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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > CAIR wages Jihad against the First Amendment -County Commissioner's wife's letter "I believe what is happening is illegal"

CAIR wages Jihad against the First Amendment -County Commissioner's wife's letter "I believe what is happening is illegal"

November 12, 2006

MIM: Below is the text of the letter which Mary Ann Hogan, the wife of City Commissioner Tom Hogan, wrote criticising the county for misuse of resources and taxpayer funding by 'renting out employees' to the mosque in Hernando County (which has no name) located on Barclay Street. In her letter the Commissioner's wife noted that she thought there was something illegal, and in later newspaper reports she mentioned a violation of separation between church and state. Mary Ann Hogan's sense that what was happening in connection with the Hernando mosque is illegal should be investigated, as another possibly illegal enterprise. That a trustee and founder of the Hernando mosque, Dr.Imad Tarabishy, registered a shell company called Bright International Ltd. with a Canadian address, which is a shell for the Al Qaeda funding front Benevolence International Foundation. BIF International was closed down in the United States for terrorism funding, as was it's office in Waterloo Canada, but the Toronto address of Bright International, belongs to Assadullah Farahmand, who is also the director of the Afghanistan Information and Rehabilitation Bureau and the Al Ansar mosque.The vice chair of the Council on American Islamic Relations, (which is waging a jihad against the Hogans in the United States via their Tampa office lead by Ahmed Bedier,)was the lawyer for BIF and is a frequent visitor to the Al Ansar mosque.

Instead trying to censor the Hogans, the press and public should be loudly demanding why the only mosque in Hernando, which spreads Wahhabism and whose trustee and founder Imad Tarabishy, gave money to Al Qaeda and is the registered agent of a shell company for the terror funding front called the Afghanistan Information and Rehabilitation Bureau in Canada, was able granted any type of public resources and has not been shut down as a threat to Homeland Security.

The Facts about the Hernando County mosque on Barclay Street:

1) The Mosque at 6307 Barclay Avenue in Hernando is owned by the North American Islamic Trust, a Wahhabist institution which propagates the implemention of shari'a law in the United States.

(Another local NAIT employee, who ran a mosque and the Islamic Academy elementary school in Tampa was Sami Al Arian, who is in jail awaiting deportation on terrorism charges-the school was also mentioned in his indictment). http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/691

2) One of the founders and prayer leaders of the mosque is Imad Tarabishy, who is also a board member and trustee of NAIT.

3) Imad Tarabishy is listed as a director of the Islamic Foundation of The Tampa Area, along with two based in Saudi Arabia.

4)According to testimony presented by The Investigative Project, at a government hearing, Imad Tarabishy has given $786,600 to Benevolence International Foundation (BIF) a group directly tied to Bin Laden and the Global Relief Foundation a subsidiary of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

5) A frequent visitor to the Al Ansar Masjid is Ahmed Kutty, the father of Faisal Kutty, the vice chair of CAIR Canada and the spokesman and lawyer for Benevolence International Foundation. In 2003 Ahmed Kutty was denied entrance into the United States after he flew from Canada to Orlando and called a security risk. He was carrying a business card for the Islamic Society of North America., an affiliate of NAIT, the Saudi funded North American Islamic Trust owns the Hernando mosque. Imad Tarabishy, the registered agent of The Afghanistan Information and Rehabilition Bureau aka Al Ansar is also a board member of NAIT. In the same year Kutty was detained, the then head of the Islamic Society of North America, Syeed Sayid, visited the Hernando mosque to thank the members for funding the ISNA conference. The National Post reported that:

When reports about Benevolence first surfaced following the Sept. 11 attacks, Faisal Kutty, the spokesman for the Canadian branch, released a statement calling the allegations of a terrorist link "false rumours and innuendos."

But the Waterloo office closed its doors last June. On Nov. 19, 2002, the United States and Britain designated Benevolence a "financier of terrorism" and asked the United Nations to freeze its funds. Canada complied on Nov. 22, ordering banks to seize the group's assets.

Several officials associated with the charity are still active in other Canadian non-profit groups, such as the Muslim World League. The Canadian government has not determined what happened to hundreds of thousands of dollars collected by BIF-Canada.

The Canadian wing of Benevolence is being sued by hundreds of people who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. They are alleging the group helped finance al-Qaeda and is therefore partly responsible for 9/11. http://siteinstitute.org/bin/articles.cgi?ID=inthenews2003&Category=inthenews&Subcategory=0

6)According to the McKenzie Institute report on terrorism in Canada

The Benevolence International Fund was active in raising funds in Canada (from its offices in Ottawa, Waterloo, and Mississauga, Ontario) to send to its representatives in war zones in Bosnia, Chechnya, the Kashmir, and to Israel, and the West Bank -- all areas where Muslim fundamentalists are active.


According to the St.Petersburg Times:

Dr. Adel Eldin helped organize the mosque event, and said Tuesday that he was saddened by the Hogans' comments.

"We have nothing to do with the people in Iraq. We are your neighbors."

Eldin made a $200 donation to the county parks department. In exchange, the department loaned the mosque some outdoor children's games, explained Pat Fagan, director of parks and recreation.

The games are available to any group for a $50 deposit, Fagan said. A county employee dropped off and picked up the games. That is not standard practice, but the delivery took place during regular business hours and didn't cost the county any overtime pay, Fagan said.

The department planned to send one staffer to help out. After a complaint by Tom Hogan Sr., the county decided that it was inappropriate to use county resources to staff a religious event, Fagan said.

Mary Ann Hogan complained that the use of county tax dollars to support religion is illegal.

"...llegal is bad enough," she wrote, "but helping to promote the Muslim religion is immoral and un-American."
Fagan called the letter "sick...."

"...State Rep. Dave Russell, a longtime friend and ally of the Hogans, said Tuesday that he was shocked by the comments..."


MIM: Dave Russell's enthusing about theHernando County Muslims may have to do with the fact that Mohammed Abdel Eldin, who runs the mosque at the center of the dispute, has raised money for him. http://www.sptimes.com/2004/05/23/Hernando/Where_two_cultures_li.shtml


See Mary Ann Hogan's letter (PDF)

MIM: Transcription of Mary Ann Hogan's letter to the Hernando Times as it appears in the pdf.

Hernando Times

Letters to the Editor

I am appalled to learn that employees of Hernando county are being "rented out" to the muslim community to help with their Ramadan celebration.

Don't the administratorss of thiis county know that the in honor of Ramadan the Muslims in Iraq havee killed an even greater numbeer of or Soldier and Marines then in the preceding months?

The stated goal of the Muslim faith is to kill us the "infidels".

By providing county employees for their use Hernando conty is sanctioning this hateful,freightening religion.

Eveb though the Muslms have rented our employes, I doubt that the money they coughed up is enough to cover all the expenses we pay for these people,such as insurance,vacation time etc. And because of this unacknowledged,taxpayer covered expense, I believe what is happening is illegal

Illegal is bad enough but helping to promote the Muslim religion is immoral and unAmerican.

Politically incorrect and proud of it,

Mary Ann Hogan

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