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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Islamists Attack Stephen Schwartz - A Sufi Muslim - As An Islamophobe

Islamists Attack Stephen Schwartz - A Sufi Muslim - As An Islamophobe

April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In an April 10 posting on "The American Muslim" [see, http://www.theamericanmuslim.org/tam.php/features/articles/stephen_schwartz_center_on_islamic_pluralism/0018441] writer Sheila Musaji charges Stephen Schwartz with involving, "himself in just about every Islamophobic cause over the years."

In the following sentence Musaji states that Schwartz "claims," to be a Muslim, "and we have to take him at his word," his word apparently being worth, given the tenor of Musaji's hysterical rant, nothing and therefore we are faced with the odd prospect of calling an admitted Sufi Muslim an Islamophobe.

The process at work here is illustrative of the manner in which the Islamist enemy works the stealth jihad in hope of incrementally making the U.S. and the West Shari'a compliant.

On its very face, calling a fellow Muslim an Islamophobe is a totally absurd proposition, but that is not the principle in play here.

This type of mindset allows no dissent from a rigid ideology - the radical Muslim hard line - embodied by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian revolutionary terrorist group. True believers therefore conflate their ideology with the dictates of Islam, the two becoming interchangeable.

Within this logic if you do not follow the religious party line, one is by definition either no longer a Muslim [a serious matter in Islam, a declaration of takfir] or one is an Islamophobe for having blasphemed against the religion [defined of course in the narrow sense of the Islamist].

Both of these accusations carry potentially lethal sanctions within the Shari'a.

What we see on display in Musaji's lunatic conspiracies [in this case a secret cabal between Middle East historian Daniel Pipes and the "neocons," a term which had fallen into relative disuse with the ascendancy of Barack Obama, the neocons here being Jewish foreign policy experts such as Paul Wolfowitz and their associates] is an effort to equate any criticism directed at Muslims or things Islamic with insulting and defaming the Islamic religion itself. The game plan here is one of raising such criticism to the level of a hate crime, as has been done with great success in Europe, where such offenses are justiciable in secular courts of law.

While the stealth jihad works in numerous ways to further the end game of a Islamized West, the aforementioned process is often the leading edge of the overall effort to eventually install Shari'a.

If at some point it becomes possible to prosecute an American citizen simply because he expresses an opinion deemed offensive to Islam, then the proponents of Shari'a will have attained a decisive victory, one which will be exceedingly difficult to roll back after the fact.

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