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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Two Brothers Are First In UK To Be Arrested For Joining ISIS - Terror Camp Training Schedule Revealed

Two Brothers Are First In UK To Be Arrested For Joining ISIS - Terror Camp Training Schedule Revealed

November 28, 2014

Islam lessons, breakfast, military training: Terror training camp schedule revealed as two brothers become first in UK convicted for joining Jihad in Syria

Brothers from east London travelled to war-torn country last year

Photos on their mobile phones showed terror camp and weapons

Messages showed one of the brothers came back to see his girlfriend

The elder brother was on licence from prison and should not have been allowed to leave the UK, the court heard

The brothers admitted conspiracy to attend a terrorist training camp

Photos found on phone showed strict schedule imposed by terror leaders

Brothers were today handed sentences of four and half and three years

Two brothers have been jailed for conspiring to attend a terror training camp in Syria and were caught after taking 'trophy' pictures on their phones.

Mohommod Nawaz, 30, was jailed for four-and-a-half years and his younger brother Hamza Nawaz, 24, was given three years at the Old Bailey today.

The brothers brought back bullets and took the pictures on their mobile phones to remember their time in the jihadist camp - which were later found by police and used to prove their guilt.

The court heard that the brothers only came back to London because Mohommod was missing his girlfriend, who had agreed to marry him while he was away. They are no longer together.

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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2850595/Two-brothers-UK-convicted-attending-Syria-terror-training-camp-returning-bullets-trophy-pictures.html#ixzz2Yw6ikV

News Brief 11 26 2014

British Brothers Jailed for Attending Terrorist Training Camp in Syria

Brothers Mohommod Hassin Nawaz, 31, Hamza Nawaz, 23, became the first Britons Wednesday to be convicted for attending a military training camp in Syria.

The brothers were found guilty of conspiracy to attend a terrorist training camp, and the judge at London's Old Bailey sentenced Mohommod and Hamza to four and three and a half years in prison, respectively.

The brothers were arrested in September 2013 after rifle ammunition, cash, and a balaclava were found in their car at the southeastern port of Dover.

Police also found communication on their phones indicating they had attended a camp in the Latakia province of Syria.


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