Republic of Rivals " with the sentence "We are working on new divisions," meaning the divisions between the foreign and native born Dutch .

"My prediction was right. This is a symbol of a process which threatens to go totally wrong. The police and government officials realize this too. If the government can no longer guarantee the safety of its citizen, then we are lost. More pressure on Muslim organizations is being planned. Minister Verdonk yesterday, began that process. But this can not be solved with hefty debate or firm speech. It requires an enormous commitment."

De Rooij, questions whether there is another option aside from "keeping things together".

"We don't have any other option, and that is just as well," says Norbert Both. The big dilemma in a confrontation with intolerance is that tolerance doesn't provide an answer. Then they will just grab for the entire hand. But if you respond to intolerance with intolerance you lose yourself. And of course we don't want to do that. The question is whether we will resist the emotions and keep being ourselves."

The militant Islamist terrorist who killed Theo Van Gogh ended the "live and let live" attitude which used to characterize Holland, enabling artists like Theo Van Gogh to thrive there .

The sobering reality is that the notion of "live and let live" and "keeping it together" aren't capable of dealing with militant Islam and to pursue those ideals is tantamount to societal suicide.

Sociologist Norbert Both's desire to remain ourselves is the luxury of an emotion which cannot be permitted in wartime along with prior concepts of tolerance and dialogue

In a post 9/11 world "being ourselves" has become synonymous with self defense.

Theo Van Gogh was murdered, in large part, because misguided Amsterdam city officials such as Mayor Job Cohen, and liberal Dutch politicians, thought they could "keep things together " by appeasing Muslims and militant Islamists. Van Gogh was killed for "being himself" in an open society which did not heed his warning that :

"Since September 11, as you well know , the knives have been sharpened and the fifth columnist goat-fuckers have been marching relatively unhindered forwards. I can't put it otherwise .We live in a nightmare of good intentions and wrongly understood idealism. I am too old to emigrate to America, that beacon of hope in a steadily darkening world."

Like the murdered Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, Theo Van Gogh was a lone voice who eschewed political correctness to warn against the Islamization of Holland, which he called the advent of a "Dark Ages of Mecca."

A week after the murder, it appears that the Dutch politicians have already capitulated to the Militant Islamists. After the Deputy Prime Minister - Gerrit van de Zalm stated that "We are at war with Muslim extremism," Dutch politicians fell over themselves condemning his "choice of words" and rushed to mollify the Islamists in the vain hope of preventing additional attacks.

Dutch Prime Minister Balkende stated:

"The Netherlands is a nation where people ought to want to meet one another, where cultures meet each other," Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said on Dutch television Monday.

Even more alarming was the statement of the former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt , from the Christian Democratic Party. He appeared on Dutch television and stated "I deeply regret that the government has appropriated Bush's terminology regarding the war on terror."

If the Dutch fail to take action to purge the militant Islamists from their midst it will mean that Moroccan Muslim Amsterdam councilman Aboutaleb's proclamation that "we will be living together tomorrow, over tomorrow and five and ten years from now," is a sign that the Dark Ages of Mecca which Theo warned his countrymen against, has already arrived.


MIM: 'Imam' Theo van Gogh speaks at an event together with Deputy Prime Minister Gerrit Zalm and other politicians


How Radical Islam Has Changed Amsterdam

Dearest attendees,

After the question was put to me to say something on this stage about how Amsterdam has changed, I immediately thought of myself. As a result of my dissapointing experience with the weaker sex, I went looking for a belief in which the woman knows her place.

Because Allah knows best so do I.

In my belief there is room for a corrective slap. In my belief a woman must walk behind the man.In my belief a woman cannot demand alimony. In my belief an unfaithful wife is stoned to death. It is a miracle to see how happy are women become, they know their place and fear the hand of their husband and are afraid o f their master. Compare their happiness to that of the whores here, the Western women who complain and argue, don't want to give in, has a big mouth, and babbles about equal rights.

There are more advantages associated with my beliefs.

But the biggest advantage is that the Mayor of Amsterdam is a useful idiot who continually seeks a 'dialouge' with us.

As you know there is just one truth,that of Allah.

As you know there is but one belief . That of ours.

Apostates, heretics, homosexuals, and Jews, they will all be vanquished under the Thousand Year Reich of Allah which is steadily approaching.

Mayor Cohen -peace be upon him -thinks that we will leave you alone, but you know better of course and so do I !

Women will have to keep their mouths shut and the punishment for all the other vermin will be terrible.

But Cohen thinks that we are reasonable people who want to live in peace.

You and I we know better.

I don't want to live together.

With Allah's help I want to serve my brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia. I want to collect money for Al Qaeda in the Al Tarweed Mosque, and perpetrate attacks so I can get to paradise !

Mayor Cohen -peace be upon him- took the trouble after September 11th, you recall that time when we taught the Satan America a lesson, to come to our mosque .

He used the word ‘respect', that innocuous term that we also use to give you the impression that we are a minority which is being discriminated against.

We demand respect which means that we are going to make you submit to our will.

Cohen- peace be upon him- is a sucker for dialogue , in his own words ," to hold things together ."

Blessed are the innocent in spirit .

Cohen won't get very far once we are in charge .

Amsterdam is changing so fast and so much attests to this

.Allah knows best and has big plans for this city. I want to voice my gratitude that my eyes were opened and I embraced the true belief, the only one.

Oh yes, and there is still Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who according to my brother Aboe Jah Jah,needs to be put away and to shut her mouth. Mrs. Hirsi Ali as a so called ‘representative of the people", needs to be guarded day and night,at the cost of the tax payer.That's a lot of money which could be put to better use, for example, for Islamic schools.

We will deal with the Hirsi Ali problem soon enough, despite the bodyguards.

Because Allah knows best. It's only a question of time when there will be nice funeral, just like with that other heathen, Pim Fortuijn.

What's nice about your democracy is that all the problems solve themselves.

Above all continue with the ‘dialouge' which Cohen is advocating.

A dialogue which consists of licking my boots and that of my brothers without us having to do anything in return.

We spit on you and you think it is a rain shower .

Allah is the scourge which will conquer Amsterdam, don't think that it won't happen.

I who have seen the light, know better.

It is a godly sojourn under the heel of Allah.

Sleep well, good Amsterdammers .

Theo Van Gogh


MIM: A photograph of Theo Van Gogh's killer Mohammed Bouyeri was put on a Dutch program 'Opsporing Gezocht' the equivalent of 'America's Most Wanted'.' Despite being ruled against the law many newspapers and television shows posted the picture in the public interest. One of the reasons given was that due to the proliferation of Muslim men with the name of Mohammed B. law enforcement wanted to avoid confusion as to the identity of the suspect about whom they were requesting information. An anonymous tip line was set up staffed by Arabic speakers especially for this purpose.



The suspect: 26-year-old Mohammed Bouyeri.


Takfir: Chameleon among Islamists

by NRC Handelsblad editors Steven Adolph and Wubby Luyendijk

translated by Beila Rabinowitz director MIM

The struggle against Muslim terror is a war of ideas, wrote VVD'er Van Aartsen. What is known about the ideas of the Koran teacher who, according to the AIVD (The General Intelligence and Security Services) inspired the murderer of Theo van Gogh?

Rotterdam 10 Nov. 2004

They are the chameleons among the Muslim extremists. They are permitted to do everything which is prohibited by the Koran as long as long as it serves the purpose of the armed struggle against unbelieving Jews, unbelieving Christians, and lapsed Muslims. Alcohol, pork, theft, falsification of passports, and not observing Ramadan: The Muhajedin (warriors) of Takfir wal Hirja lead a modern western life so that they can destroy the unbelieving western society from within.

The Syrian Koran teacher of Mohammed B. the suspect in the murder of Theo van Gogh, is according to the Intelligence Services the AIVD, a member of the Muslim extremist movement Takfir wal Hijra .This is a stream within the violent political Islam, stated in an official report from the BVD in 2001 (MIM Note :The Binnenlandse Veiligheids Dienst which is now known as the AIVD), which is waging an armed struggle against unbelievers, Jews, Christians, and lapsed Muslims.

The French terrorism expert Roland Jacquard qualifies Takfir wal Hijra as Islamic facism. Members of Takfir wal Hijra are the most fanatical Islamists, says Jacquard who advises the Council of Europe and the United Nations.

"They are the ones who are recruited to organise and carry out the most destructive and destabilising massive terror attacks." "With indoctrination as their trademark". "Takfir wal Hijra is a sect"."Once you get in you can never get out."

The ideolouge of Takfir was Hijra states the official report is Abu Muhammad Asem al Maqdisi who was born in 1959 in 'Palestine'. Maqdisi is an intractable opponent of democracy and party forming. "He is striving for the implementation of a single Islamic Umma which will be led by a Caliph and would be based exclusively on Islamic (shari'a) law." Since 1990, according to intelligence services,the members of Takfir wal, has accepted the Palestine Afghanistan veteran Hijrah Abdellah Al Rifaee (Abu Issa) as Caliph. He is now living in the United Kingdom.

Abu Issa wants to build up his Islamist world empire from out of Pakistan. The chosen land of the hijra (emigration). Abu Issa according to his public statements says that stealing is permissable as long as it occurs on enemy territory of unbelieving Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

There are living namely, the Kuffars, (unbelievers), and they have to be disadvantaged in defense of Islam. The intelligence services suspect that the money is going to "brothers in Pakistan, Sudan, and Eritrea".

In Spain the hand of Takfir wal Hijrah is suspected behind a broad terror network which was busted under the code name 'Operation Nova'.

This operation aimed at the leadership of the Spanish investigative judge Balthasar Garzon. The group had eyed Balthasar Garzon's own court building as the target of a huge attack.

The group recruited their members among Muslims in the Spanish prisons, according to the investigative judge. The advantage of this was that many of the 31 suspects were already imprisoned.

The Spanish research dossier for Takfir al Hijrah, which operates under the name 'Martyrs of Morrocco' regards Salafism the extreme fundamentalist ideology which also inspires Al Qaeda as the unifying element.

But their is no indication of a clear hierarchy with the group. That is what makes the organisation so hard to pin down.

What is clear is that many convicted criminals are attracted towards Takfir wal Hijra, because, as martyrs they will still be able to claim a place Paradise. Theft,fraud,falsification of documents, and drug dealing : all this is permitted as long as it will be for the good of the holy war against the unbelievers.

Supposedly after being brainwashed by the leader or emir of the group ("pyschological and religious preparation according to th dossier of Garzon), the followers are prepared to carry out the most extreme actions against people. Suicide is at most a necessary consequence of the way which has been prepared for them. Martyrdom is highly valued in the struggle against the enemy. Individual and spontaneous actions are highly valued.

Due to their ability to lead an inconspicuous life the Takfir was Hijra had proven in the past to have been especially sucessful. The assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, in 1981 by soldiers of the Egyptian army, was attributed to Islamic Jihad. This group would later splinter into other factions, among them Takfir wal Hijra.

Takfir later surfaced in Algeria as perpetrators of hit and run attacks which were separate from those of the FIS.(MIM Note: Front Islamique Salut - The Islamic Salvation Front). Last year several Takfir- members were arrested in Sudan who were deemed responsible for putting together a 'death list' of eleven prominent Christian, left wing politicians, and jurists and journalists.

Some of the perpetrators of the September 11th attacks such as Mohammed Atta, were considered to be possible Takfir members because of the high degree to which his profile conformed to the members of this sect.

The Algerian GIA (Group Islamique Arme- The Armed Islamic Group) is according to the Dutch intelligence services the "the most talked about example of a group which has brought Tafkir ideologie in practice to the extreme. This terrorist group began with attacks on the representatives of the power of government power, but for several years now has manifested their presence by engaging in massacres of entire populations. Any form of dialouge with any lapsed power brokers is totally ruled out by the GIA.

The group GIA must not be confused with the Jammat Al Tawhid wal Jihad which threatened Holland with attacks yesterday over the internet. Al Tawhid which has recently become part of Al Qaeda is under the leadership of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi , the man who is being held responsible for most of the kidnappings and beheadings in Iraq.


Takfir: kameleon onder islamisten

De strijd tegen moslimterreur is een ideeënstrijd, schreef VVD'er Van Aartsen. Wat is er bekend over de ideeën van de koranleraar die volgens de AIVD de moordenaar van Van Gogh inspireerde?

Door onze redacteuren Steven Adolf en Wubby Luyendijk

ROTTERDAM, 10 NOV. Ze zijn de kameleon onder de moslimextremisten. Hen is alles toegestaan wat Allah en de koran verboden hebben zolang ze daarmee de gewapende heilige strijd dienen tegen ongelovige joden, ongelovige christenen en afvallige moslims. Drank, varkensvlees, diefstal, het vervalsen van paspoorten en het niet eerbiedigen van de ramadan: de mujahedin (strijders) van Takfir wal Hijra leven een modern westers leven zodat ze diezelfde ongelovige westerse maatschappij van binnenuit kunnen vernietigen.

De Syrische koranleraar van Mohammed B, verdachte van de moord op Theo van Gogh, is volgens de inlichtingendienst AIVD lid van de moslimextremistische beweging Takfir wal Hijra. Dit is een stroming binnen de gewelddadige politieke islam, staat in een ambtsbericht van de toenmalige BVD in 2001, die een gewapende strijd voert tegen ongelovigen: joden, christenen en afvallige moslims.

De Franse terrorismedeskundige Roland Jacquard kwalificeert Takfir wal Hijra als islamitisch fascisme. Aanhangers van Takfir wal Hijra zijn de allerfanatiekste islamisten, zegt Jacquard, die adviseert aan de Raad van Europa en de Verenigde Naties.

,,Zij zijn degenen die worden ingeschakeld om ontwrichtende grote aanslagen te organiseren en uit te voeren." Met indoctrinatie als handelsmerk: ,,Takfir wal Hijra is een sekte. Als je er eenmaal inzit, kom je er nooit meer uit."

Ideoloog van Takfir wal Hijra, staat in het Nederlandse ambtsbericht, is de in 1959 geboren Palestijn Abu Muhammad Asem al-Maqdisi. Maqdisi is een fel tegenstander van partijvorming en democratie. ,,Hij streeft naar het herstel van de eenheid van de islamitische umma die door een kalief op exclusieve basis van de islamitische wet (shari'a) geleid wordt." Sinds 1990 hebben de leden van de Takfir wal de Palestijnse Afghanistan-veteraan Hijra Abdellah Al Rifaee (Abu Issa) als 'kalief' geaccepteerd, aldus de inlichtingendienst. Deze is woonachtig in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Abu Issa wil zijn islamitische wereldrijk opbouwen vanuit Pakistan, het uitverkoren land van de hijra (emigratie). Abu Issa, blijkt uit zijn publieke uitlatingen, vindt ook stelen geoorloofd zolang dat gebeurt op vijandig grondgebied van ongelovige christenen, joden en afvallige moslims.

Daar leven namelijk kuffaar (ongelovigen), en die mogen worden benadeeld ter verdediging van de islam. De inlichtingendienst vermoedt dat het criminele geld verdwijnt naar ,,broeders in Pakistan, Soedan en Eritrea".

In Spanje wordt de hand van Takfir wal Hijra vermoed achter een uitgebreid terreurnetwerk dat de afgelopen weken onder de codenaam 'operatie Nova' werd opgerold.

Deze operatie stond leiding van de Spaanse onderzoeksrechter Baltasar Garzón. De groep had Garzóns eigen rechtbankgebouw in Madrid op het oog voor een grote aanslag.

De sekte ronselde haar leden volgens de onderzoeksrechter onder moslims in de Spaanse gevangenissen. Dat had als voordeel dat een belangrijk deel van de 31 verdachten bij arrestatie al vastzat.

Het Spaanse onderzoeksdossier naar Takfir wal Hijra, die in Spanje opereerde onder de naam 'Martelaren voor Marokko', kwalificeert het salafisme, de extreem fundamentalistische ideologie die ook Al-Qaeda-aanhangers inspireerde, tot samenbindend element.

Maar van een duidelijke hiërarchie binnen de organisatie is geen sprake. Dat maakt de organisatie moeilijk grijpbaar.

Duidelijk is wel dat verschillende veroordeelde criminelen zich tot de Takfir wal Hijra aangetrokken voelden omdat ze als martelaar alsnog een plek kunnen verwerven in het paradijs. Diefstal, oplichting, vervalsing, drugshandel: alles is toegestaan mits het de heilige oorlog tegen de ongelovigen ten goede komt.

Aldus gehersenspoeld door de leider of emir van de groep (,,psychologische en religieuze voorbereiding", staat in het dossier van Garzón) zijn de volgelingen bereid tot de meest vergaande acties tegen personen. Zelfmoord is daarbij hooguit een noodzakelijke consequentie van de weg die voor hen wordt uitgestippeld. Het martelaarschap staat in hoog aanzien in strijd tegen de vijand, individuele en spontane acties worden gewaardeerd.

Door hun vermogen desnoods jarenlang een onopvallend bestaan te leiden bleken de strijders van Takfir wal Hijra in het verleden bijzonder succesvol. De moordaanslag op de Egyptische president Anwar Sadat, in 1981, door soldaten uit het Egyptische leger wordt toegeschreven aan de Islamitische Jihad. Deze groep zou later in fracties uiteenvallen, waaronder Takfir wal Hijra.

Later dook Al Takfir op in Algerije als uitvoerder van hit-and-run-aanslagen die los stonden van de terreuraanslagen uitgevoerd door het FIS. Vorig jaar werden in Soedan enkele verdachte Takfir-leden gearresteerd die verantwoordelijk werden gehouden voor het opstellen van een dodenlijst van elf prominente christelijke en linkse politici, juristen en journalisten.

Sommige van de deelnemers aan de aanslagen van 11 september, zoals Mohammed Atta, worden voor Takfir-leden gehouden vanwege de hoge mate waarin hun profiel voldoet aan dat van een deelnemer in deze sekte.

De Algerijnse GIA is volgens de Nederlandse inlichtingendienst het ,,meest spraakmakende voorbeeld van een groepering die de takfirideologie tot het extreme in praktijk heeft gebracht. Deze terroristische organisatie begon met aanslagen op vertegenwoordigers van de staatsmacht, maar leeft zich sinds enkele jaren uit in ware slachtpartijen onder de eigen bevolking. Elke vorm van dialoog met afvallige machthebbers wordt door de GIA uitgesloten."

De groep Takfir war Hijra moet overigens niet verward worden met Jamaat al-Tawhid wal Jihad die gisteren via internet dreigde met aanslagen in Nederland. Al Tawhid, dat zich sinds kort beschouwt als een onderdeel van Al-Qaeda, staat onder leiding van de bekende terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, de man die verantwoordelijk wordt gehouden voor een groot deel van de ontvoeringen en onthoofdingen in Irak.



50 reacties na tonen foto B.

Door een onzer redacteuren

AMSTERDAM, 30 NOV. Na de uitzending van het tv-programma Opsporing Verzocht gisteravond zijn er volgens de politie ruim vijftig telefonische reacties binnengekomen in de zaak rond de moord op Theo Van Gogh. In die uitzending werd na speciale toestemming van minister Donner van Justitie een foto getoond van hoofdverdachte Mohammed B. kort na de moord.

Justitie spreekt van ,,veel tips", maar over de aard van de reacties wil de politie niets zeggen. Uit de vragen die in de uitzending werden gesteld bleek dat justitie vooral geïnteresseerd is in de voorbereiding van de moord, en de vraag of daar anderen bij betrokken zijn geweest. Het dossier biedt daarvoor ,,onvoldoende aanknopingspunten", zo zei landsadvocaat mr. E. Daalder gisteren tijdens een kort geding voor de Amsterdamse rechtbank. Dat kort geding was aangespannen door mr. J. Plasman, de advocaat van Mohammed B., die tevergeefs probeerde het tonen van de foto van zijn cliënt te voorkomen.

Justitie blijkt nog weinig te weten over de route die Mohammed B. in de ochtend van 2 november zou hebben afgelegd vanuit zijn woning in de Marianne Philipsstraat in Amsterdam-West naar de plek van het misdrijf, de Linnaeusstraat in Amsterdam-Oost. Heeft hij de vermoedelijk gestolen Gazelle damesfiets gebruikt die bij hem werd aangetroffen, heeft hij het openbaar vervoer genomen of is hij door iemand opgehaald?

Ook wil justitie weten of mensen in de weken voor de moord hebben gezien of Van Gogh werd gevolgd op zijn vaste route van huis naar werk. Dat zou kunnen wijzen op een gedegen voorbereiding voor de moord. En bij alles wil justitie antwoord hebben op de vraag of Mohammed B. handlangers had ,,Wie heeft gezien dat Mohammed B. contact, misschien wel oogcontact, heeft gehad met andere personen," zo luidt een van de vragen van de politie.

Precies dat was de reden dat Plasman zich gisteren verzette tegen de openbaarmaking van de foto van Mohammed B., die daar op te zien is met een kaalgeschoren hoofd en een kort vlassig baardje. Plasman vond dat het grondrecht van zijn cliënt op privacy niet opgeofferd mocht worden aan het onderzoek naar ,,andere verdachten of de mogelijke betrokkenheid van derden". In de zaak Van Gogh zitten nog zes anderen vast voor betrokkenheid bij de moord. Het is voor het eerst in Nederland dat justitie een foto publiceert van een verdachte die al in de gevangenis zit en dus zelf niet meer gezocht wordt. ,,Als heel Nederland weet hoe Mohammed B. er uitziet, moet gevreesd worden voor zijn leven.", aldus Plasman.

Mohammed B. beroept zich op zijn zwijgrecht en beantwoordt geen vragen van justitie, zo bleek gisteren. Na een verhoor van twintig minuten kort na de moord heeft de politie ook niet meer geprobeerd hem te ondervragen. Plasman zinspeelde op de mogelijkheid dat Mohammed B. wel wil praten als hij zou weten dat justitie van plan is anders een foto van hem te tonen. B. ligt in het gevangenisziekenhuis in Scheveningen met een gebroken been en kan volgens Plasman nauwelijks zijn bed uitkomen.

Het openbaar ministerie verdedigde de publicatie van de foto gisteren met het argument dat het gaat om een zaak die ,,grote beroering" heeft gewekt. De rechtbank zal later deze week met een onderbouwing van het vonnis komen.

NRC Handelsblad hanteert het principe dat verdachten in Nederland niet herkenbaar in de krant komen, noch met naam noch in beeld.

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