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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > We Don't CAIR Conference in Oklahoma City - Tuesday March 23rd

We Don't CAIR Conference in Oklahoma City - Tuesday March 23rd

March 18, 2010

We Don't CAIR Conference

Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ will be joined by Oklahoman's Against CAIR Hate to Protest the Council on American-Islamic Relations Annual Banquet

Contact: Pastor Paul Blair, 405-348-1745

OKLAHOMA CITY, March 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Tuesday, March 23rd, Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ will be hosting a conference at Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon to educate the Oklahoma public about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR of Oklahoma will be holding its annual banquet three days earlier. "We Don't CAIR" will bring attention to CAIR's ties to radical Islam, including its listing by the federal government as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in a trial related to fundraising for the terrorist organization, Hamas.

The theme for CAIR's banquet is "A New Era of Hope," but Pastor Paul Blair remarks that if CAIR's future is anything like its past, then the title is misleading. Blair states, "The FBI recorded the 1993 meeting in Philadelphia from which the idea for CAIR was born. The organizers had direct ties to the radical terrorist group, Muslim Brotherhood. Their stated goal was to create a political and public relations organization in America whose 'Islamic hue (was) not very conspicuous'." Pastor Blair added, "United States Attorneys have been very candid in saying that CAIR has conspired to support terrorists."

Among the evening's events, Martin Mawyer, founder of Christian Action Network, will be speaking about his organization's work in exposing other aspects of the radical Islamic threat in the United States. Premiering at the event will be the group's new film, 'Islam Rising: Geert Wilders' Warning to America."

The documentary features the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders who is currently on trial in his country for "hate speech" for criticizing Islam. Despite being under constant threat, Wilders continues to speak and give grave warnings about the future of America.

"The goal of Islamic immigration is not to assimilate, but to dominate," Pastor Blair states. "Wilders' case shows how radical Islamic forces are using political correctness to intimidate and suppress freedom of speech."

Mawyer will also be discussing the threat from radical Islamic paramilitary camps in the U.S. as shown in CAN's previous film, "Homegrown Jihad." According to one document cited in the film, one such camp operating under the name "Muslims of the Americas" is in Talhina, OK.

The "We Don't CAIR" event begins at 6:30 PM at Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon. The church's address is 600 N. Cemetery Road. Admission to the event is free.

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