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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > 71 British Doctors Of Hate Demanding Israel Medical Association Membership In World Medical Association Be Revoked

71 British Doctors Of Hate Demanding Israel Medical Association Membership In World Medical Association Be Revoked

February 3, 2016

The Infamous 71 - British Doctors of Hate

Dr. David Lazerson

Just when we thought that things couldn't get any lower, it seems the BDS movement keeps digging deeper holes in the dark basement of lies and slander against Israel - the Middle East's only real democracy. A group of 71 British physicians have contacted the World Medical Association (WMA) demanding to revoke the membership of the Israeli Medical Association. Their wild claim that Israel doctors torture Palestinians is all too reminiscent of the Passover blood libels during the Middle Ages.It's a bunch of utter nonsense that's used to justify their racism towards Israel.

Perhaps they had things mixed up a bit and were actually referring to the Palestinians. Under Hamas rule it's a punishment worthy of the death penalty for any Palestinians to sell land or houses (and perhaps licorice) to Jews or Israelis. Before the death sentence is carried out in their hasty kangaroo street corner court,the Palestinians torture their unfortunate victims. There is of course no call of alarm from the infamous British 71 here? Arab-on-Arab violence. Ho-hum.

The UK has long been influenced by its growing Muslim population, which, like many fellow Muslim countries, has become more vocal and hostile to anything that smells of "Western infidel" lifestyle. Maybe these 71 were referring to the Israeli medical teams that rushed to Haiti after it was devastated by a powerful earthquake. Israeli doctors were one of the first outsiders to arrive and set up makeshift temporary hospitals. These Israeli "torturers" saved hundreds of lives, provided emergency medical care to thousands, and even delivered babies. With their latest request to the WMA, I'm sure these wacko 71 doctors have conveniently erased this historical fact from their collective memories. One can be pretty sure that not one of these so-called physicians risked their own lives to help out in Haiti.

Or maybe they were upset about how Israel was one of the first teams on the scene in Nepal, after a catastrophic earthquake that killed thousands. This was only a year ago, but it seems these illustrious 71 have a unique way of forgetting and distorting reality. So let's give these 71 "doctors of Demento" the benefit of the doubt. They probably think that Israeli doctors caused the earthquake just so they can be show-offs and fly in for the rescue. Israel brought in specialized equipment that helps rescue people and animals trapped under tons of debris. Like their medical mission to Haiti, in Nepal the Israeli doctors and medical teams provided lifesaving operations for hundreds in their makeshift outdoor hospital units. But let's not be too harsh here, folks. We should give them the benefit of the doubt again. The 71 brilliant UK doctors simply didn't read the papers or had their media devices turned off when the earthquake struck Nepal. Hmmm. They were too busy on the golf course? In all likelihood, they were probably way too wrapped up in important business of devising new methods to slander Israel with some new racist lies.

Israel doctors torturing Palestinians! Now that's a sensational headline that should fly like F-15's and resonate throughout the Muslim-influenced world. But I'm guessing that they must be really upset that the Israeli government has called for fair medical treatment for Palestinian terrorists. Yes, you read that correctly. While Hamas and the P.A. continue to incite their population, especially their youth, to attack and murder Israelis, the Israeli government issued a statement that doctors and medical teams must continue to treat the serious injuries first. In other words, if the Palestinian terrorist is hurt worse than the Israeli victim he or she just stabbed, the Israeli medical team must first treat and seek to save the life of the terrorist. Not torture the Arab terrorist but attempt to save his or her life, before dealing with the Israeli/Jewish victim.

Israel, founded on Jewish principles, believes and practices that life is sacred and that each individual is unique, important, and is in this world for a good reason.

Hey 71 idiots from the UK I didn't realize that you could acquire a medical degree from a Cracker Jack box. Then again, when it comes to jealousy, hatred, and blatant racism against Israel, you 71 must've graduated at the top of the class.

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