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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Muslim Shot , One Arrested In Plot To Behead Cop In Boston - Terrorist Was Brother Of Local Imam

Muslim Shot , One Arrested In Plot To Behead Cop In Boston - Terrorist Was Brother Of Local Imam

June 3, 2015

One Shot, One Under Arrest in Boston Cop Beheading Plot
A man officials said had planned to behead a police officer was shot and killed in Boston, while an accomplice of his was arrested.

Yaakov Levi

A man officials said had planned to behead a police officer was shot and killed in Boston on Tuesday, while an apparent accomplice of his was arrested. David Wright was arrested in Everett, Massachusetts, after Usaama Rahim, holding a large knife, lunged at FBI agents when they tried to detain him at a shopping center.

The Boston Globe quoted an official as saying that "We believe the intent was to behead a police officer. We knew the plot had to be stopped. They were planning to take action Tuesday." Officials have declined to discuss specifics of the plot, the report said. Wright is set for a court appearance in Boston Wednesday afternoon.

Rahim, said officials, had been under 24-hour surveillance by FBI and security officials, part of an investigation that had been going on for at least several weeks. Officials did not say what Rahim was being investigated for, but in the wake of his shooting, the investigation was widened, leading to the arrest of Wright. Officials have not specified the connection between the two.

"We believed [Rahim] was a threat," the Globe quoted Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans as saying. "He was someone we were watching for quite a time. The level of alarm brought us to question him today. I don't think anybody expected the reaction we got out of him." Evans added that officers did not have guns drawn when they approached Rahim, who took an 8-inch military knife out of his pocket and rushed the officers. He was shot dead on the spot.

Rahim was an active member of a Muslim community in Boston. His brother, Ibrahim, is a well-known imam at two Boston mosques. According to the Globe, the imam sought on social media to compare his brother's death to the death of Eric Garner, who died in a confrontation with a New York City undercover detective on Staten Island last year. A Grand Jury declined to indict the officer, who was accused of choking Garner to death.

"He was on his cellphone with my dear father during the confrontation needing a witness," the Times cited Ibramim Rahim's Facebook page as saying. "His last words to my father who heard the shots were: I can't breathe!'" the imam wrote on his social media account on Tuesday, the newspaper reported, echoing what many in the media have cited as Garner's last words.

Imam Rahim, the Globe said, "is known as a voice of moderation and compassion," who spoke out against the Boston Marathon bombing. "There is nothing in Islam that will ever commend, compliment, or praise Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev," perpetrators of the bombing, the report quoted him as saying in a speech at a mosque. "There is not one thing in Islam that these two men can point to and justify the murder of four people and the maiming and injury of nearly 300 others."

Last October, four Islamic terrorists associated with ISIS were arrested in London for planning beheadings in that city. MI5 (British intelligence) and police monitored the four, arresting them while they were in the "early stages" of planning a "significant" attack. Scotland Yard indicated the four intended to import ISIS's beheadings of westerners in Syria that have shocked the world.

The plan mirrors plots by a large Australian ISIS cell that was busted in mid-September, which had planned to behead a random member of the public.

Just days later in Norway, another ISIS cell was foiled ahead of executing its plans to behead an entire family and film it as a "warning" to Western states intervening against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


Terror suspects in Boston 'plotted to BEHEAD a police officer' on the day one was shot dead for lunging with a knife at cops and the second arrested

David Wright was arrested at his home in Everett, Massachusetts, late on Tuesday in connection with an earlier terrorism investigation

He and suspect Usaama Rahim, were reportedly 'conspiring to kill a cop and planned to act on Tuesday'

Rahim 'had been making threats against law enforcement and lunged at police with a knife' when he was shot dead earlier on Tuesday

Authorities also searched a home in Warwick, Rhode Island, but would not confirm that was linked to the Boston shooting

Rahim's brother Ibrahim contradicted police reports and said his youngest brother was killed while waiting at a bus stop to go to his job

By Associated Press

A man arrested in connection with terrorism and a second suspect who was shot dead by counter-terrorist forces were allegedly conspiring to behead a police officer.

Suspect David Wright was taken into custody at his home in suburban Everett, Massachusetts, late on Tuesday and was expected to face federal charges in court on Wednesday.

He and suspect Usaama Rahim, 26, who was shot dead by police after lunging at them with a knife, were reportedly planning to kill a cop and planned to act on Tuesday, the Boston Globe said.

One official told the Globe: 'We believe the intent was to behead a police officer.'

The charges against Wright were not specified but the U.S. Attorney's office confirmed they're related to the Usaama Rahim investigation.

Wright will appear in U.S. District Court in Boston before Magistrate Judge Kelly at 3.30pm on Tuesday, according to authorities.

Earlier on Tuesday, police said they have video showing Rahim, who was under 24-hour surveillance for about three weeks by counter-terrorism units, lunging with a knife at a Boston police officer and an FBI agent before he was shot and killed - an account his brother has disputed.

Rahim had been making threats against police, according to an official was not authorized to release details of the investigation.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3108765/Police-Man-shot-dead-lunged-police-officer-FBI-agent.html#ixzz2HHceq75Y

Terror suspects in Boston 'bought military knives on Amazon and laughed over ISIS beheadings as they plotted imitation terror killing of a local cop'

A sworn FBI statement said terror suspects Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, 26, and David Wright, spoke on the phone about 'going after' the 'boys in blue'

Wright was arrested late on Tuesday and Rahim shot dead after he brandished a knife in a confrontation with police

FBI said Rahim had bought three fighting knifes on Amazon and told Wright the 'tool was good for carving'

The men laughed about 'thinking with your head on your chest' - a reference to extremist beheadings

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3109879/Terror-suspects-Boston-bought-military-knives-Amazon-laughed-ISIS-beheadings-plotted-imitation-terror-killing-local-cop.html#ixzz2HHSrbdz8

6/4/15 Update:

jQuery16404309329774987602="8">Days after police shot and killed an apparent lone-wolf terror suspect in Boston, new details about the suspect, Usaama Rahim, and an alleged plot to attack conservative activist and Muhammad cartoon contest sponsor Pamela Geller are emerging.

jQuery16404309329774987602="9">On Wednesday, ABC News learned from sources that Rahim, 26, had initially planned to travel to New York, find Geller, and behead her. Rahim changed course before his death, instead electing to "go after the boys in blue," according to the FBI.


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