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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Video of cleric on trial in UK showed he taught Muslims how to stab 'enemies' stated "We like blood and are addicted to it "

Video of cleric on trial in UK showed he taught Muslims how to stab 'enemies' stated "We like blood and are addicted to it "

Big Ben was planned terror target along with airports, stadiums and skyscrapers
January 12, 2006

"...We ask Muslims to do that, to be capable to do that, to be capable to bleed the enemies of Allah anywhere, by any means," he said. "You can't do it by nuclear weapon, you do it by the kitchen knife, no other solution. You cannot do it by chemical weapons, you have to do it by mice poison."

"Imagine you have only one small knife... you have to stab him here and there until he bleeds to death, until he dies," the video showed Abu Hamza saying..."


Hamza 'had Big Ben as terror target'
By Duncan Gardham
(Filed: 12/01/2006)

Abu Hamza, the Muslim preacher, had a 10-volume terrorism manual at his home which was dedicated to Osama bin Laden and featured a list of targets including Big Ben, skyscrapers, airports and football stadiums, a court heard yesterday.

The Encyclopaedia of Afghani Jihad was written in Arabic between 1989 and 1999 with the help of Mujahadeen fighters in Afghanistan.

Abu Hamza supporters
Supporters of Abu Hamza outside court yesterday

It featured sections on explosives, sabotage and assassination, the Old Bailey was told.

The first volume talks of a holy war against English, French and Communist "imperialists" who protect Israel.

It also refers to an "external pressure unit" which "belongs to the execution unit which operates abroad" and should be sent to a country "at least 10 years" before the Jihad starts.

Among the high-profile targets suggested are the "Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and Big Ben clock".

Targets where there would be bigger loss of life are suggested as "skyscrapers, ports, airports, nuclear plants, football stadiums and large congregations at Christmas".

David Perry, prosecuting, said it was a "manual, a blueprint for terrorism". "It includes all anyone ever needs to know if they want to make a home-made bomb or explosive."

Hamza, 47, who was born in Egypt and has lived in Britain for several years as a British citizen, is accused of nine counts of soliciting to murder, four counts of using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour and two counts of possessing abusive recordings with a view to distribution and possession of a document useful to preparing terrorism.

When police raided his home in west London in May 2004 they found more than 2,700 audio tapes and 570 video tapes, some of them labelled "Jihad", meaning holy war, the court was told.

Hamza was the preacher at Finsbury Park mosque before it closed in 2003. The terrorism encyclopedia was found on the top shelf in a ground- floor room of his house.

The jury saw pictures of Hamza's home in Shepherd's Bush. It contained boxes piled with blank tapes and others labelled "master", suggesting they were being prepared for distribution.

The tapes included sections on the evils of adultery, drink and e-number additives in food.

In one speech, delivered to a meeting in Whitechapel, east London, in 1997 or 1998 Hamza said the role of women should be to encourage their husbands to train children as young as 10 so they could become mujahadeen (holy warriors).

In a tape aimed at young people he said: "When you meet Allah you will be asked who was killed at your hands?"

Britain and Western nations were "100 per cent anti-Islam", he said in another tape, calling on his followers to spread Islam "by the sword" and adding: "European leaders only respect those that are strong."

He said: "Killing the kafir for any reason is OK, killing the kafir for no reason is OK," and he specifically singled out those that granted licences for "wine shops".

Hamza added: "We like blood and are addicted to it. When they say they love Allah they must ask themselves how much fafir blood they have spilt for Allah."

Describing non-believers as "germs and viruses" in another tape he added: "There is no drop of liquid loved by Allah more than blood of Serbs, Jews or any other enemy of Allah."

In a speech about a terrorist attack in Egypt, which killed 58 people in November 1997, Hamza told his audience the tourist industry should be Islamised and added: "While children should not be killed directly, their killing is permissible if they are in the target area."

Asked if suicide bombing was permissible he said: "People call it suicide to put people off. It is not called suicide, it is called martyrdom."

The court heard Hamza was calling for a worldwide "caliphate" of Muslim Shariah law and for a Muslim ruler in the White House.

Hamza claimed Jews were "blasphemous, traitors and dirty" and added that "Hitler was sent to torture and humiliate Jews", the court was told.

Mr Perry said Islam was not the subject of the trial and added: "It is quite clear no religion condones the murder or killing of innocent men, women or children or the dissemination of hatred and bigotry."

Hamza refused to answer questions when he was arrested but gave a statement claiming that Islam was on trial and he had never read the encyclopaedia, which had been given to him as a "gift". He denies all the charges.

The trial continues.



Times Online January 12, 2006

Hamza 'showed followers how to kill the enemy'
By Times Online and PA news
Abu Hamza

The trial of the radical preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri watched a videotaped speech by the cleric today in which he told his followers "to bleed the enemy" as part of the struggle to set up a global Islamic state.

The two-hour long video, recorded at a private meeting in Whitechapel, East London, in late 1997 or early 1998 showed Abu Hamza speaking and answering questions from behind a small table under a banner which read "Al Jihad" next to the words Palestine, Bosnia, Kashmir, Egypt and Afghanistan.

Addressing the meeting in English, Abu Hamza told his supporters that the fight to establish a global Khilafah - Islamic state - would be a "long bloody way" and divided into three phases. The first, he said, was known as "the needle of bleeding the enemy".

"We ask Muslims to do that, to be capable to do that, to be capable to bleed the enemies of Allah anywhere, by any means," he said. "You can't do it by nuclear weapon, you do it by the kitchen knife, no other solution. You cannot do it by chemical weapons, you have to do it by mice poison."

"Imagine you have only one small knife... you have to stab him here and there until he bleeds to death, until he dies," the video showed Abu Hamza saying.

Abu Hamza, on trial for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred, then outlined the second phase of the struggle - when the enemy is "bleeding" and "just about to fall".

In the third period, once Islamic rule was in place, Abu Hamza said Muslims should concentrate on setting up a "buffer zone" against non-believers, which then becomes a "control zone."

According to Abu Hamza's speech, such a fight should continue, "so on and so forth, until you see the Khilafah sitting in the White House ruling from there".

The Old Bailey jury also heard the former imam of the Finsbury Park Mosque give his views on democracy, life in the "toilet" of Britain and descriptions of targets worthy of attacks by Islamic militants. Today's video was the first of nine recorded speeches by Abu Hamza that will be played during the trial.

In answers to questions on the video, Abu Hamza said western democracies were in "freefall" because they had given too much personal freedom to their citizens: "It is falling down, it is crumbling now," he said.

"The society is crumbling because of democracy - because it gives freedoms to the silly people who do not know how to use freedoms and they end up destroying themselves, their family, their country, their morals, their even humanity."

Abu Hamza, now 47, also condoned a wide range of targets for attacks by Islamist sympathisers. He said that brothels, courts and banks that charge interest all deserved to be attacked by "the victorious party", the group of Muslims he envisaged leading global jihad.

"Every place of iniquity, every brothel, every video shop which is selling naked, for the victorious party is a target," he said. "If anybody protect these kufr (infidel) places and these fisq (sinful) places is a target. Anybody who propagate these kind of thing among Muslims is a target.This is the truth."

Abu Hamza, of West London, is charged with nine separate counts of soliciting to murder, four counts of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour intended to stir up racial and two counts of possessing materials useful to terrorists. He denies the charges.

The trial continues.



Cleric wanted Muslim rule in White House

UPI U.K. Correspondent

LONDON, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri told his followers they must wage a violent holy war until Islamic rule was established in the White House, a British court heard Thursday.

Jurors saw a video of Hamza, who is wanted in the United States on terrorism charges, telling a meeting to "bleed the enemies of Allah anywhere, by any means ... until you see the khalifah (caliphate) sitting in the White House ruling from there."

He also likens living in Britain with non-Muslims to being "inside a toilet."

The 47-year-old cleric is wanted in the United States on an 11-count indictment from 2004 that charges him with conspiring to establish a terrorist training camp in Oregon; conspiring to take hostages in Yemen and facilitating terrorist training in Afghanistan.

He is facing 15 charges in Britain, including having a document "useful" to a terrorist and soliciting people to kill non-Muslims, all of which he denies. Under British law, these charges take precedence over the U.S. case. If found guilty, he faces life imprisonment.

The video seen by the court shows Hamza addressing a meeting in east London in 1997-98. Standing under a banner with the words "Al Jihad" in red, the cleric talks of living with "kafirs -- among the most enemies of Islam."

In English, he speaks of Muslims being forced into a life spent "asking [non-Muslims] to give us security from our own oppressive regime, asking them to protect our children, our wives, our money from our own regime, staying in their pavements happy to be there."

He says they were thrown "bits and pieces" as dogs who run after the honey pot, "as they like to call it."

Hamza continues: "It looks like, unfortunately, that we have been forced, unfortunately, to be inside a toilet."

He speaks about the treatment of Muslims in Palestine, Bosnia and Kashmir, before calling on the listeners to fight to establish a caliphate -- a government according to Islamic law.

He identifies one of the components of establishing a caliphate as "fighting," in three phases, the first of which is called "the needle of bleeding the enemy."

"We ask Muslims to do that, to be capable to do that, to be capable to bleed the enemies of Allah anywhere, by any means," he says.

"You can't do it by nuclear weapon; you do it by the kitchen knife... You have to stab him (the enemy) here and there until he bleeds to death."

He tells his audience that some elements of Western society must be considered legitimate targets of violence: "Every place of iniquity, every brothel, every video shop ... is a target."

The struggle continues: "Until you see the khilafa [caliphate] sitting in the White House ruling from there."

Born in Egypt, Hamza has lived in London for a number of years and is a British citizen. Until May 2004 he was head preacher at the North London Central Mosque in Finsbury Park, which has been linked to terrorist suspects including alleged Sept. 11 plotter Zacarias Moussaoui and "shoe bomber" Richard Reid. He claims he lost an eye and both his hands while fighting in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

The trial began Wednesday with the judge instructing the jury -- seven men and five women -- to disregard what they may have read or heard in the media and concentrate only on the evidence presented in court.

Prosecution lawyer David Perry said the court would see a number of videotapes in which al-Masri told his followers it was "the religious duty to kill."

"In the course of one lecture he accused the Jews of being blasphemous, traitors and dirty. This, because of the treachery, because of their blasphemy and filth, was why Hitler was sent into the world," Perry said.

Hamza had also said Jews controlled the West and should be removed from the Earth, the lawyer told the court.

He also possessed a copy of the Encyclopedia of Afghani Jihad, a "manual for terrorism" that contained instructions for making explosives and operating a terror cell.

The 10-volume encyclopedia honors Osama Bin Laden "for carrying out jihad in Afghanistan" and advises attacking targets such as London's Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

It also suggests attacks on museums or archaeological sites, buildings such as skyscrapers, ports, airports, nuclear plants and soccer stadiums, and talks about attacking large congregations at Christmas.

The various titles of the 10 volumes include "handguns," "explosives," "weapons," "dogfight and combat," and "tanks."

Hamza, whose real name is believed to be Mustafa Kemal Mustafa, was arrested in April 2004 at the behest of the United States. He is accused by U.S. authorities of hostage taking and conspiracy to take hostages, in connection with an attack in Yemen in December 1998 that resulted in the death of four hostages. The indictment also charges Hamza with providing material support to terrorists, and specifically to al-Qaida, for allegedly attempting to set up a terrorist training camp in Bly, Ore., from October 1999 to early 2000. It also includes charges of providing material support to terrorists, specifically to al-Qaida and the Taliban, for facilitating violent jihad in Afghanistan.

The trial is expected to last one month.

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