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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Center For Security Policy Polling Data : 75% Of Americans Oppose Iranian Nuke Deal

Center For Security Policy Polling Data : 75% Of Americans Oppose Iranian Nuke Deal

June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – The Center for Security Policy recently commissioned an opinion survey to be undertaken regarding American attitudes on matters pertaining to national security. The first release of these findings showed that a huge majority of the public opposes the proposed nuclear deal currently being negotiated between Team O and the world's largest funder of terrorism, Iran.

"This opinion research was performed by The Polling Company and established that a majority of Americans (54%) are very or somewhat "familiar with this diplomatic initiative." Even more impressive is the finding that they overwhelmingly oppose it – by a margin of 75 to 16 percent (with 9% saying they don't know or cannot judge). Of that supermajority, 60% say they strongly oppose Obama's deal. The poll also found that by a better than two-thirds majority, those polled want Congress to be able to reject this deal. This is a particularly important finding because federal legislators did recently agree to give themselves a chance to vote on it. Unfortunately, in so doing, they accepted arrangements as part of the so-called Corker-Cardin bill that will make it exceedingly difficult to defeat whatever the President negotiates…" [source, The American People Overwhelmingly Oppose Obama's Iran Deal Legislators Rubber Stamp It At Their Own Peril , Center for Security Policy]

We find it a hopeful sign that more than half the population considers itself reasonably informed about the matter given its apparent indifference to much of what is coming out of the DC Beltway.

This wide public awareness could be seen as potentially representing trouble for the administration which continues to insist that the agreement is not a treaty and therefore doesn't require approval by the U.S. Senate.

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