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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Unifil aided and abetted Hezbollah - provided detailed Israeli troop movement on website

Unifil aided and abetted Hezbollah - provided detailed Israeli troop movement on website

August 28, 2006

UNIFIL Accused of Providing Israeli Intelligence to Hizbullah
15:09 Aug 27, '06 / 3 Elul 5766
by Hillel Fendel

The officially-neutral UN peacekeeping force posted, on its website, information about Israel's troop deployments in Lebanon - but nothing about Hizbullah.

UNIFIL (UN Interim Force in Lebanon), the neutral force that has been stationed there since 1978, is tasked with maintaining peace between Israel and Hizbullah along the 70-mile Israeli-Lebanese border. However, as columnist and ZOA Philadelphia chapter President Lori Lowenthal Marcus writes in the Weekly Standard this week, it appears that UNIFIL took a clearly one-sided stand in favor of Hizbullah during the recent war in Lebanon.

UNIFIL "openly published daily real-time intelligence, of obvious usefulness to Hizbullah, on the location, equipment, and force structure of Israeli troops in Lebanon," Marcus wrote, "even specifying the placement of IDF safety structures within hours of their construction."

In contrast, nothing specific regarding Hizbullah's terrorist forces was ever posted. Instead, only general statements such as one to the effect that Hizbullah "fired rockets in large numbers from various locations" were published.

As an example, UNIFIL posted the following on July 25: "Yesterday and during last night, the IDF moved significant reinforcements, including a number of tanks, armored personnel carriers, bulldozers and infantry, to the area of Marun Al Ras inside Lebanese territory. The IDF advanced from that area north toward Bint Jubayl, and south towards Yarun."

UNIFIL has been implicated before in partiality towards Hizbullah. Just 18 hours after the kidnapping of three IDF soldiers along the Israeli-Lebanese border in late 2000, UNIFIL troops videoed two cars that were used in the abduction and that were filled with blood and other kidnapping-related evidence. Though the videos may have helped save one or more of the soldiers' lives, high-ranking U.N. officials, including Secretary General Kofi Annan and Middle East envoy Terje Larsen, denied that any such videotape existed. Only on July 6, 2001 did the U.N. finally admit that it possessed the tape.

Meanwhile, efforts to build a new UNIFIL force to help the Lebanese Army deploy in southern Lebanon instead of Hizbullah met with some success on Friday. European nations pledged up to 7,000 troops - nearly half of the 15,000 soldiers called for by the ceasefire, UN Resolution 1701. UNIFIL currently has just under 2,000 troops. The largest force - 3,000 soldiers - is to come from Italy, followed by 2,000 from France. The Italian troops could arrive this week, followed within two weeks by the French.

Other countries that said they would send troops include Spain (1,000-1,200), Poland (300, with 200 already in UNIFIL), Belgium, and Finland. Three Islamic countries with no diplomatic relations with Israel - Malaysia (whose president has made harshly anti-Semitic speeches), Bangladesh and Indonesia - have offered to participate in UNIFIL, though Israel has expressed its reservations.

Despite Israel's request, UNIFIL peacekeepers will not be stationed along the Lebanese-Syrian border to prevent arms smuggling to Hizbullah unless Beirut specifically requests it. This was decided at the UN-sponsored meeting on Friday.


Anti-Croatian Activities of International Non-Governmental Organizations

by Stjepan Peric


Vjesnik, Zagreb, Croatia, May 17, 1996

Peter Siebelt (50), has no known occupation. In his office in his house near a lake south of Amsterdam surrounded by high walls with sharp points and watchdogs to keep uninvited guests away, Siebelt keeps the most advanced computer systems. He makes phone calls all around the world, but nobody calls him. He hands out his number to a very select portion of his clients, and asks them to use it only in the most urgent situations. Such a life might be a logical consequence of his previous activities. He used to have a private security company which protected big companies and rich people in one of the most dangerous parts of Amsterdam, de Bijlmermeer. He protected rich people, their property, against organized crime, Mafiosi, kidnappers and terrorists. Many of them are behind bars, but many more are still free, and looking for revenge.

You came to the paper and offered an interview. Why?

I have been in Croatia many times, I have a deep respect for the struggle for independence of your country, and the suffering during the war. I am thinking about importing your very good wines and I plan to build ships and yachts for Croatia. But on this occasion I would like to warn your public about rather destructive activities of some NGOs - something I know a lot about, if not too much.

Why would someone who had a security company be concerned with NGOs?

Just because of my experience: I came to the conclusion that some NGOs are connected with different terrorist organizations. I am a war child, my father was an American officer who liberated Europe including the Netherlands... In the mid sixties there was a huge wave of anti-American demonstrations all around Europe. Americans were blamed for just about everything - Vietnam, Korea, imperialism in Africa, nuclear bombs & power stations. I asked myself: why would all this people demonstrate against the country which liberated them? Also, I noticed that the leaders of these protests were always the same people. Much later I will find them again on prominent posts in different NGOs... What would it mean to you if I tell you that it is always the same persons from Croatia who are active in 'sisterly' organizations such as Balkan War Report, Aspen Institute, Helsinki Assembly, Antiwar Campaign, Press Now, Pax Christi? And also, they use every opportunity to attack your government.

It would mean a lot if you could show us some proofs and give us good arguments in support to your claims.

I won't mention any names because it would result in their orchestrated attack on you... but I will give you one example. One woman, a journalist for Antiwar Campaign published an article in one 'anti-war' paper claiming that forced evictions are the biggest problem in Croatia and that the whole Europe is against it. But Europe would know nothing about evictions if it was not for these NGOs who made an issue of it. Later this same woman advised the evicted to seek legal help which would be given to them free of charge by her and her colleagues. But, an international community paid for this 'free' legal help and so the lady in question and her colleagues earned their fee. And as a reward they will be invited to participate at different symposiums across Europe where they will exchange their experiences with their 'colleagues' from Nicaragua, Salvador and Burma! (...) A certain person from Croatia has worked for the "Balkan War Report" and has co-operated with all the anti-Croatian organizations. Then, almost "miraculously", she obtained an interview with a war criminal from Srebrenica, who, imagine the coincidence, was a Croat! Then, the videotape was stolen by the Serbian secret service! Today, this lady is some sort of a TV official at the trial in the Hague, and her reports are supposed to be carried by all the TV stations in the former Yugoslavia. There are no coincidences here.

Just consider whom these organizations recruit around Europe, from the ranks of the intellectuals and refugees from the former Yugoslavia? Note that they always talk about Yugoslavia; they only mention Croatia in a negative sense. You'll notice that 99% of these "desirable activists" are against President Tudman and the Croatian authorities. I keep wondering why, just as I wondered why so many Europeans protest against the Americans. Why always the same few? I apologise for this digression, but I cannot remember European protests against "human rights violations" in various third world countries, without noticing that they never protested against USSR!

Misuse of Church Organizations

Indeed, why? Do you think you have the true answer?

Croatia is a new country, a new market - which is exactly what these people need. They must find new 'subjects' in order to attract attention and collect money. People give once or twice for Nicaragua or Chile and than they stop giving. NGOs must look for new places and must attract media attention. For example, I want to use this occasion to publicly ask Pax Christi how much of the money collected during a 'Blankets for Bosnia' campaign actually made it to Bosnia? I'll tell you that it could not have been more than 10%. The rest was used to finance their own political campaign.

Croatian public knows very little about this organization. Could you shed some light?

Pax Christi is an old Catholic organization, but in mid- sixties it was infiltrated by people who have little to do with faith. Church in Europe is used to propagate these 'greenies' and 'humanrighties'. They found it very handy because the state institutions have no right to interfere with the Church which gives a lot of space to NGOs. And who is the boss, the real boss? Mister Jan Ter Laak, a Dutchman, a big friend of Yassir Arafat [Palestinian Liberation Organisation leader], ANC [African National Congress] and National Democratic Front of the Philippines! Why does he needs to have a contact with organizations which were involved in terrorism? So that he can arbitrate, collect donations and be politically active.

Is Pax Christi active in Croatia?

Certainly! There is one co-worker of this organisation in every NGO that I mentioned! I will name the Dutchmen, and you can check out the Croats. For example, a so-called 'co-ordinator of peace embassies for ex-Yu' - Mient Jan Faber - was a board member of Pax Christi, and now he comes to make peace on the Balkans. What they do under the cover of educating the Bosnians for democracy is - recruit future activists! (...)

Power and Money

You are a sharp talker. Aren't you a little paranoid when you see the tentacles of NGOs all around you?

Let's be logical. Many of these activists are honest people. But, 'a concern for the environment' turns in no time into 'a fight for free media' and that's not a subject which can be discussed at the level of petitions and demonstrations. In Holland a petition was signed against media misuse and a new law on media, before the law was even discussed in the Croatian parliament. The people who are pulling the strings present the situation worse than it is in order to make themselves look important and to gain attention. It is the nature of these NGOs to work on a principle 'one for all - all for one'. So, the greens are quick to join forces with anti-war organizations and different 'human rights fighters'.

But, why are they doing all this if your hypothesis is correct?

The reason is - money and power - the driving force behind every kind of politics. You can see that the greens, the Labour, the Socialists and similar parties have the majority in the European Parliament. They are the political representatives of these NGOs. There are clear political goals behind the 'struggle for human rights'. They will ask for the same criteria for aggressors and victims in ex-Yu [regarding the war crimes], but not so if they talk about 'liberation movements' which they portray as the essence of ethics and justice. Everyone knows that Mandela's ANC has committed serious crimes, not only against its opponents, but also against its members. You'll never hear a word about that! Or, for example, Burmese liberation movement has recently massacred twenty or so of its prisoners, without a trial or any legal procedure. But this is never mentioned. Filipino movement NDF has also committed crimes, but you cannot read about this! They [the NGOs] have simply assumed the right to judge who is right and who is wrong; if you dare question their "truths" you'll come under an orchestrated attack by their press. Unless something worse happens to you.

Message to the Croatian Public

Why are you telling all this to the Croatian public?

Because Croatia is at the top of their priorities at the moment. They don't like the state which refuses to play their game. They treat Croatia as an African country while every normal person can see that Croatia is an European country. They claim to favour equality, but they want to control all media and intellectuals, and try to provoke your government to make a rash move. Unfortunately your government does this from time to time, and that is just what they want. They blow incidents up to enormous proportions. Just see how they turn president Tudjman into a fascist over night; and he was fighting in an anti-fascist movement during the WW2! They want to push the government into defensive, to force it to make a stupid move. And, unfortunately, it works sometimes. My advise to the Croatian government is to be more on the offensive, to push the NGOs into defensive. I repeat: there are many honest people active in NGOs, but we must be aware of those who are pulling the strings behind the scene. The intelligence communities in the West know how many KGB agents were active within NGOs! All of us who watch their activities closely know why our churches are deserted - people are fed up with a church being used as a platform for political tirades about Rwanda, Nicaragua, Salvador. People go to church for something else but the NGOs see it as a place for political manipulations. Just imagine how far they are prepared to go: in the Netherlands, there are so called Third World Shops, which are supposedly trying to undermine the monopoly of the large companies over the coffee, spices and tea market. However, whenever you visit those shops, they will ask you to sign a petition, for human rights in Liberia, aid to Burma, for freedom of press in Croatia etc.

You're giving an interview, your photo will be in the papers - aren't you afraid of these 'power-people-in-the-shadows' as you call them?

They have been following me for a long time, and they tried to shut me up. They even accused me of stealing discarded documents from their offices!(...)

What to say at the end except that you are very sharp?

That I am right! I don't call these activists 'activists' but 'antivists'! They are always 'anti', against, but their bosses know very well how to fight for - themselves.

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