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Failed Muslim "Deformer" Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser Teams Up With Media Whore Ayaan Hirsi Ali To Form 'CLARITy Coalition'
Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser founded the failed Muslim Reform Movement in 2015 with 14 members and non Muslim funding which has accomplished nothing to date. Now he has teamed up with the media whore Ayaan Hirsi Ali to form 'Champions For Liberty Against The Reality Of Islamist Tyranny' (CLARITy) whose 'Statement of Purpose' is nearly identical to the MRM's 'Who We Are'... [See full post]

Latest Articles

"Tampa Muslims And Friends Iftar" - Sami Al Arian's Legacy Lives On In Florida Terror Hub
May 17, 2023

Fadi Kablawi: 'ISIS Imam' Leading Reviver Academy Promoting Salafist Ideology Gets Florida Taxpayer Funding
May 17, 2023

Cooper City Mayor Greg Ross Panders To Muslim Donors By Approving Nur-Ul- Islam Mosque Expansion
May 17, 2023

Latest Satire

Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Contest "Mullahs Get Out"
January 9, 2023

Resolution To Proclaim July Muslim - American Heritage Month Highlighting Their "Incredible Contributions" To US
August 4, 2022

Toke For Tolerance Co Founder & Muslim "Deformer" Shireen Qudosi"s Latest Stoner Screed
February 15, 2022