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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Team Obama Sides With Terrorists In Lawsuit Brought By U.S. Terror Victims

Team Obama Sides With Terrorists In Lawsuit Brought By U.S. Terror Victims

August 13, 2015

August 12, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Another 24 hours, another foreign policy outrage by this administration…today learning what we have suspected would be the case since the matter surfaced years ago.

President Obama, via his corrupt DOJ and acting on behalf of the State Department has officially intervened in the enforcement of a legal judgment involving compensatory damages of $218.5M awarded against the PLO and the Palestinian Authority.

The legal action stems from an anti-terror jury decision rendered earlier this year:

"The filing comes in a case in New York City, where a jury this year awarded $218.5 million to Americans affected by the attacks in a lawsuit brought against the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority. That amount is automatically tripled under the Anti-Terrorism Act, lawyers have said." [source, Eric Tucker, US intervenes in Palestinian terror attack suit, expresses concern about large bond payments , AP via U.S. News & World Report]

Obama is asserting that the requirement by the presiding judge that the guilty parties post bond each month in partial payment towards a full settlement could undermine the evanescent "peace process" in Israel and possibly destabilize the PA terrorist government of Mahmoud Abbas [aka Abu Mazen].

Team Obama is laughably asserting that if the murderous PA/PLO are forced to compensate victims of the ongoing campaign of Islamic jihad that "several decades" of U.S. foreign policy will be undermined.

This irrespective of the fact that over the last two decades, the terrorists have shown no interest in pursuing anything resembling peace or of even recognizing the Jewish state's right to exist.

Obama is taking this path because he chose sides a long time ago, aligning himself with the PLO/PA/HAMAS and other ME terror entities in the never-ending jihad against the state of Israel.

In this action by the Obama administration we cannot help but see the hand of Rashid Khalidi, a long-time Obama confidante, about whom Mr. Obama has stated, had a strong impact on his viewpoint regarding the Middle East.

In an outrageous demonstration of this administration's skewed perspective, the argument [a red-herring since the PA has more than enough money to pay terrorists while they reside in Israeli jails] that the prospect of a terrorist government "falling" trumps the rights of aggrieved and innocent Americans speaks very loudly as to Mr. Obama's misplaced loyalties.

According to Cinnamon Stillwell [see, Rashid Khalidi, Campus Watch & Middle East Studies, Middle East Forum]

"But this was not the first time that Khalidi's PLO past had come back to haunt him. In 2004, Campus Watch (campus-watch.org), a project of the Middle East Forum, broke the story with a Washington Times article by Asaf Romirowsky and Jonathan Calt Harris titled, " Arafat Minion as Professor." Among other indicators, the authors pointed to a June 9, 1982, Thomas L. Friedman column in the New York Times describing Khalidi as "a director of the Palestinian press agency." Adding further confirmation, Middle East studies historian Martin Kramer, who has written extensively about Khalidi, recently augmented the compendium of attributions linking him to the PLO."

Sadly this most recent action by the Obama administration, siding with terrorist entities against the interests of U.S. victims of Islamic jihad, is no longer shocking or even surprising.

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