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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Muslim Necrophilia Begins In Childhood

Muslim Necrophilia Begins In Childhood

October 24, 2015

Leaders from Hell

Anyone who encourages its population particularly the younger segment, to put themselves in harms way is not a leader. Especially when the leaders themselves sit comfortably in their homes or religious institutions.

From Dr. David Lazerson

The last two weeks has brought almost daily Palestinian sponsored terror attacks against Israeli civilians. It makes no difference to the terrorists whether their victims are rabbis, soldiers, police officers, women, elderly, and even children. To the Palestinians and their misguided sympathizers, all Israelis and Jews are fair game to be hunted. Many Arab communities throughout Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza come out on the streets to celebrate each gruesome murder. Palestinian adults passed out candies to the kiddies in honor of each wounded and dead Israeli victim. Some communities even staged reenactments of the murders, praising the "brave" new martyrs who were encouraged to attack the "dirty infidels" with axes, knives, and meat cleavers. The toll has been a costly one, with more than 10 Jews murdered and over 100 wounded, some still in serious condition.

Israel is dealing with an enemy that has been brainwashed since birth to hate and kill. The Arabic version of Sesame Street features cute puppets telling children to hate the Israeli "occupiers" and kill them. Dying a martyr is glorified to these no longer innocent children. Their "religious" leaders preach violence, brandishing knives during their sermons, working up the masses to a frenzy for slaughtering "in the name of."

Unfortunately for Israel, this is nothing new. The tiny Jewish state is surrounded by many openly hostile Muslim countries. Only Egypt and Jordan have current diplomatic ties with Israel.

And yet, rather than praise Israel for not engaging in full scale military operations to protect its citizens, Ban Ki Moon, the UN Chief, has called for an investigation of the use of Israeli force during the past weeks of this undeclared "intifada." I guess what bothers Ki Moon is that the Israelis have the audacity to defend themselves and either restrain or kill the terrorists.

Where's Moon's call to investigate the ongoing incitement against Israel by the Palestinians? Where's his committee to review the ongoing brainwashing and incitement to violence from Abbas and his goon squad?

I put the word "Palestinians" in quotes, because back not so long ago, in the 30's and 40's, Israel was referred to as Palestine and the Jews living there were called Palestinians.
To further exacerbate the situation, many of the world's main media outlets, from the NY Times to CNN to even NBC news, continue to distort facts and reality, and publish ridiculous inflammatory headlines. Witness the headlines in a recent LA Times that declared "Palestinians Killed In Mideast Violence." No mention that they were terrorists engaging in terrorist activities. There seems to be this ever-present vibe to put the blame on the victim (Israel) and thus justify the worst in human behaviors from the Palestinians.

So let's go back to basics here. The Palestinians main beef is that they claim Israel, or most of it, is their land. They feel that the Jews took their land back in 1948 when the UN formed the new state of Israel. Some today insist that Israel go back to these pre-1967 War borders to insure peace. If it was just a matter of these different smaller borders there remains the obvious question: why wasn't there peace back in 1948? At the time the Arab countries surrounding tiny Israel ordered the "Palestinians" living there at the time to leave.

I put the word "Palestinians" in quotes, because back not so long ago, in the 30's and 40's, Israel was referred to as Palestine and the Jews living there were called Palestinians. After the Jews were going to be pushed into the sea, they'd be free to return. We all know how that proposition turned out. Israel won that war of independence as well as all the wars they were forced to fight in after 1948.

So first it's a very big case of sour grapes. The Arabs started every conflict against Israel and lost them all. Israel increased in size after many of these major battles. It would have remained small and in pre-67 dimensions if the Arabs truly desired a two-state solution. Now we have the losing side trying to dictate policy to the winners.

The second point concerns the land itself. The Arabs make it seem as if they're the only ones who can lay claim to this turf. But the Jewish claim to Israel cannot be disputed. There have been Jews living in this region known as the holy land since the times of Abraham. With over 250 references, the bible itself is full of God's promised land to the descendants of Jacob. In fact, for many years Israel was simply referred to as the "promised land." It's a huge part of Jewish culture and tradition. We mention Israel and Jerusalem many times in our daily prayers. Throughout the world, when we hold our 3-times-a-day prayer, we face towards the holy temple in Jerusalem. One cannot say the same thing for Islam and the Quran, where Israel and Jerusalem are more of a passing thought. Muslims, by the way, turn their backs to the site of Jerusalem's holy temple, and face Mecca.

While we're discussing this tiny bit of Middle-Eastern real estate, it's important to note that most of the world is, for better or worse, made up of countries that didn't always live or control their geographic locations. The human condition has been throughout history of people struggling with and fighting each other, and laying claim to pieces of land. Simply pick up any book on world history and this becomes more than evident. Europe, for example, has seen hundreds of kings and marauding armies march across its continent, conquering and planting their flags. The United States is no different. This land was not "discovered" by Columbus in 1492. Good ol' Christopher, in the name of Spain, found a thriving indigenous population that was quickly subdued and forced into, for lack of a better term, slavery. And so the USA today has been built upon the lands that once belonged to the "American Indian." Nobody with half a brain would deny this fact.

To say that Israel today belongs to the Palestinian Arabs is a false claim. If there was a Palestinian land area with a Palestinian Arab people, then someone please tell me what was the capital city of Palestine and what is the Palestinian language? No such city or language exists, because they were simply Arabs who lived on this particular turf when 1948 rolled around. They were, like today, used a political footballs, to be bounced around at the whims of their fellow Arab leaders. The Jewish leadership in Israel back then urged the Arabs living there to remain and live in peace together. How little things have changed.

Since we mentioned leadership, this brings us to the third point. - The leadership, or lack thereof, amongst the Palestinians. Abbas and the "religious leaders" have gone off the deep end. There's no other way to put it. Anyone who encourages its population particularly the younger segment, to put themselves in harms way is not a leader. Especially when the leaders themselves sit comfortably in their homes or religious institutions. They're quite content to let their young ones do the dirty work.

If there's a battle to wage, real leaders do what their name implies they lead! Imagine what would happen if the American Indian chiefs in the USA urged their tribal members to go out and start stabbing and murdering civilians. Imagine what the world reaction would be if these Indians started hacking the elderly as they waited to board a bus. Or if the tribal medicine healers began calling for a holy war against the "filthy Americans."

Imagine what Ban Ki-Moon might say if these Indians broke into his home and began killing his children, since, after all, the UN head honcho was now living on Indian land.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know what would be the civilized world's reaction to such barbaric behavior. And yet, when it comes to Jews living in Israel, the world remains strangely quiet. There's talk of "equal force" and discussions about Israel's audacity to kill those with meat cleavers in their hands. The EU encourages Israel to give away more land for this supposed "peace." Divide Jerusalem, they say. Then the Palestinians will be content and murder will no longer be justified. Oh really. The Arabs from 1948 until 1967 controlled Jerusalem, and Jews were not allowed in the old city. The synagogues were shut down. So much for their notion of peace.

Let's be honest here, folks. While Israel has been pursuing a peace process, the other side has been also. Only they have trouble with the English language and for them it's a "piece process." They want it all, bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece especially since the Israelis have turned it from a dessert to a paradise.

There are several practical things the state of Israel can do in light of these extreme times.

First, seal off the areas where the terrorists come from. The crazy thing is that the Arabs have greater freedoms in Israel than they do in any other Muslim country. Arabs are free to live, work, and play where they choose in Israel. They're free to criticize the government. They serve in the Knesset. Those who don't appreciate these freedoms should be sent elsewhere. Let's see how much they enjoy life in Syria or Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Secondly, arrest the "leaders" for incitement. This step includes going after their political and religious wackos who encourage their population to now put poison on their knives to attack Israeli grandmothers and children. What kind of leader would send a 13-year-old out to murder, knowing full well that Israelis will defend themselves? These leaders have blood on their hands, and it's not just the Israeli kind. In a scene that could be from the 3 Stooges, Abbas tells KI-Moon that "Israeli incitement" is to blame for the current state of violence.

Like I said before, reality takes a backseat when it comes to anything about the Palestinians. It's not Jews who are sneaking into Gaza to stab Palestinians with poisoned knives. It's not Israelis who drive their cars into crowds of Palestinian Arabs. And it's not Netanyahu or the rabbis who are calling for Jews to attacks the Arabs on the Temple Mount.

Thirdly, with these horrific daily attacks, every Israeli citizen needs to be armed and prepared, locked & loaded. Perhaps when they realize that these acts of murder are having the opposite effect, the Palestinian Arabs will realize it's not worth their own lives to blindly follow their leadership leaders.

A fourth suggestion is for the US to get the heck out of the UN and stop funding this ridiculous, phony organization that supposedly promotes world peace. It's long been bought out by oil politics. When the vast majority of their meetings are to chastise the only democracy in the Middle East, it's high time to walk away with our heads held high. The UN had become a joke to the civilized world.

In the meantime, Israel needs to remain strong and vigilant. Against all odds it has prevailed over all obstacles, and with God's help, it shall continue to rise above the political nonsense that is currently raising its ugly head throughout the globe.


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