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New York Islamist Day Parade Aims to promote Islam with terror linked sponsors

August 17, 2007

A public "witnessing" da'wa prayer session which took place at last year's parade

New York Islamist Day Parade

By Joe Kaufman and Beila Rabinowitz
FrontPageMagazine.com | 8/17/2007

On September 9, 2007, a pre-9/11 celebration of sorts will be taking place in New York City, as Islamists from across the Tri-State area will congregate there for the 22nd Annual Muslim Day Parade. If past parades are any indication, law enforcement will need to be on high alert, as the participants have been amongst the most radical in the nation. Will the city allow this denigration of a very somber day to take place, or will it remember its many victims of terrorism and shut it down?

The parade is being run by the Muslim Foundation of America (MFA), an organization located in the Astoria section of Queens that was founded in 1983, around the time of the first annual parade. In actuality, both the MFA and the parade appear to be the same entity with different names, as the MFA's website, since it was first created in October of 2003, has been devoted almost entirely to discussing the parade.

Thousands are expected to attend this year's event. In the past, the number of parade-goers has varied. While some participants may be coming out to experience a day of fun with their fellow religionists, others have an alternative agenda.

The Grand Marshal for the 2006 parade was Siraj Wahhaj, a Brooklyn imam who is known for his fiery speeches, including those that have been considered threatening to the United States. In February of 1995, Wahhaj was named – along with such people as Osama bin Laden and bin Laden's mentor, Abdullah Azzam – as a potential co-conspirator to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Another Grand Marshal of a past parade was Muzzamil Siddiqi, the former President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a mosque umbrella organization that was recently named a co-conspirator to the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas. Siddiqi, like Wahhaj, has also verbally threatened the United States, stating in October of 2000, "America has to learn. If you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of G-d will come." There are pictures of Siddiqi speaking at the parade, on the MFA site.

Also pictured at the parade are:

  • Ashrafuzzaman Khan, the ex-Secretary General of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), which is one of the sponsors of the parade and a top donor to a Pakistani charity that has been providing tens of thousands of dollars to the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal. Khan is accused of being a death squad leader for Al-Badr, the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan's former paramilitary wing, during the 1971 massacre that led to Bangladesh's independence, believed to be personally responsible for the murders of seven Bengali teachers at Dhaka University.
  • Dhabah "Debbie" Almontaser, the former Principal designate of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA), a controversial Arabic-language children's school that is set to open its doors less than a week before the parade. Almontaser resigned from her position with KGIA, after it was discovered that a group she was affiliated with – the SABA Association of American Yemenis – had a connection to t-shirts calling for an intifada (violent uprising) in New York City. Almontaser defended the shirts by saying that they were an expression of solidarity with New York.

On the MFA website, in addition to the parade photo gallery, there is also a section titled, "USEFUL LINKS." Four out of the five links listed (complete with their logos) are national organizations which have been found to be part of the violent Muslim Brotherhood overseas. They include the aforementioned ICNA and ISNA, as well as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA). CAIR was created by the American propaganda wing of Hamas, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), in 1994, and the MSA was the first organization created by the Brotherhood within the United States, in 1963.

Along with the parade, the MFA will be holding an essay contest for children and young adults. The themes for the different age groups vary. For those age 9 – 13 it is ‘Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the best Role Model,' for ages 14 – 18 it's ‘The Man is the Best Creation of Allah (SWT),' and for ages 19 – 23 it's ‘The Purpose of my Life.'

Shamsi Ali, a member of the parade's Board of Trustees, runs a children's madrassa – the Jamaica Muslim Center in Queens – where boys sit all day, Monday through Friday, and memorize the Quran by rote. One of his students and possible participant in the essay contest, a 13 year old named Sameer Uddin, explained to The New York Times his reasons for staying enrolled in Ali's class. Bringing up disturbing illusions to thoughts of future martyrdom, Sameer stated, "I want to take my parents to heaven."

The organizers of the parade state that one of their objectives is "to demonstrate and clarify Islamic values and traditions." However, considering the individuals that have been participating in this parade, and understanding the radical nature of the groups that appear to be aligned with the MFA, we must ask what values and traditions they are talking about. Despite its name, as the American Muslim Day Parade, it is clear that this event has nothing to do with American values and traditions and has more in common with the ideology of the 9/11 hijackers.

The fact that this parade is taking place so close to Ground Zero is an insult to the memory of the 3,000 people who perished there six years before. The event should be taken as a threat to public safety and, therefore, it is incumbent on the city of New York to not only watch all of those involved, but to work to shut down the event completely, along with the sponsoring organizations.

If you are concerned about this parade taking place in New York City two days prior to the anniversary of 9/11 – if you are concerned this parade is taking place at all – contact the Mayor's office.

Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch. Beila Rabinowitz is the Director of Militant Islam Monitor. http://www.frontpagemagazine.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=CA2E5C41-AD9A-4A79-8C35-54C4A34D73FA


A public prayer "witnessing" which included women

MIM: The United Muslim Day Parade's list of "useful links"


MIML The mission statement of the American Muslim Day Parade

The Muslim Foundation of America was founded in 1983 by several Muslim leaders representing diverse communities. The Foundation was incorporated in the Sate of New York in 1985.

The MFA has enjoyed the support of many Muslim leaders and groups over its twenty-year history, including ICNA, ISNA, CAIR, CCIM, American Society of Muslims, Muslim community, Arab Muslim American Federation, American Muslim Alliance, and various Masajid in the tri-state area.

The MFA also has the support and cooperation of many interfaith and political leaders, including the NYFD, the NYC Parks Department, governors, mayors, borough presidents, councilpersons, senators and congresspersons.

We also enjoy a close working relationship with the New York City Police Department and The Department of Corrections.

Foundation Objective
  • To promote better understanding and cooperation among Muslims and with other interfaith communities
  • To demonstrate and clarify Islamic values and traditions
Foundation Goals
  • Support of Masjid (Mosques)
  • Support of Islamic cultural centers and health care facilities in the New York area
  • Support of an Islamic Youth center for education and sports
  • Support for the establishment of a Muslim High School
  • Support for housing developments for Senior Citizens
  • Sponsorship of youth programs, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
  • Documentation and preservation of Muslim American history



Fund Raising Dinner


Dhabah Almontaser (on cellphone in background) left (with eyes closed) is Mohammed Razvi of COPO the Council of Pakistani Organisations now renamed the Council of Peoples Organisation an ally of Almontaser. Razvi's organisation attempted to help a taxi driver avoid deportation who had said he wanted to kill President Bush.

Below:KGIA advisory board member Imam Shamsi Ali gives an award to a young student -Muhammed Razvi of COPO looks on Ex KGIA principal designate Dhabah Almontaser has her faced turned. She is wearing a hijab and parade marshal sash.

Death squad leader Ashrafuzzaman Khan accused of personally shooting 7 teachers to death at Dhaka University in 1971 is at the left of the photograph wearing a white outfit and a reddish checkered keffiyah around his shoulders. Below are several accounts of Khan's role in killing of Bengladeshi's in 1971.

"...In the aftermath of 9-11, the government of USA became very alert of fundamentalist organizations' work; thus, they banned many subsidiary Islamic organizations – which were found to be connected with the Islamic terrorists and fundamentalists. I would go this far to assert that many shrewd Islamists are working in many so-called civil rights Islamic organizations in USA and other western countries. Some of these organizations had the audacity to harbor many fundamentalist killers. One such killer fundamentalist of Al-Badr death squad of JI in erstwhile East Pakistan is M. Ashrafuzzaman Khan. He was given an official position in the Islamic organization ICNA just to whitewash his sinful past. Mr. Ashrafuzzaman Khan was the leader of a roving death squad that abducted and killed scores of Bengali intellectuals from Dhaka University staff quarter in the first two weeks of December 1971 when Bengalis were fighting a war to rid Pakistani military from the occupied land. " http://www.faithfreedom.org/oped/MizanurRMilon40224.htm


"...Ashrafuzzaman has also been implicated in the murder of some journalists. It was Ashrafuzzaman who kidnapped the shift-in- charge of the Purbodesh, and the Literary Editor, A. N. M. Gholam Mustafa.

Ashrafuzzaman Khan, was a member of the Central Committee of the Islami Chhatra Sangha. After liberation he went to Pakistan. At present he is employed in Radio Pakistan.

Update: Since publication of this book, Ashrafuzzaman Khan has moved to New York and now heads the Queens branch of ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America)..."



Ashrafuzzaman Khan

One of the chief al-Badr (Jamai Death squad in 1971) executioners. It has been clearly proved that he himself shot to death 7 teachers of Dhaka university in the killing zones at Mirpur. A certain Mofizzuddin, who drove the vehicle that carried those hapless victims to Mirpur, has clearly identified Ashrafuzzaman as the "chief killer" of the intellectuals.

After Liberation, Ashrafuzzaman's personal diary was recovered from his residence, 350 Nakhal Para. Two pages of his diary registered names and residential addresses of 19 teachers as well as the name of the medical officer of Dhaka University. Of those 20 persons, 8 were missing on December 14: Munier Chowdhury (Bengali), Dr. Abul Khair (History), Ghiasuddin Ahmed (History), Rashidul Hasan (English), Dr. Faizul Mohi (IE R) and Dr. Murtaza (Medical Officer).

Mofizuddin confessed that Ashrafuzzaman himself shot all of them. As per Mofizuddin's description, the decomposed bodies of those unfortunate teachers were recovered from the swamps of Rayer Bazar and the mass grave at Shiyal Bari at Mirpur. There were also other names in the diary including Dr. Wakil Ahmed (Bengali), Dr. Nilima Ibrahim (Bengali), Dr. Latif (IE R), Dr. Maniruzzaman (Geography), K M Saaduddin (Sociology), AMM Shahidullah (Math), Dr. Sirajul Islam (Islamic History), Dr. Akhtar Ahmed (Education), Zahirul Huq (Psychology), Ahsanul Huq (English), Serajul Islam Chowdbury (English), and Kabir Chowdhury (English).

Another page of his diary recorded the names of 16 collaborating teachers of Dhaka university. Apart from that there were also names of Chowdbury Moinuddin, the chief of operation for elimination of the intelligentsia, and Shawkat Imran, a member of the central Al-Badr command, and the head of Dhaka Al-Badr forces.

The diary also contained names and addresses of several other prominent Bengalis. All of them lost their lives at the hands of Al-Badr forces. On a small piece of paper the name of the member finance of the Pakistan Jute Board, Abdul Khalek, was written down. On December 9, 1971, the Al-Badr forces kidnapped Mr. Khalek from his office. They demanded Taka 10,000 as ransom. They saw Mrs. Khalek for ransom money. But at that time she was unable to pay the kidnappers more than 450 taka. She promised that she would give them the rest of the money later, and begged them her husband's life. But Mr. Khalek never came back.

Ashrafuzzaman has also been implicated in the murder of some journalists. It was Ashrafuzzaman who kidnapped the shift-in- charge of the Purbadesh, and the literary editor, Mr. Golam Mustafa.

Ashrafuzzaman Khan, was a member of the Central Committee of the Islami Chhatra Sangha. After liberation he went to Pakistan and worked for Radio Pakistan. Recently Ashrafuzzaman has moved to New York and presently heads the Queens branch of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)


The Travail of Ashrafuzzaman Khan's Infamous Diary

Author: Jamal Hasan
Publication: News From Bangladesh
Date: November 10, 1999
URL: http://www.shobak.org/bangla_nuremberg/ashrafuzzaman_khan/nfbnov99.html

Who's Ashrafuzzaman Khan? Why is it so important that we now know the content of his dairy? Please be patient and read this write-up. I will let you draw your own conclusion regarding the culpability of this man.

It was the first week of December of 1971 -- it was also the final chapter in our nine month long days of fire and blood. Forces under the joint command of our valiant Mukti Bahini and the Indian army had almost encircled Dacca from all directions. But even as all seemed lost for the beleaguered Pakistani armed forces, sinister forces were at work at the Governor's House determined more than ever to deliver the coup de grâce to the "upstarts" who had refused to accept the fate of a subject race. General Niazi was huddling with his comrade the infamous Major General Rao Farman Ali, and their chief troubleshooter, Major Siddique Salek. They had just received the list they had been expecting from Al-Badr and Al- Shams. Ashrafuzzaman Khan, a commander of the brutal Al-Badr, had just compiled a list of Bengali intellectuals for the "benefit" of the high command in the Governor's House. It was the list of intellectuals who have been targeted for elimination. The plan was to kill them immediately so that if Bangladesh becomes an independent nation, it will have to make do without those that can contribute significantly to rebuild the infrastructure of the devastated nation. It would be Pakistan's parting kick to Bangladesh, so to speak.

Many of the Bengali intellectuals listed by Ashrafuzzaman Khan were taken out of their homes in the dead of night in that eventful week of December in 1971. Needless to say, none of them lived to see the light of day. Even in the moment of their defeat, Generals Niazi and Ali must have relished the thought that they have forced Bangladesh to pay an extremely heavy price for its independence. It must have given them no little pleasure to imagine that Bangladesh will fall apart in no time without the services of so many of its leading intellectuals.

Bangladesh was liberated on December 16, 1971. Unfortunately, it took longer than it should have taken for the new administration to attend to its tasks. By the time the investigators arrived at the residence of Ashrafuzzaman Khan, he had fled. However, in haste, he had left behind a crucial piece of evidence. The investigators rummaging through his leftover items managed to recover that piece of the puzzle from his house. They found Ashrafuzzaman Khan's diary. In it was that infamous list of intellectuals in his own handwriting. It was indeed a gruesome find that shocked the people. Ashrafuzzaman Khan was a wanted man. Photos of the suspect were posted in all Bangladeshi newspapers. People were urged to apprehend the criminal. But all this was too late. Ashrafuzzaman had managed to flee not just his residence, but his country as well by the time the search was on for his arrest.

Today, Ashrafuzzaman Khan leads an active life of all places in New York. He has assumed a role of leadership in the Islamic movement in the city. Ashrafuzzaman Khan is now the President of the Islamic Circle of North America. I was reminded anew of his terrible past as I read a recent issue of the Washington Post (November 1, 1999). It carried a statement by Ashrafuzzaman Khan on the tragic Egypt air accident. Ashrafuzzaman Khan was quoted as saying, "Sometimes, we face that we are helpless.... another man lost his parents. Nobody knows anything. Everybody is sad. But we have to put our faith in God." This is coming from the man whose infamous list had left so many children without their fathers in that fateful week in December of 1971. What an irony it is that this conspirator par excellence of Bangalee intellectual killings in 1971, is now a dyed-in-the-wool humanist, after all these years! But, is he a humanist? No. He is just a wolf in sheep's skin. That is what he is!

We, Bangladeshis, seem to be singularly devoid of self-esteem. Bangladesh had failed miserably to bring the war criminals to justice after the surrender of Generals Niazi and Ali on 16th December 1971. And today, Sheikh Hasina seems to be more interested in pursuing only those that had killed her kith and kin on 15th August 1975. No one seems interested to bring the killers of 1971 to justice. To me, this is the greatest travesty of justice in Bangladesh.

Of course, Ashrafuzzman Khan hasn't quite been allowed to forget his criminal past. A few years ago, Shahriar Kabir, a leader of Ghatok Dalal Nirmul (Efface the killers and conspirators) Committee exposed the whereabouts of Ashrafuzzaman Khan who, needless to say, stoutly denies any wrongdoing. But editions of the directory of collaborators, "Ekatturer Ghatok Dalal Kay Kothai" (Where are the killers and conspirators of 1971?") continues to carry Ashrafuzzaman Khan's photo together with a print of the pages of his infamous diary.

The Nirmul (Efface) Committee has branches in almost all States of USA. Most of the members were very active under the leadership of Shaheed Janani Jahanara Imam. They had even sent a lawyer to assist the prosecution during the epoch making People's Trial of Prof. Golam Azam and his cohorts. When will they go after Ashrafuzzaman Khan? In America, it shouldn't be too difficult to force a war criminal to answer in a court of law. The million-dollar question is -- who will bell the cat?

(Jamal Hasan writes from Washington, DC. His email address is: poplu@hotmail.com) http://www.hvk.org/articles/1202/195.html



Americans should be wary of CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, NABIC, etc.


By Mizanur Rahman Milon

This article is all about the onslaught of Islamic organizations against the secular nation of America. Since I am from Bangladesh, I would like to start this essay by citing how Islamism had spread in my motherland in short three decades. Bangladesh is no ordinary country by any stretch of imagination. About 130 million people are packed like sardines in a tiny land as big as the state of Wisconsin. Bangladesh's political history is turbulent. The founding father was assassinated in August 1975 to make room for Islamization. The axis of military and Islamists veered the nation towards fundamentalism. And the nation is now paying a heavy price. Things are not tranquil at all in the backwaters of Bangladesh. The minorities are being butchered in open daylight.

Unless you have been hibernating somewhere else, you should know that a fascist Islamic fundamentalist party by the name Jamat-i-Islami [JI] is ruling the 130 million Bangladeshis as a coalition partner of Neo-Muslim League Bangladesh Nationalist Party or BNP. The party JI is a branch of world Islamic parties. They are essentially an Al Qaeda-like organization with clear agenda of the global Islamism. These parties are like the communist parties of yesteryears. The communists wanted to spread the mantra Marxism throughout the globe. Any enlightened mind knows that all the Marxist-communists think themselves as the comrades. A communist in South America considers himself as a comrade of say an Indian – who does not share the same language, culture and background. Likewise, an Islamist thinks himself as a brother of another Islamist notwithstanding the difference they have in their language, culture and background.

The Islamists consider themselves as brothers under a unified Muslim Ummah [community]. Nationality, language, social customs, etc., are objectionable to them. One may read the propaganda of NABIC, which is a mouthpiece of global Islamism done under the banner of certain expatriate Bangladeshis, against nationality and language in their web site. The Islamic fundamentalists would not have caused any trouble against modern civilization have they not opted for capturing power through their global organizations like the communists. In order to attain the goal of exporting puritanical form of Islam and brutal laws of Islam all over the globe, the global Islamists formed many political parties and alliances in all the Muslim countries of the world. In non-Muslim countries such as in USA, they cannot form political parties under legal framework. However, the global Islamists are smarter than the communists and they are clever enough to fool many westerners. They have created a huge number of Islamic organizations such as NABIC, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, and others to create the framework for spreading the barbaric Islamic rules in the West. In Canada, the Islamic organizations even fooled the Canadian government and got permission to use Sha'ria laws against Muslim women. Think about it! Barbaric Sha'ria Laws against women in a North American country!

One should never consider that the Islamic organizations are non-political! The global mission of their prophet was to bring the world under Islam banner and a repressive Sha'ria. Like communists, they are united under the umbrella of Ummah. Unlike communists, they are, however, very clever. Cleverer than the communists. The communists wanted to establish a manmade rule. The Islamists want to establish Islamic rule they claim to be of divine origin. The communists did not believe or care about an afterlife. The Islamists believe firmly in a golden and eternal afterlife. This is the reason why they want to die for Islam and for Ummah. They are more inimical to the West than the communists, pure and simple!

You will find however many commonalities among the Islamists and communists. Both of these groups do not like highly educated thinkers and scholars. They forbid rational thinking. Take the examples for the case of China and Iran. In China, the Maoist regime killed many scholars and rational thinkers in the name of Cultural Revolution in the early 1960s. In Iran, the killer regime of Ayatollah Khomeini killed millions of rational thinkers and scholars right after the Islamic revolution. The communist China stopped higher education for many decades in the name of Cultural Revolution. They set up institutes everywhere to study Marxism and Maoism. Mao's Red Book was like a Bible to his countrymen. School kids were required to memorize some of the sayings of Mao. Talk about indoctrination! Likewise, the Iranian fundamentalist government closed the universities for three years and spread religious schools to create more and more Ayatollahs through religious education. Now see what is happening over there? In Iran, the uncouth Mullahs are in control of all the areas of the government. You will find the Iranian nuclear scientists under full control of Mullahs and Ayatollahs. The Mullahs are the bosses while the scientists are like workers. The similar scenario was prevailing in many communist regimes. This is why, the thinkers and intellectuals try hard to find a way out of the control of these rogue regimes.

The characteristics of the Islamic fundamentalists and the communists match very closely. However, they have a bit difference in their attitude toward each other. The Islamists do not want to keep a single communist alive within their territory. The communists are a bit milder in the case of the Islamic fundamentalists. The communists possess hatred against the capitalist West. This is why, in Iran, the communists supported the fundamentalists for their rage against America. But after the fundamentalists consolidated their power in the aftermath of Shah of Iran's removal from Teheran, they killed almost all the communists in Iran. Some communists of Iran even fled and came to the capitalist USA to save their dear lives. Some of the Iranian communists found a welcoming safe haven in the USA – the great leader of the capitalist world.

As for the Bangladeshi fundamentalist party JI, I want to remind the intelligent readers that these Islamic fundamentalists are connected to the web of Islamic organizations all over the world like the communists. Their subsidiary organizations like CAIR, NABIC, ISNA, ICNA, and others are working in tandem in the name of civil rights organizations to achieve the same goal of the Islamic fundamentalists. It hardly escapes one's scrutiny that the communists created similar subsidiary organizations to create grounds for communist revolution and subsequent takeover in many countries all over the world. The Islamic fundamentalists are doing the same in the western countries. In the aftermath of 9-11, the government of USA became very alert of fundamentalist organizations' work; thus, they banned many subsidiary Islamic organizations – which were found to be connected with the Islamic terrorists and fundamentalists. I would go this far to assert that many shrewd Islamists are working in many so-called civil rights Islamic organizations in USA and other western countries. Some of these organizations had the audacity to harbor many fundamentalist killers. One such killer fundamentalist of Al-Badr death squad of JI in erstwhile East Pakistan is M. Ashrafuzzaman Khan. He was given an official position in the Islamic organization ICNA just to whitewash his sinful past. Mr. Ashrafuzzaman Khan was the leader of a roving death squad that abducted and killed scores of Bengali intellectuals from Dhaka University staff quarter in the first two weeks of December 1971 when Bengalis were fighting a war to rid Pakistani military from the occupied land. In that bloody conflict the Islamic fundamentalists sided with the Pakistanis because they thought Islam would be better served in South Asia if Pakistan remained intact. But they were soundly defeated in 1971. The Islamists were demoralized in the early goings of Bangladesh. They however connived with the military to overthrow a legitimate government and to usher in fundamentalism in Bangladesh. They grew like a cancer and now they are virtually controlling Bangladesh politically from behind.

The Bangladeshi American secularists are intently watching all the moves of JI of Bangladesh. They are seriously aware of the heinous motive of the Islamists. The office-bearers of the myriad Islamic organizations in the U.S. should be investigated. If I am not wrong, the U. S. Immigration still investigates for links of any applicant wanting to visit America to any communist organizations. The Immigration department of the West should investigate the links of the applicants to any Islamic organizations. The West should prevent infiltration of Islamic fundamentalists in their countries as a preventive measure. They must preserve the values of religious tolerance and pluralism in their countries that has been developed over the years. The Islamists would destroy these long-cherished values once they become majority or if they could indoctrinate many unsuspecting citizens such as minorities. It took close to two hundred years of works by the likes of Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and many more liberals to foster the spirit of secularism (separation of Church and state) in America. All this achievements can be lost if Islamists could make inroads in America to propagate hateful messages skillfully and with tricksts. Therefore, caveat emptor!


Mizanur Rahman Milon writes from Arlington, Virginia, USA

No Eulogy For Gen. A. A. Khan Niazi!

MIM: Excerpt from "No eulogy for General A.A.Khan Niazi

One of the Jamaati executioners, M. Ashrafuzzaman Khan now in his late 50s lives in the borough of Queens in New York City doing thriving business as tour guides to Hajj performers from America. The reason I am bringing the nasty episode of Jamaat's involvement with marauding Pakistani military while remembering Gen. Abdullah "Tiger" Niazi's misdeeds is the following: Niazi's men were able to kill quite a few Bangalee intellectuals in the fag end of the war for independence in December 1971 because of the involvement of the likes of Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Delwar Hossain Saidee, Prof. Golam Azam, Motiur Rahman Nizami, Maulana Ali H.M. Mujahid, Maulana Mannan of daily Inquilab, and few more. Some of these men have now become legislators in Bangladesh and are now serving as cabinet ministers under Khaleda Zia. What a shame! Gen. Tikka Khan, Gen. Yahya Khan, Gen. Abdullah Niazi, and Mr. Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto must be rolling in their graves. Such is the irony of life.

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