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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > CAIR targets society's most vulnerable in Jihad through da'wa campaign via Elderhostel and 'Muslims Care' programs

CAIR targets society's most vulnerable in Jihad through da'wa campaign via Elderhostel and 'Muslims Care' programs

June 18, 2006

MIM: Under the guise of "Building Bridges to Islam" CAIR has been targetting the elderly with a program designed to indoctrinate them about Islam with the aim of conversion. Even more insidious is their newly announced "MUSLIMS CARE" campaign which exhorts Muslims to volunteer to help cancer patients and at risk youth by signing up for patient visitation programs at hospitals and to become mentors in the Big Brother and Sister programs. (see below). The cynical exploitation of people at their most vulnerable for da'wa purposes shows that CAIR has heeded the words of Sheik Yusuf Qawadawi, a founder of The Muslim Brotherhood, who told US Muslims in 1995 that America would 'not be conquered by Jihad of the sword - but by Jihad through da'wa'. The question remains as to how many 'graduates' of the CAIR/Elderhostel program did convert to Islam, or are planning to, and if Elderhostel is being funded by CAIR for their efforts on it's behalf. Even CAIR admits that their motives are image building and not altruism ,and that their volunteerism is a well oiled PR attempt to change public perceptions of Islam - by helping those in need- CAIR gains access to potential converts.
"...The "Muslims Care" kit also offers advice to Islamic religious leaders about how they can promote volunteerism in local mosques and suggests partnering with established volunteer groups such as the American Cancer Society and Big Brother/Big Sisters.
CAIR Chicago's head Rabiah Ahmed cited:
"...a recently-conducted CAIR opinion survey showing that a majority of Americans said they would change their views about Islam and Muslims if they perceived that Muslims were more concerned about issues such as healthcare, education and the economy.
MIM: A CAIR delegation has been touring Arab countries with the goal of raising $ 50 million dollars to "improve the image of Muslims in the United States".

After lunch, Rehab leads the group through the mosque, during which participants get the opportunity to observe one of the five daily prayers.

Participants listen to the recitation of the Quran, which is performed during the noon time prayer.



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1200 Americans Graduate Educational Campaign By CAIR-Chicago & Elderhostel

May 9, 2006

Elderhostel Sample Photos - Click Here

The Chicago Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations announced today that it is wrapping up its successful 2006 Building Bridges to Islam Day of Discovery tomorrow.

Since 2005, over 1200 Americans have graduated from CAIR-Chicago's "Building Bridges to Islam" lecture series, sponsored by Elderhostel.

The all day program which takes place a few times each year has drawn rave reviews as a tool of understanding regarding some of the most intriguing issues related to Islam in today's news. See testimonies below.

Join us tomorrow for the last of this year's all day programs as a new group of 80 Americans spends a full day of discovery with CAIR Chicago at the beautiful Mosque of Des Plaines. They will be sure to bring their questions and comments to which we hope to provide insightful answers.

Members of the media are welcome any time between 10am to 2:45pm and are welcome to join participants for the catered Egyptian lunch.

Click here to view itinerary of tomorrow's program:

Click here to view photos of last week's program:

Click her to read the Chicago Tribune's coverage of last year's Building Bridges to Islam campaign:

Is the image of Muslims we see in the media the true face of Islam? What is it like to be a Muslim in the United States today? We answer these questions and more as we gain an introduction to Islam and examine the faith, cultures and traditions it has created.

After lunch, take an interpretive tour of the masjid (mosque) and observe the Muslim noontime prayer. An afternoon discussion on Islam today dispels myths and clarifies misunderstandings about Islam and questions relating to women in Islam, jihad, democracy in Islam, human rights and Muslims in America. The program concludes with a question-and-answer dialogue.

What: A full day of Discovery – Building Bridges to Islam. 80 Americans will be hosted at a Chicago area Mosque for a full day of interaction and learning.
When: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 10:00 AM to 2:45PM
Where: Islamic Community Center of Des Plaines located at 480 Potter Rd. Des Plaines IL


"Thank you for an excellent program. I learned so much about your faith that was new to me - especially the history and also the revering of Mary. Congratulations on your work to establish bridges of understanding. It is the only way to bring PEACE to our world".
– B. Moody

"Quite informative - great way to spend this day!"
– Sonya Hirschberg

"Very informative and worthwhile. I am so glad I came and hope to follow up by continuing to study more. I feel inspired and hopeful. Lunch was great!"
– Ethel Draper

"Very meaningful - many wrong ideas were corrected - serious moments and enjoyable moments (light hearted) were nicely balanced. Presentations were terrific. I certainly well recommend this program".
– Ted Zelewsky

"Many thanks for a truly excellent educational offering. You managed to keep it very neutral - but responded with care and intelligence to all questions. I learned a lot today and intend to spread the word on the good work CAIR is doing".
– Marianne Zelewsky

"Speaker was very good, very knowledgeable. Great session with excellent food.
CAIR sounds like a great organization of hope and it is very successful".
– Richard S.

"Great overview. Excellent spokesperson. Open to all questions. Thank you".
– Roy Lundin

"I greatly enjoyed this opportunity to learn about the Islam religion and the historical context. P.S. The lunch was delicious. P.P.S. This reinforces my belief mankind is more similar than different".
– Beverly Nelson

"Efficient use of time. Welcome atmosphere. Delicious meal. Well presented information. Given time restrictions, it was an excellent day".
– Corinne Lyon

"Ahmed Rehab is a really effective and knowledgeable leader for this event! The openness to all questions of interest was much appreciated. I was interested in the fact that my problems with some of the Muslim beliefs are very similar to the questions I have about my own Christian faith".
– Eugene Krell

"This event met - exceeded actually - my expectation for informative, comprehensive (as opposed to simplistic) presentations. Thank you for the openness of attitude + the respectful way you handled all the questions! Very well done - I am glad".
– Anonymous

"I learned so much! I was not informed on Islam and I feel now I will be more understanding and intend to read more. I was surprised that Islam grew out of Judaism and Christianity, and as a Catholic, so pleased with your admiration of Mary. Loved this day!"
– Suzanne Kadlec

"This program was very well planned and the speakers were excellent".
– Anonymous

"Most informative day. I learned so much. Ahmed Rehab is so articulate and informative. The entire panel added insights. Thank you".
– Dolores Hannan

"Very informative on Islam basic beliefs and lifestyles".
– Daniel Jenny

"This presentation has been very informative. I enjoyed learning so many things about Islam that I had not known previously. Good question and answer period. The lunch from Nefertiti was delicious".
– Patricia Chapman

"Very informative, excellent speakers. Thank you for the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of Islam. You are providing a valuable service".
– Anonymous

"Food was very good. Speakers interesting.Eye-opener".
– Anonymous

"Excellent program! Thank you for the open dialogue and method the material was presented".
– Anonymous

"The speakers were excellent! It was informative - educational in every way - very open and encouraging of participation".
– Janis O'Neill

"Excellent presentations which provided better understanding of Islam".
– Anonymous

"The program had great information. The instructor was very interesting and able to answer all questions".
– Anonymous

"Thank you for a very informing and interesting day. I learned a lot. The panel markers + speakers were very knowledgeable".
– Anonymous

"I loved the Q + A sessions. [T]his was a very informational program."
– Debbie Schaerper

"A wonderful program. I have a much better understanding of the Muslim world. Keep up the good work".
– Anonymous

"The content of the program was excellent, and the program's application to the wider world more helpful. The length of the program, its perspective and the events (lecture, lunch, morning prayer) was complete and right amount of time".
– Kate Kaltenbach

"Informative - SERVED its purpose. Well organized. Excellent moderator".
– Al Geller

"This was an excellent presentation which disseminated great deal pertinent information about Islam and Muslims".
– Anonymous

"I thought the program was very organized and informative. It reinforced what I already knew about Islam and also increased my knowledge".
– Sandra Detraz

"Very informational. Glad I came and learned a lot".
- Anonymous

"Thanks for an informative day".
– Mary Spyers-Duvan

"Lunch was terrific! Panelists were, too!"
– Anonymous

"This has been very helpful in doing what the title names - building bridges of understanding. The day has been very worthwhile".
– Anonymous

"I thought the program was excellent and I appreciate what I have learned about Islam".
– Jeanne Berry

"Keep doing what you're doing. Really informative. Thank you".
– Barbara Zeller

"Very good presentation. Good information".
– Anonymous

"You deserve great credit for educating people about Islam and opening all of us to dialogue. Thank you".
– Elaine M. Stenzel

"Thank you for doing this program. I learned a lot".
– Marjorie Susa

"Very informative day. Excellent presenters. I hope you are reaching young people in Chicago".
– Anonymous

"This was very informative - Ahmed Rehab is an excellent presenter. Questions were fielded well!"
– Anonymous

"This was a wonderful supply of information. I appreciated seeing the mosque and boys' class and prayer and translation. The food was delicious. Especially appreciated the questions and thoughtful honest answers."
– Anonymous

"A day like this through Elderhostel or any other organization is an excellent way to build understanding of the Muslims."
– Anonymous

"Very good program. Very complete for time allocated."
– Anonymous

"Thank you for the wonderful talks and insights on Islam. I'm positive you are doing the right thing in helping the people to have a much better understanding of Islam. I thought it was an excellent presentation. I can't think of anything to improve on it. It has given me a much better understanding of Islam along with the books recommended for reading. Thanks again."
– Anonymous

"The program was very well presented - the schedule went right along and nothing was boring. The lunch was very good also."
– Anonymous

- END -



CAIR Launches 'Muslims Care' Volunteerism Campaign

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Summer-long effort focused on health, helping the needy, youth activities

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 5/25/06) - CAIR today called on American Muslims to support its second annual campaign, called "Muslims Care," designed to promote volunteerism in the Islamic community.

In the summer-long initiative, CAIR will offer Muslims the resources and information they need to help improve the communities in which they live. This year, CAIR will again ask Muslims across the country to focus on health awareness, helping the needy and activities for youth.

[NOTE: DC-area Muslims will participate in the Komen National Race for the Cure in Washington D.C., on June 3. SEE: http://www.nationalraceforthecure.org/ Register under "MLM Muslims Cair" team name.]

Visitors to CAIR's campaign website, www.muslims-care.org, will be able to download a toolkit containing information about how to become a volunteer and suggesting volunteer activities such as blood drives, health awareness fairs and student tutoring. CAIR is suggesting that community members visit the "Muslims Care" website to submit local volunteer opportunities and see what activities are available in their state.

The "Muslims Care" kit also offers advice to Islamic religious leaders about how they can promote volunteerism in local mosques and suggests partnering with established volunteer groups such as the American Cancer Society and Big Brother/Big Sisters.

Local Islamic leaders and imams are being encouraged to give Friday sermons on the importance of volunteerism. The "Muslims Care" toolkit has sample verses from the Quran and hadith to incorporate in the sermons.

"As Muslims, we are encouraged to work to improve the communities in which we live," said CAIR Communication Coordinator Rabiah Ahmed.

Ahmed cited a recently-conducted CAIR opinion survey showing that a majority of Americans said they would change their views about Islam and Muslims if they perceived that Muslims were more concerned about issues such as healthcare, education and the economy.


1) Download the "Muslims Care" toolkit from: http://www.muslims-care.org

2) Search the website for volunteer opportunities in your area or contact your local CAIR office for volunteer opportunities.

3) Submit volunteer activities that are occurring locally so that CAIR can share those activities with others.

4) Form a "Muslims Care" committee to coordinate Muslim volunteerism efforts in your community.

5) Come up with your own volunteer activities. For example, Muslim physicians could offer blood pressure screenings at houses of worship.

6) Encourage local leaders and imams to give Friday sermons on the importance of volunteerism. See the "Muslims Care" toolkit for sample verses of the Quran and hadith to incorporate in your khutba.

7) Document and report all local campaign activities by sending articles with photos to: rahmed@cair-net.org


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