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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Dearborn Arab Festival: The City, "Is Lost...No Longer Part Of America"

Dearborn Arab Festival: The City, "Is Lost...No Longer Part Of America"

June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a hard hitting report regarding the recently concluded Dearborn International Arab Festival, Stuart Kaufman, a regional coordinator for the anti-Islamist organization The United West found that the city has become overrun by Muslim extremists and has, in a de-facto manner, essentially seceded from the United States.

"...my reflections upon having returned...from Dearborn after this eventful weekend...was one of unease because of a palpable feeling that bad things were happening all around me. I came to the conclusion that Dearborn is a very, very bad place. It is lost. It is no longer part of America. It is a primary source of a virus that is spreading throughout this country..."

The event being referred to has been held for 16 years in a row.

In recent times, local police, who have become total dhimmis rather than enforcing American law, spent their time harassing Christians exercising their First Amendment rights. Significantly, last year the Dearborn police arrested members of a Christian group, which then sued to secure their rights - slapping the Dearborn PD down in a very unsubtle manner. To review our June 28, 2010 story, covering last year's event please take this link Dhimmi Alert - Christian Missionaries Arrested at Dearborn Islam Festival - Presence Offensive to Muslims.

At last weekend's festival one of Mr. Kaufman's colleagues was spit upon and struck by Muslim youths while filming video. The spirit and tenor of the event was expressed by a fair peddler, displaying pro-Palestinian propaganda. She, according to Kaufman stated that she would have killed Anwar Sadat [the Egyptian president who made peace with Israel] herself.

As these pages have continually noted, one of the methods whereby the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists intend to destroy the West is through a process of colonization. Often using the mechanism of chain migration, these seditious-minded individuals establish outposts in American cities and proceed to Islamize them, along the way cowing the police and elected officials, who quake at the thought of being called Islamophobic.

The result is that slowly the complexion of these areas change, with intolerant Muslims eventually forcing out those who are not co-religionists. These cities then become "no go" areas which are increasingly becoming beyond the reach of the American legal system.

One should expect nothing less when the Thin Blue Line grows a yellow stripe down its back a foot wide, standing idly by while Rome burns, or worst, arresting those with the fire hoses.

In a closely related item, Kaufman explains how local politicians are actually often complicit in this process, noting how the disposition of a parcel of land in a Detroit suburb, Farmington Hills, was handled.

"...The Farmington Public Schools had voted unanimously (literally under cover of darkness and in the middle of the night) to accept a no-bid contract to sell a surplus school property to a group of Muslims for the establishment of an Islamic center (whether it would be for a school, a cultural center or mosque was unclear) on a major commercial corner - IN A PREDOMINATELY JEWISH NEIGHBORHOOD. They never listed the property for sale nor disclosed to the community that the district had been negotiating for months to finalize the sale based on what the district claimed was an unsolicited offer from the Islamic group. When a group of residents learned of this stealthy action in a newspaper article, they raised a howl, drawing a record crowd of over 200 to the school board meeting. The school board shrewdly barred public comment on the issue until close to 11 PM (after the news crews left in order to meet their deadlines). Despite a long parade of residents who articulated their concerns that the school board had kept secret their plans to sell, failed to put the property on the market to net top dollar, and violated due process in rushing through this back room deal, the local CAIR spokesman predictably labeled them bigots - and the local president of the Jewish Community Relations Council and the local director of the ADL (the former president of which is the current school board president) predictably took the side of the Muslims!"

It's clear that this process then is not restricted to Dearborn [more appropriately, Dearbornistan]. That city just happens to be the largest source of the contagion which is attempting to sweep everything in its path away in a grand plan to establish the Caliphate and Shari'a.

To view video and related news and information regarding the event and the overall Islamist threat, please visit The United West

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