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Boko Haram Muslim Terror Group Warns U.S.

August 15, 2013

August 14, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – As we have detailed on numerous occasions - see for example, African Atrocities By Jihadist Group Continue - Slit School Kids' Throats and U.S. State Dept. Disinformation Campaign Continues: Islamic Jihad Is Legitimate Response To "Economic And Political Needs" - Nigeria's bloody Muslim terrorist organization Boko Haram, along with the similarly motivated Somali jihadist Al-Shabaab, represent a grave threat to the stability of Northern Africa and by extension the U.S.

Boko Haram might well pose the biggest threat in that regard as it recently [upon a very successful campaign of horrific violence] has become even more strident, claiming that it does not fear America. In the mean time it has focused on control or at least disruption of Nigeria's booming petroleum business.

As reported by the Premium Times' Ola Au'du, Boko Haram leader laughs in new video, claims sect winning war against Nigerian military

"…The Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has, in a newly released video, claimed responsibility for the recent attacks in different Borno and Yobe communities including Malumfatori, Bama, Biu, Konduga, Gamboru Ngala, Gwoza, and Damaturu. Close to 100 people including about 14 soldiers were killed in the various attacks; with the latest being in Konduga over the weekend when about 44 people were killed when gunmen dressed in military uniform attacked worshippers in a mosque…We call on you all to repent and come to the ways of Allah. Forget about constitution and accept Shariah. We don't have socialism, we don't know communism, we don't want federalism, but we are Muslims…"

Team O might take note that Shekau openly states that his mujahideen insist on nothing less than a fully Shari'a compliant national government and they don't care that slightly more than half of the country's population are Christians...

Unlike the brain surgeons which inhabit the WH, there is no ambiguity in the mind of Shekau. He knows that Boko Haram is a Muslim guerilla army which will impose the Shari'a on Nigerian no matter how many senseless killings it takes. As is the case generally with the Shekau personality type, an element of sadism is usually lurking not far below the surface.

"…Our strength and firepower has surpassed that of Nigeria. Nigeria is no longer a big deal as far as we are concerned. We can now comfortably confront the United States of America. Let the world know that we have been enjoined by Allah to kill the unbelievers just like how we were enjoined to slaughter rams during Eidel Kabir. And we shall continue to kill those who strive to stand against the will of Allah by opposing Sharia…"

Mr. O, it seems pretty clear to us what ideology is driving this slaughter – these aren't people who are going postal, suddenly grabbing a battle rifle and firing at will - perhaps you might want to attend the next national security briefing instead of shooting hoops or whatever it is that occupies you while you are supposed to be on the job.

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