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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > IDF kills five terrorists in Tul Karem

IDF kills five terrorists in Tul Karem

August 25, 2005

Five Terrorists Killed in Tul Karem

Thursday, August 25, 2005


An IDF unit in the Tul Karem refugee camp last night killed five Palestinian terrorists, including an Islamic Jihad leader.

The five dead terrorists belonged to the Islamic Jihad chapter in Tul Karem, in which one of them was a leading figure.

The Israeli force was patrolling the area when the terror cell attacked them with gunfire and an explosive device. The soldiers returned fire, killing the five.

The Islamic Jihad chapter in question was responsible for many attacks against Israelis, most notably the murder at the Stage club in Tel Aviv. Five Jews were killed in that attack. As expected, Islamic Jihad threatens to retaliate sharply for last night's battle.

Arab sources report that an Israeli undercover unit entered the refugee camp in a car with a PA license plate, and then besieged the house of one of the terrorists.

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