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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Statistics Prove 'Peace Talks' Causing Terror Attacks - As Muslims Are Emboldened By Perceived Weakness

Statistics Prove 'Peace Talks' Causing Terror Attacks - As Muslims Are Emboldened By Perceived Weakness

December 24, 2013

Statistics: Terror Attacks Increase As Talks Progress
Israel's Security Agency (Shin Bet) statistics for November show dramatic increase in attacks; numbers follow negotiation timeline. Tova Dvorin

Israel's Security Agency (ISA or the Shin Bet) statistics show that terror attacks are on the rise, Maariv reported Monday. The cause: resumed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The numbers for November 2013, which were released this week, show the highest number of terror attacks this year: 167, up from 82 in July.

Senior Defense officials confirmed to the daily that the PA-Israel talks have contributed to the upswing, along with internal unrest in the PA and passive encouragement to the Arab population to stage a "popular uprising."

An unnamed source from the Israeli Defense Forces also alleged that the military "will not recognize [the need for] a system to curb the violence."

He added that the IDF, which is working with the PA police force, is dedicated to "continue to thwart efforts [against terrorism] everywhere, including in the refugee camps, and eliminate every terrorist infrastructure we identify."

Noted terror attacks in November included the horrific stabbing of 19 year-old Eden Atias (z"l) and a staggering 55 attacks in the Jerusalem area - many of which involved Molotov cocktails.

The attacks have been rising steadily as talks progress. While only 82 terror attacks were recorded for July, August saw 99 attacks, September - 133, October - 139, and November - 167.

December has seen its own share of terror attacks as well.

On Sunday, a bus bombing in Bat Yam left 1 injured; Hamas and Islamic Jihad welcomed the bombing as a "response to the crimes of the occupation". That same day, Israeli police forces thwarted a stabbing attempt at the Mishor Adumim junction.

Security officials also say they expect another outbreak of terror in spring 2014, when the discussions are set to either fail or produce an interim deal between Israel and the PA.


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